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  1. pixley

    Pixley are you out there?

    Hiya, :wavey: Sorry I missed this! Have been off PS for a bit since the new format. Your stone is glorious! I think it would look beautiful with a french cut eternity band. I still love my set very much and think the two rings suit one another. I tried my solitaire next to other wedding bands...
  2. pixley

    Jewelry Insurance & Appraisers in Victoria BC, Canada

    Hi there, ELV (Ernie Vaio) Jewelery Appraisal Labs does appraisals throughout Victoria and he works for many of the local jewellers who have him appraise stones and settings for them. My ring was made at Ian MacDonald Jewellery on View St., and the stone was appraised by ELV before setting and...
  3. pixley

    #TBT My E-Ring Dream Come True: Leon Mege and AVC

    It's glorious, Charmy! A complete confection of a ring. Perfect curves, perfect prongs and an AMAZING stone! I also love how the "O" part (finger bezel?) is suspended below the split shank; so elegant, ladylike and original. If it were a movie star, it would be Grace Kelly. So happy to see...
  4. pixley

    3 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond - with Pictures and GIA! Help!?!?!

    Re: 3 Ct Cushion Cut Diamond - with Pictures and GIA! Help!? Wallawalla, I would give her a chance to see the stone before you go to the trouble of exchanging it for the vendor's stone. I rarely see people downsizing their diamonds around here. I'm sure it happens, but nothing comes to mind...
  5. pixley

    Anyone have a solitaire cushion (no halo) around 1ct?

    Pretty set, Cynd33! :love: I also have a cushion solitaire that is un-haloed. My stone is 1.01 carats (ring size is 4.25). This is a close up. Hand shot will follow. Apologies if this comes out gigantic...
  6. pixley

    Who wants to see AVC studs?!?

    Yummy, yummy, yummy!!! Those are so lovely, missydebby! Can''t wait for more pics once you get them. Completely dreamy.
  7. pixley

    Old Mine from Mark T and SingleStone Custom Setting

    WoW!!! What a beautiful heirloom they''ve created for you and your fiancee! I LOVE the stone and Singlestone really knocked that setting out of the park! Bravo!
  8. pixley

    Lemony''s Re-Set: From Halo to 3 Stone

    Your set is completely dreamy, Amethyste! Such graceful shapes and so beautifully combined! I''m so smitten!
  9. pixley

    Can you help me compare these two antique cushions??? ERD and GOG

    Beautiful stone and happy beginning! You may want to call Single Stone in LA - they have done some incredible antique repro settings for many happy PSrs:
  10. pixley

    #TBT GOG AVC Meets Leon Mege! My ring is here!

    LOVE IT! I remember your gorgeous photos of that stone and now we get to enjoy it in its beautiful new home! It''s spectacular. If you have time, would you mind sharing the dimensions of your stone some day? Soooo lovely~
  11. pixley

    Calling all Canadians!

    I''m not Canadian, but I married one and we live in BC as well - I didn''t realize we had so many BCns on PS! As for the Poutine... Mmmmmm.
  12. pixley

    Custom Engagement Ring: Hand Carved vs. CAD?

    Your design and your sketches are lovely, Pauleroni! Neil's given you a fantastic tip sheet (see above) to consider if you decide to go with your local jeweler. If you're open to going with an on-line vendor, I would suggest taking a look at Brian Gavin Diamonds' website. Here's a link to...
  13. pixley

    Custom Engagement Ring: Hand Carved vs. CAD?

    Hi pauleroni, Have you had a chance to look at each jeweler''s body of work? Often they''ll have photo books to showcase their custom work. In my experience - no jeweler ever ever says they can''t do something, but if you don''t see examples of the kind of details you are looking for in their...
  14. pixley

    Calling CCL and all Cushion Experts

    Woohoo, the GVS2 won! THAT IS ONE BEAUTIFUL RING and what lovely hands she has! Congratulations on your engagement. It doesn''t get any better than that! Would love to see more pics.
  15. pixley

    Our puppy is home! Welcome to the family, Snickers!!

    Awwwww, Snickers just made my day! That is one sweet little thing. Love her name and the rest of her. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos with us.
  16. pixley

    My first post pricescope purchase.

    That is a gorgeous necklace and it looks outstanding on you!
  17. pixley

    Which chunky cushion would you choose?

    The cushions in the first pic are kristalulu's and the second set are missydebby's choices from Leon Mege. kristalulu - Ditto dreamer_d. Go with the stone you love. You have the luxury of having both stones in front of you, which is something few of us get to experience. For what it's...
  18. pixley

    Emerald cut eternity band?? Pics!!

    Here''s a link to diamondfan''s EC eternity band thread. It''s 12 carats of awesomeness:
  19. pixley

    Emerald cut eternity band?? Pics!!

    Luckyshe, SparkleNut and Bella_mezzo - Thank you!
  20. pixley

    BGD Cross Pendant

    That is so pretty! I can''t wait to see the neck shots!
  21. pixley

    Emerald cut eternity band?? Pics!!

    You''re probably looking for big EC''s, but I have a mini Emerald Cut 3/4 eternity wedding band from Single Stone in LA. Stats: 10 stones, mini emerald cuts F/VS1 TCW is likely in the .40 range Ring size: 4 ¼ Platinum It''s never occurred to me to check what a comparable RB semi eternity...
  22. pixley

    My new stone!!!!! 2.7 J SI2 yumminess

    THAT is ONE EXCITING STONE!!!! I nearly fell off my chair. Good lord woman is that ever gorgeous!
  23. pixley

    Which platinum band would you get? Help.

    Ah, I see - that's different. 1.7 - 1.8 does sound like a good depth for a ring and I would agree with Shimmer that a "comfort fit" band is worth it! I wish mine were comfort fit. There's an immediate, noticeable difference.
  24. pixley

    Which platinum band would you get? Help.

    I would go with the 2 mm for an every day wedding band. It's plenty sleek looking, but will have a little more substance and strength. 1.1 sounds a little scary, not to mention uncomfortable. Are you near a place that you can try on different wedding bands of varying thicknesses? I did this...
  25. pixley

    Head for cushion cut

    Ditto the others' sage advice. An experienced benchman can create a custom setting that will securely hold your cushion. Stock settings don't always fit all stones - especially "in between" carat weights, so they have to order up or down a size, and try to work that around your stone. I...
  26. pixley

    #JOTW Leon Mege Antique Cushion

    I nearly flipped over the back of my chair when I opened your thread! It's a revelation - and a husband who's down with pave? I think you definitely have a keeper! Happiest anniversary and thank you for sharing your photos with us. Your ring is out of this world.
  27. pixley

    Cushion Experts: Helpity Help Help!!!

    Your ring is going to be spectacular. The stone is beautiful, and while it may not be an AV firecracker, it has a unique and beautiful charm all on its own and lovely, elegant facets. So happy to hear that you passed on the D/IF. That E/VS2 in a Leon setting is going to be heavenly.