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  1. oldminer

    Crafted by Infinity co-founder earns Gold Laureate honors

    Fantastic honor for you. Congratulations!
  2. oldminer

    Lets make some diamond knowledge courses, with a quizz

    Everything needed for a written course is already on Pricescope, but it is not easy to get to it in a simple and uniform way. There are many threads which offer so much differing opinion on nearly any topic one would have a difficult time knowing what set of opinions are more correct than...
  3. oldminer

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    I'd like to believe that Pricescope could be of real interest to a far larger percentage of the diamond audience than the 1% who register. My own experience in business and in speaking engagements indicates a much larger of a percentage of the public are really interested in the complexities of...
  4. oldminer

    Last day of vacation tomorrow, about to make purchase but need help! Pics and details inside...

    No one can tell you anything about the actual value of the item. It is way more complex and issue than any diamond. There are too many risks and variables to be an informed buyer. It is very attractive, but beyond that is just full of consumer risks for which you likely may have no recourse...
  5. oldminer

    Diamond Dossier vs full report vs eReport

    In theory, it takes longer to draw the clarity plot correctly than to laser inscribe a girdle. Girdles are of varying smoothness and thickness and getting the inscription done right occasionally has a problem, but is mostly a no-brainer type task. Drawing a clarity plot that has reasonable...
  6. oldminer

    Are these tapered baguettes?

    Wide and large tapered baguettes. Not bullets, sorry. The long sides are not parallel and there is no pointed end.
  7. oldminer

    Eternity wedding band- sad to replace?

    You can make two wedding bands of most any size you might need and put a row of these diamonds on the upper half of each band. They can be made so the engagement ring fits in the center of such bands. They can be shaped to fit the central ring. You might need or wish to replace a couple...
  8. oldminer

    When the GIA report says something different...

    There are exact sets of cut parameters that GIA has synthesized, in a rather arbitrary way, which limit their use of OEC as a description. They use the alternatives you mentioned when a diamond is outside their GIA parameters for OEC. However, GIA does not dictate to the trade or to the world...
  9. oldminer

    Jewelers that do not require appraisals?

    Appraisers are mostly capable of coming close to realistic transaction prices, but many consumers are totally uncomfortable with having the bargain they believed they purchased turn into a normal discounted purchase at a fair price. When you have an appraiser appointment, ask the appraiser to...
  10. oldminer

    Jewelers that do not require appraisals?

    The price you just paid for the item is highly likely to be adequate to replace the item at the current market level unless what you bought was some kind of relatively rare estate item that just can't be made on demand with today's labor rates and newly cut diamond pricing. The market for...
  11. oldminer

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    Rockdiamond, it might be enlightening for consumers to better understand your estimate of the percentage of just the dealers you know who strongly resist or avoid buying diamonds with more than slight UV fluorescence. While experts are divided as to how to react to a fluorescent diamond, most...
  12. oldminer

    Value versus price? How do the synthetics really compare to naturals?

    Vendors have to consider the level of liability for offering any sort of buy-back or trade-up policy. Many firms offer some version of these while many don't. The concept was partially secured by continual long term historical increases in diamond prices which have not been so impressive in...
  13. oldminer

    Tiffany and Co patented cuts ?

    The wording is somewhat typical of a any firm promoting their own design. You need to use your own best judgment based on your own market research to understand why or why not to buy into the Brand or a Patented cut design. Without going into the pros and cons, there is a ton of information...
  14. oldminer

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    The AGA/NAJA CUT CLASS DIAMOND GRADING SCREENING TOOL is now working for round diamonds which was an issue in the previous version of Pricescope. However, the current version has made it so that all the fancy shapes error in creating a cut class grade. That was working nicely before. I know...
  15. oldminer

    Help with milgrain terminology

    The typical millegrain on old items, such as the one in your original photo was applied by a rolling tool, much the same as the crimper that puts a ruffled edge on a pie. It rolls along and equally spaces small beading marks. It is moved by hand, but it is not applied one bead at a time...
  16. oldminer

    Round Circular Brilliant Girdle Question

    GIA has their own standard to differentiate what they call an old European cut from a similar, but not quite the same Circular Round Brilliant. Most dealers ignore this somewhat arbitrary difference and deal with such diamonds mostly as if they were just one more OEC stone. Typical of older...
  17. oldminer

    Which of these stones offers the best value?

    When you address "Value" you should be thinking of dollars. However, your questions and comparisons relate far more to what diamond would look the best, or which one is technically the best performer. Such issues are not dollar issues in a direct sense. You must focus on what aspect are most...
  18. oldminer

    Thin to extremely thick girdle a dealbreaker?

    I see the wording of the girdle as "Thick to Very Thick". I don't see "Extremely Thick" on the report. It is very common for diamonds to have such variation and there won't be a problem due to the range of thickness listed. I prefer a bit overly thick than too thin and fragile.
  19. oldminer

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    It seems to me, as a professional jewelry adviser, that Pricescope has gone to the extreme to promote consumers to give their advice to other consumers. I have to tread lightly and have done pretty well avoiding self promotion, while consumers are free to advise without such limiting concerns...
  20. oldminer

    Advice? Off-center pendant design

    I think you are right, but if it is centered on the chain it will easily flip over and everyone will be seeing the back-side of the diamond set ornaments. That won't be ideal, either. I can't really suggest a perfect way to make the two segments look like they are off-set from center-bottom...
  21. oldminer

    Sugar stack lookalike tanzanite ring - yay or nay

    Tanzanites are somewhat fragile when compared to sapphires, but millions of people wear them with success and it is durable enough when worn and handled with care. Every time you wear it, there is a chance of it getting nicked, dinged, abraded, chipped or broken, but it does not commonly happen...
  22. oldminer

    Insuring ring during shipping

    elizat said: ↑ I am not the norm and gamble at times. I have shipped registered mail without full insurance and it was fine. Not saying you should, but registered mail is pretty secure. I can understand why you might be tempted to declare less than the proper value, but it is against Postal...
  23. oldminer

    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.Part2

    I believe the poll is showing that even among a group that tends to strongly favor the best light performing cuts, there are meaningful variations of what folks might choose when given more and clearer information. None of us are making "bad" choices, but we can just see with this software...
  24. oldminer

    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.Part2

    Just made the selection.
  25. oldminer

    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.Part2

    I'd choose the 1.00ct as it looks like a very good looking stone and it has an all important 1.00ct weight break. It looks like a good balance of performance with weight. Obviously, it is a compromise or sorts, but might be a very good choice as an alternative to buying into ultimate light...
  26. oldminer

    Found A Phosphorescent Diamond, Help!

    If you are able, please use a UV-C, short wave UV light, to see what happens. It might even be a stronger effect. We'd like to know how that wavelength changes things. Be very careful with your eyes doing all of this, long or short wave below 405nm.
  27. oldminer

    IGI vs GIA studies

    TODiamonds, you are making some good points on the somewhat hidden reasons behind the scenes which may have an adverse effect on credibility and/or value. I have often said that no lab can offer grading more harsh than what is conceived to be GIA grading in the USA and hope to survive long or...
  28. oldminer

    IGI vs GIA studies

    To me, the bigger issue is the ability of IGI to be just as demanding and accurate as GIA. The evidence proves they can be just as accurate. The trade, experts in diamonds who put their money into them in order to make a profit, know the financial reality of IGI versus GIA graded diamonds. It...
  29. oldminer

    Help - could GIA have made a big error with the measurements of my cushion?

    A "typo" is when you use an incorrect key or two, skip a letter, or transpose characters when typing text. An "error" is when you have a drop down menu, choose the incorrect word and fail to proof read the output before sending it to be printed. Admitting to making an error is no big deal...
  30. oldminer

    if the only dumb question is the question not asked ....hearts and arrows ?

    H&A was initially a very interesting and charming accidental component of cutting. It is present to varying extents in a good number of round diamonds with better symmetry. When someone creates a tool, a viewer, to display H&A, it tuned out to be a marketing success. Those who really seek to...