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  1. ponyrider

    Crown painted super ideal?

    Can someone explain what this means? I have never heard these terms.
  2. ponyrider

    What the ...?!?

    There are people who (say they) love them. Whether they really do or not is always a question in my mind :)
  3. ponyrider

    Tiffany Setting vs Super Ideal Help!

    The J/K is also my favorite color range. Something about them really makes my heart flutter. Its a very personal preferance. Personally, I would go with a larger stone and a lower color assuming cut grades are comparable. Have you guys looked at a number of stones together? I think that is...
  4. ponyrider

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    WOW!! If that is indeed the case, then they have earned my customer loyalty. I did not order but I am hoping you all actually are able to secure the 1 ctw for the original price :)
  5. ponyrider

    30th Bday Pressie: Diamond Turtle Pendant

    Its not about "being SO important". Its about customer service. He gave the OP no explanation. I would not support that type of (or lack of) customer service. If you choose to, that is your choice.
  6. ponyrider

    30th Bday Pressie: Diamond Turtle Pendant

    Guy sounds like a dick. I wouldn't do business with him.
  7. ponyrider

    Does this look Tiffany to you?

    If you are near a Tiffany, meet at the store.
  8. ponyrider

    Ideal cut diamond on Tiffany box for proposal

    I dont see anything wrong with giving her the tiffany box in addition to the ring, since she seems to know it is not a tiffany ring. If she wants it for pictures, who are we to judge? Since you are not passing the ring off as tiffany, and she does indeed want the box, go for it. Hey...I once...
  9. ponyrider

    Ideal cut diamond on Tiffany box for proposal

    If SHE wants a Tiffany box (as in, it is her idea) then know that the blue is the newest. While I dont really understand it, I know some people like the blue box for display, etc. If this is your idea to "fool" her, please don't!!!! I am sure you know her, so if she wants the blue box, go for...
  10. ponyrider

    Need Help on 3ct I/ IF round

    Still waiting for picts of the diamond!!
  11. ponyrider

    Am I crazy? 2nd hand Tiffany ring

    I am not sure this will come out right in writing, but for me, it would depend on what the 1300 $ means to you :) For some, it is a large chunk of money; for others it is a small purchase. Personally, I would love to have a tiffany solitaire and matching band in my collection, even if I only...
  12. ponyrider

    Cutlets vs Windows

    Agree...I hope that is a typo in the ad, or I might look elsewhere ;)
  13. ponyrider

    I am worried about my ering setting, should I be?

    Just like designer bags, jewelry is meant to be worn :) Of course, I am guilty myself of worrying...I have a large opal, diamond and ruby ring that I am careful where I wear it, and a limited ed LV that I only bring out when I am confident I can take care of it (dinner, etc)
  14. ponyrider

    Ring Settings that enhances diamond size

    Yes on the bezel as it acts similar to an illusion setting. I am not sure on a 4 prong solitaire vs a 6 prong. Sometimes a 4 prong can make a round look a little cushion-y, which I like.
  15. ponyrider

    3 Carat Grey/pink/purple Julia B spinel in Stuller setting

    Love the light horse breeds :) I have a Hackney who did the jumpers and now does Western Pleasure (dont ask). My other guy (in my picture) is a section B welsh. I agree about the bling factor - horses are expensive!!!
  16. ponyrider

    3 Carat Grey/pink/purple Julia B spinel in Stuller setting

    Horse is adorable! Tell me about him :) The ring is pretty awesome too!
  17. ponyrider

    Please Help! What is this? Is it a religious necklace?

    Do they open? Could they contain ashes?
  18. ponyrider

    OEC Recut

    Since they have a feedback rating of 94 they don't have far to fall before they are removed as sellers ;)
  19. ponyrider

    How many % of the money did you spent on the setting vs the center stone?

    I prefer simple, solitaire settings, so generally less than 5%
  20. ponyrider

    If you can’t afford the stone you want...

    Seeing as "tomorrow" is never guaranteed, I would either settle for the 1.5 now OR lower my specs (I personally would go down in color, but I don't mind a little color in my diamonds).
  21. ponyrider

    Recommendations for very small solitaire

    I agree with buying the best you can afford. I love the smaller diamonds set in a bezel or a simple 4 prong high setting.
  22. ponyrider

    Fancy shaped diaamonds vary geographically

    I dont think that would be a bad thing :)
  23. ponyrider

    Went to Shreve Crump and Low in Boston and they....

    Was this in the Chestnut Hill Location? They get a lot of "lookers" there and I am sure they were doing it to protect themselves. It should be noted that the Shreve of today is not the same coproration that it was. The name was sold. My brother purchased his wife's engagement ring at the...
  24. ponyrider

    Went to Shreve Crump and Low in Boston and they....

    I am curious and wish that I could find the thread. I have t say, however, that the Shreve's of today is not owned by the original people. The name has been sold (at least the one in Chestnut Hill). I actually wasnt aware that the one at Downtown Crossing still existed).
  25. ponyrider

    2019: Best Replica for the Tiffany Setting?

    I dont do replicas, especially those with the counterfeit logo but from what I hear, the best "tiffany-inspired" 6 prong is the Vatche U113. Brian Gavin has one too, I believe.
  26. ponyrider

    What is a "ring bearer"?

    On some other web sites, the abbreviation RB is automatically changed to the term "ring bearer". I am not sure if that is how the moniker came to be :) To me, probably due to my age, the term refers to the little boy or girl who carries the rings down the aisle on the little pillow :) However...
  27. ponyrider

    If you had to spend $50,000 on a diamond ...

    The biggest, nicest round brilliant I could find!! I would set it in a 6 prong platinum setting and add a platinum and diamond band :) I prefer a bit of color in my stones because I think it gives it depth. I have simple, but expensive taste!
  28. ponyrider

    Fancy shaped diaamonds vary geographically

    Wasn't there a period in the 80's when marquise stones were all the rage?