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  1. Diamond_Hawk

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    Understood, In the macro, I was pondering ways to increase participation in the forum from lurkers (increased sign-ups). But as you have clarified, but the masses to click and read without being threatened by the technical (and often impassioned) responses is certainly worth a thread of this...
  2. Diamond_Hawk

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    An observation of some irony: By the very title, this topic would largely keep the 99% away from this thread. Which brings me to a question I have asked myself from time to time: what topics could get the first-timers to speak up, do you think? If seemingly naive or uninformed, would their...
  3. Diamond_Hawk

    Are we too elitist & doing 99% of newbies a disservice?

    @Paul's thoughts get the to crux of my own. While the branded diamonds are constantly used as comparison, and set as 'an ideal' on the forum, we at B2C get many customers who have used PS as a means to be educated. Our call center often gets customers who have found a diamond through the...
  4. Diamond_Hawk

    Buying online or through a concierge service?

    Understood, Paul. I am certain you are correct. I also feel fairly confident that the educated consumer can simply look at the various concierge sites and either find that disclosure, or not. My take-away, then, as always is that consumer knowledge is key, Being that common practice is to...
  5. Diamond_Hawk

    Buying online or through a concierge service?

    Agreed Paul. Surprisingly, many consumers do not understand this. In your experience, @Paul-Antwerp have you found that these services require a flat-fee, or an overall percentage? And how often is this disclosed up front to the shopper?
  6. Diamond_Hawk

    Diamond Dossier vs full report vs eReport

    If you are worried about re-selling at some point, having the full GIA lab report - in my opinion - will be helpful. I am curious how it comes back relative to the DPL report, so do let us know if you go that route.
  7. Diamond_Hawk

    Diamond Dossier vs full report vs eReport

    Who did the original lab report?
  8. Diamond_Hawk

    Are Diamonds Really Rare? Decide For Yourself...

    To all of you - "Ok. Boomer" :) This thread reminds me of the many discussion on PS regarding future markets, future marketing, and how to appeal to the younger generation. But it is also an indication that the future is now.
  9. Diamond_Hawk

    Name your favorite sad song.

    This is a little-known piece. I can't help but spend some time with it every Memorial Day. There is also a better-produce version available on YouTube, but this live version(1993) was the first time I heard it and seems to make it more 'real' somehow.
  10. Diamond_Hawk

    Got my 1st AVC (0.92 M VS1) Would love to see others 1ct & below AVCs!

    This is a great thread, with great posts. Fun to read this stuff!
  11. Diamond_Hawk

    A message to the trade from one of my favorite rabble rousers, Martin Rapaport.

    I would be stunned if branding became a mainstream norm in diamond sales anytime soon. The store still carries some weight (e.g. “it’s from Tiffany & Co.”) but, unless the average consumer does the research and sets aside skepticism regarding branded and non-branded, the lab report will likely...
  12. Diamond_Hawk

    Princess Cut advise... please help

    Holy Smokes - Beautiful box. Happy it worked out!
  13. Diamond_Hawk

    Help: Are These Girdle Feathers Durability Risk?

    I don't think anyone will come on the forum and tell you that there is no durability risk - but that is true for most any diamond. Even the most sturdy diamonds, if hit "just-so" on an edge could, in fact, chip or crack. Do remember that this diamond has gone through cleaving, bruting and...
  14. Diamond_Hawk

    The progress of my engagment rings transformation....

    Very nice idea, can't wait to see the finished product.
  15. Diamond_Hawk

    Princess Cut advise... please help

    Cant wait to see some pics of the ring in this case. Very cool.
  16. Diamond_Hawk

    Do you prefer regular or sourdough baguettes?

    If I start with some sourdough, the rest must be taken away. I will fight for it. YUM.
  17. Diamond_Hawk

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    So many great suggestions. So many ways to make that bling shine!
  18. Diamond_Hawk

    Appraisal problem

    It will never hurt to get an independent appraisal - give as much information as possible (including the purpose of the appraisal) to the appraiser.
  19. Diamond_Hawk

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    This is fantastic - Don't forget to return with the conclusion of the story.
  20. Diamond_Hawk

    Crown painted super ideal?

    A lot of good information in this thread.
  21. Diamond_Hawk

    About to get this diamond! Please let me know if there are any issues

    I think you're right. Good catch.
  22. Diamond_Hawk

    About to get this diamond! Please let me know if there are any issues

    Garry's point is well taken! If, however, the lower price point is being offered by a PS vendor - certainly you should be safe to make a decision of that nature based on price.
  23. Diamond_Hawk

    Can’t tell if I like this east west setting on me help

    I am really enjoying the discussion on this thread. A lot of great advice and things to consider. I’m just excited to see the final product no matter what is decided.
  24. Diamond_Hawk

    What the ...?!?

    ^^Words to live by
  25. Diamond_Hawk

    Where in the world to buy _______?

    Fun thread - great suggestions!
  26. Diamond_Hawk

    Hello, and thank you for the inspiration

    Welcome to PS! Love your band.
  27. Diamond_Hawk

    What inventions do you wish existed to make your life easier?

    This is a fun thread! I love all the inventions, but would be happy with a magic potion that would make my dogs only shed outside.. :D
  28. Diamond_Hawk

    2.12 ct diamond found at Arkansas State Park

    I guess we should all wait for a good rain and head to Arkansas!
  29. Diamond_Hawk

    Need Advice on Matching a Wedding Band

    Once this project is complete we will, of course, request pictures!
  30. Diamond_Hawk

    help with setting a lozenge diamond

    I have often found, when customers spend a lot of time deliberating, that they often come back to their first instinct(s) - best wishes!