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  1. diamondringlover

    New Tiffany Set

    that is a true it
  2. diamondringlover

    Do you hold any convictions you would be willing to die for?

    The only thing I would be willing to die for is my kids and my grand daughter!!!
  3. diamondringlover

    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    We got one tree up the other decorations are boring so I didn’t bother with pictures..we will be getting our little tree probably tomorrow evening (we cut it down at a tree farm) I put in the dining room and all my kids homemade ornaments go on it so when it’s done I will share
  4. diamondringlover

    What one thing are you most thankful for this year?

    I am thankful for my mom almost died last year the doctor's she probably would after her last surgery, she made it though...they said she has a strong will to live, I am thankful for that, I am also thankful for my new granddaughter, life has been challenging this year but we have...
  5. diamondringlover

    The Asscher Pendant is Finished! CvB Inspired Design (Caysie Van Bebber)

    wow I am not a necklace kind of gal but dang that is pretty!
  6. diamondringlover

    Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!
  7. diamondringlover

    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    I love this thread it inspires me...I am so non creative my decorations look haphazard at best so seeing your guys creative displays gives me idea's on what to do with mine so that I might have a chance to make them look a tad better lol
  8. diamondringlover

    Favorite 2019 Jewelry Picture!

    This has my 2 favorite rings, my 5 stone wedding band and my pink sapphire eternity band which I purchased to represent my first grandchild Hazel born in October :)
  9. diamondringlover

    Do you adjust what jewelry you wear...

    my jewelry isn't that fabulous like you all's no it makes no difference what I wear with whom...the only thing that changes what I wear is the temperature outside...its cold where I live right now and most of my rings are too big on I tend to wear less of the top heavy stuff...
  10. diamondringlover

    Something sweet ...

    my son has 2 young men that are his friends and they are in serious relationships and I told both of them dont you dare buy any diamond without checking with me and better yet let me help you pick one out and or I will send you to pricescope (the one lives 7 hours away) to have them help you...
  11. diamondringlover

    How many countries have you visited?

    I am not a fan of flying...I have motion sickness so I avoid it at all cost and I guess I just never really thought I would want to travel to other countries (if I didnt have motion sickness) there is so much to see here in the US, my family traveled the US from coast to coast as a child and...
  12. diamondringlover

    How many countries have you visited?

    visited only my own, the USA...never been outside the states...not sure I really want to either...
  13. diamondringlover

    In love with my heart shaped ring!

    very pretty I have too always wanted a heart shaped diamond..
  14. diamondringlover

    Do you listen to country music? Post your favorite songs.

    I am hugh Tim McGraw fan and as a honorable mention I also like Big & Rich and alot of Brantly Gilbert...couldnt pick a favorite...this however is one of my favorite video's of Tim's
  15. diamondringlover

    Introvert or Extrovert?

  16. diamondringlover

    Car Thread - Evoque or Discovery?

    I currently am also looking at a newer SUV, I currently have a Lexus and I love my Lexus and have been looking at them for the most part...but the only other SUV that is on my radar is the 2 you have ask I will be interested to see what people have to say..I have never driven a range...
  17. diamondringlover

    Money, power or fame...

    money!!! i have no use for power or fame
  18. diamondringlover

    Show me your promise rings!

    I got one similar to this one from my ex-boyfriend, except this one is much, much nicer, mine was poorly made and much smaller diamonds and 10K not 14K like this one...I loved that ring, he cheated on me multiple times we broke up and I melted the ring!
  19. diamondringlover

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    born in West Virginia and lived my whole life in Ohio (except about a year of wasted time living in Virginia with a ex boyfriend)
  20. diamondringlover

    Self-checkout lanes - Love or Hate em?

    I dislike self check out lanes and avoid them if I can
  21. diamondringlover

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    I LOVE my Lexus RX 350!!!!! mine is a 2009 and I have had it for 3.5 years, I am in the processing of looking for a newer SUV and I am only looking at the Lexus!
  22. diamondringlover

    Name one thing you love about being older

    I like not having to schedule stuff around my kid being in school and I like not being quite a poor!
  23. diamondringlover

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    thank you all I so appreciate that good vibes and congrats you all rock!
  24. diamondringlover

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    single person...laundry room
  25. diamondringlover

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    My 5 stone without a doubt! I need to get better pictures of it one of these days!
  26. diamondringlover

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    @AGBF they are doing wonderful, the may even come home tomorrow, I figure it will be Friday, thank you for asking
  27. diamondringlover

    Post pics of your grandkids...

    cant post a full frontal picture but Hazel born yesterday at 7:30 at 8 lbs, 20.5" long this is me holding her :kiss2:
  28. diamondringlover

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    cant show full face at their request but my goodness she is a cutie and what a set of lungs...this is me holding her :kiss2: thank you for your support and well wishes!
  29. diamondringlover

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    thank you all, Hazel made it into the world at 7:30 this evening, she is healthy and mom came thru healthy as well sore from the c-section but healthy as she can be, her & dad are very exhausted, so is this new grandma....I have a picture to share but too tired right now, going to bed and...
  30. diamondringlover

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    We are still here she needs a c-section, labor has now been 20 hours and she isn’t progressing thank you all