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    Opinions on this 1.57 RB

    Looks good to me as long as you do not mind the color grade.
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    Torn between these two diamonds! Images available.

    Probable a mistake in the report. Post the reports here.
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    Bluenile that bad??? JA pic vs. GCAL pic

    Just photo taking setup is different.
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    Help deciding between stones

    I never say it is not the best, I didn't say any are better, just different, some prefer it like the HCA creator as it has some advantages over the slightly steeper pavilion angle most consider ideal. Probably not much different from more standard TIC cut with a larger pavilion angles as the...
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    Help deciding between stones

    Price depends on who owns the stone. Most stones on the internet are actually virtual stones, not own by the company advertising it. The one setting the price is actually the owner plus a little for the advertising company. Indented natural of #4 should not be a problem as the inclusions are...
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    Opinions needed on competing rounds

    As long as it is eye-clean to your standard, I would go for the 1.5c.
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    HCA scale

    Depends on the numbers and which lab grades it. Also if idealscope image is available.
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    Newbie looking for advice on diamond purchase

    Depends on the type of GIA report that comes with the stone. A dossier type report will have the report number inscribed on the girdle of the diamond but no inclusion map while a report type report will have an inclusion map and might come with a laser inscription. Both will require you to...
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    1ct J I1 with needle inclusions - leave it or go for it?

    It is not the needle that is the grade setting inclusions but the crystal. Inclusions are listed in order of significance under the inclusion map. High chance that would not be eye-clean.
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    1% AGS thin girdle too thin

    It is fine. Also note that there is a difference in how AGS and GIA measures girdle thickness.
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    Found My Diamond: Cut Looks AMAZING but need the experts!

    Re: Found My Diamond: Cut Looks AMAZING but need the experts Numbers should be fine, what is the lower half number? Can you link the GCAL report number? There should be light performance, symmetry image on the report that will provide additional info on the cut of the stone.
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    help needed! please advise on this E SI1 diamond! :)

    So you can see them yourself, so you are a better judge of if they are eye-clean. Just go to different lighting conditions, not just the store lightings, to see if you can see any inclusions that might bother you. Eye clean has nothing to do with using a loupe, just if you or your significant...
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    Is an HCA of 6 always bad?

    More often than not as there is a large jump in $/carat at the 2 carat mark, similar to other marks like the .5, 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, 1.5c mark. So to make up for the lost in profit if the stone come up below these mark, there must be some other selling point for the stone such as optics, but...
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    help needed! please advise on this E SI1 diamond! :)

    Based on the numbers both could work, maybe just slightly different look, depending on in which directions the numbers are rounded by GIA. No way to tell if the inclusions are eye-clean or not from just the map, inclusion type and grade. Need to see it for yourself or ask the jeweler who has...
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    Thoughts re this 2.25 carat round?

    Numbers look promising. Clarity should not be a problem as it is not stated that the inclusions are grade setting, so at worst a VS2 or better. Maybe get an independent appraiser if you are still worried.
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    Help deciding b/n engagement diamonds!

    No to #1 and #3. #2 maybe, request for idealscope image from JA. Use this tool to weed out non-performing stone.
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    Experts! G or H for a Round Diamond (based on these specs)?

    Re: Experts! G or H for a Round Diamond (based on these spec H&A will need to see the actual images thru a H&A viewer, average numbers means nothing for optical symm. What is the carat weight of the AGS stone? What are the star and lower half size for both stone? From the numbers, unlikely...
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    Comparing Two Stones

    Prefer the new stone 1.006c. Better hearts image IMO.
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    Hearts & Arrows diamond

    This. Just optical symm, nothing on optical performance. You will need to see it yourself under a H&A scope as no lab is grading it except HRD.
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    How do these diamonds look?

    Request for idealscope images. No way to tell from images if a stone is eye-clean, best to ask JA's gemologist to take a look at it and tell you their opinions.
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    Help on Diamond

    Looks good to me.
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    Help with diamonds on hold from JA

    Looks good, feather should not be a problem at that size and clarity grade. The stones are no longer on hold though. Best to remind JA soon. Good luck.
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    3 diamond comparison please

    The idealscope image of 1.51c looks badly taken, there should almost always be some leakage around the edge unless it is brillianteered too much that it will not get Ex in GIA cut grade or placed too deep into the scope. 1 & 3 looks about right, probably slight tilt in the stone when the image...
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    Opinions on this diamond

    Means the most significant inclusions, thus giving the lowest grade possible for the stone. The inclusions are listed in order of significance, most significant first, under the inclusion map. Also, feathers will always be listed first if it and another type of inclusion is of the same...
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    Opinions on this diamond

    Should be fine, since the feathers are not the grade setting inclusions, making it at worst a VS2 feather.
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    Help with diamonds on hold from JA

    That one the hearts image not up to standard.
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    how safe is it to ship a stone to a jeweler?

    Either learn how to spot the inclusions in your stone with a loupe and match it with your grading report or get an independent appraiser to do it. Inclusions are unique to each stone, like our fingerprints.
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    Help with diamonds on hold from JA

    This might work too. Ask for an idealscope image if interested. Or this H&A.
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    Help Please!!!!!!!! Warped Arrows on Diamond Image

    Cannot really blame Jogia for their inability to take Idealscope image as most of the stones are online inventories, mostly oversea from Australia's POV and calling them in just to take images will be a cost to them. They can take idealscope images as shown by those stones they have in their...
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    Help Please!!!!!!!! Warped Arrows on Diamond Image

    Looks like the stone is tilted when the image is taken, unlikely that would get an Ex in symm grade. Request for an idealscope image, if it looks the same, then probably it is off symm, but if the light return is good, not a problem in terms of performance.