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    Boston get-together.

    Hi Mrs-b: If I'm available on the date that you choose, I would be happy to join and share with everybody current events in the jewelry industry and Q & A. Thank you for hosting this! Jeff Ira
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    which diamond appraisal course to choose

    Also interesting to note that many of us that are full-time appraisers are in the same age category. The Baby Boomers. So I personally see the need in the future for qualified jewelry appraisers. It's an interesting profession but keep in mind that most of us spent many years in retail...
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    What are the signs of aging?

    I think that for men it's the paunchy stomach that hangs over the belt and a slouchy posture.
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    Cool appraisal appointment with Ira Savoie

    Ira is a great guy and knows his stuff. I've met him several times at appraiser's conferences (NAJA) and when we hang out people often think my first name is also "IRA." :D Thanks for sharing your experience. Jeff Ira
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    Karl_K joins forces with Diamonds by Lauren

    Good luck gentlemen! Jeff
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    Happy Thanksgiving!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Jeff Ira:wavey:
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    Hidden Netflix Gem Thread

    I'm watching MIND HUNTER on Netflix. There will be a Season 2 in 2018. Riveting!
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    Congrats to Jonathan/Rhino for his exciting news!

    Best wishes Jon for continued success! New ventures are always exciting!
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    Jerry Lewis is dead

    I watched his annual telethons for MD over the years....and as a child I had a neighborhood carnival to raise money for MD. Very funny, very charitable. RIP. sad :((
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    Should dealers encourage users to write PS reviews?

    Interesting question David. I am a one owner business providing a very specialized service to my clients. I pride myself on giving my clients an "outstanding experience" so that they will leave my office with a positive feeling. My type of business is not geared towards social media like...
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    What do you do for a living? Does your jewelry match your occupation?

    One would never know that I'm a jewelry appraiser. I rotate my watches based on my mood and Citizens Kinetic, my TAG, my Boccia titanium, my Ernest Borel. All fun to wear. No rings or bracelets but sometimes my Scott Kay skull necklace which I named "Skully."
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    Great Chicago GTG!!!

    Sounds like everyone had fun in Chicago. It's a great city!
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    process to safely sell ring to online buyer

    Just checking my new super-sized avatar....and reading this thread with interest. Good information for all to know regarding escrow and Paypal. File for future reference.
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    NON-POL: FLOTUS & Family Frocks & Rocks

    Thank you for the jewelry photos! Great "search and find" effort! Jeff
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    Garry's store was robbed : (

    My thoughts are with you and your staff during this difficult time. Jeff Ira
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    Soooooo.... JCK 2017?

  17. Modified Brilliant

    Update on Gypsy and Harry

    Best wishes! You are working with a terrific group of people. Welcome to the "TRADE." JI
  18. Modified Brilliant

    Jim Caudill's Passing

    That's sad news. RIP, Jim. I only met Jim a few times at trade shows but I'll never forget that he spent over an hour with me reviewing ASET when it was first introduced and showed so much enthusiasm and love for the diamond industry. Jeff Ira
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    Diamond Appraisal Question

    Always have a discussion with your appraiser before the process begins. Ask questions, get answers, make decisions...just like seeing your accountant, lawyer or doctor, be prepared and make sure that you are both on the same page. Personally, I always refer to the specific vendor, cut, or...
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    Calling denverappraiser (or any appraiser)

    Consumers want an appraisal for different reasons....the most common is for insurance purposes. If you are comfortable with all the specs of your diamond and that all the specs match your GIA Diamond Grading Report...then why not take all that information along with your mounting and incorporate...
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    What year did PS start and who were the first members.?

    I always wondered why there weren't more appraisers active on the forums. I honestly think that the high level of consumer knowledge was intimidating for some. I'm hoping to stick around for many years to come. I've met many PS trade and consumer members over the years and I've always enjoyed my...
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    I'm looking for info on this ring

    It's hard to tell from the angle of the picture but it should be your personal preference. Do you prefer the more cushion, slightly squarish shaped appearance of an Old Mine Cut or the more round appearance of an Old European Cut? You can find many examples and diagrams of each cut on line to...
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    PS Las Vegas GTG 2016!!!!!

    Congratulations Diamond Seeker! Don't forget to send me an e-mail with your shipping info. You can e-mail me at [email protected] I'm glad that everyone had a great time! Jeff
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    Old cut craze...

    As a person in the trade for a long time...I'm really pleased to see the attention that the old cuts receive here on PS. Many years ago, jewelers looked at an old cut diamond (OEC, OMC) and immediately thought about re-cutting to a modern brilliant cut diamond to maximize brilliance and value...
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    John Pollard giving a presentation at AGS Conclave

    Nice work John. Thanks for all your informative contributions to our jewelry society.
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    Cut score on Enchanted Diamonds website

    To quote Shakespeare: :read: "For Joshua, Neil, Bryan, John, Paul, David, and others are ALL honorable men. So are they all, all honorable men. Come I to speak in Pricescope forum."
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    Buy/Sell Jewelry as a Hobby?

    Welcome Pirate Pete :wavey:
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    When your job is not what you majored in

    B.A. in English (British Literature) & Political Science, but wanted to be a city planner and took grad level courses. But took the easy way out and joined the family jewelry business in 1979 and received my G.G. diploma in 1986.....and "yes".. English has been useful for my career!
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    Patty Duke is dead

    I watched The Patty Duke Show with my sisters when I was a young boy. We will miss you Patty Duke.
  30. Modified Brilliant

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    Couldn't help but notice your "heart shaped sleeve." Beautiful ring!