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  1. luckyerialc

    Post your dream dress/men's wear!

    I absolutely LOVE this dress but I imagine that it's quite pricey...
  2. luckyerialc

    Updates, anyone?

    DANG! That is a beauty!!! :appl: I want more pics!!
  3. luckyerialc

    Where do you live?

    US Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaiʻi Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska Nevada - AMC80 New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New...
  4. luckyerialc

    Classica Diamond (macro shot!)

    Wow, what a beautiful cut! I also LOVE the shots!! eta: I also really adore the setting! :D
  5. luckyerialc

    Nail polish!!

    This is also one my favorites! It especially looks great with a tan! 8-)
  6. luckyerialc

    I have the world's best SO because....

    EEK I thought the same thing!!!! How Cruel! :lol: But what a lovely SO you have!! :appl: I could go for some chocolate right about now....
  7. luckyerialc

    Nail polish!!

    My favorite shade is "ballet slippers" by Essie. It's a verrryy light pink nude color but is just opaugue enough to cover the entire nail and not show any white! I have also been getting gel manicures lately in a similar shade - I'm obsessed! Three weeks without any chipping!
  8. luckyerialc

    "I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For V-Day"

    I almost shrieked at my desk when I saw the snake! I HATE snakes!!!! I even get scared seeing them on television! :eek: :eek: :oops:
  9. luckyerialc

    "I Gave My Wife or Girlfriend A Terrible Gift For V-Day"

    Funny Video from Jimmy Kimmel: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. luckyerialc

    A cute photo someone posted on FB

    Ha - love this!! :appl: :lol:
  11. luckyerialc

    Updates, anyone?

    Oh my goodness.... How have I never seen this before!?!? This definitely just made my work day MUCH more interesting!!! :naughty: :lol: :lol:
  12. luckyerialc

    Ring Preferences 2013!

    Agreed!! You don't see men sporting bling often but it's nice when we find one that is! My SO definitely wants the plainest band possible! He was even against ME having too much bling!! Silly men.... :confused:
  13. luckyerialc

    ID Jewelry Sleek Micro Pave 1.28 RB - Hand Shots!

    Congrats! I wish you the best of luck moving forward and with planning the upcoming wedding!! :bigsmile:
  14. luckyerialc

    The world inside Poppy

    How neat!! You captured some really great shots!
  15. luckyerialc

    E-Ring Preference!

    Hello! What do all of you lovely ladies view as your ideal engagement ring? Links and pictures are strongly encouraged as I need some eye candy in my life ;) Also, is your SO aware of the setting and diamond preference? My personal favorite is the following Brian Gavin setting...
  16. luckyerialc

    LIW Bootcamp

    YAY! That's incredible - it's always so great to literally see the progress! :D
  17. luckyerialc

    any other PSer living in the same town/city as you?

    I'm sure there must be a ton in NYC! Would love to eventually plan a meet-up :)
  18. luckyerialc

    Got my upgrade ring on V day

    Beautiful! More pictures, please! :P
  19. luckyerialc

    New BGD Studs!

    Love them! They look lovely on and are the ideal size.
  20. luckyerialc

    Why do people create computer viruses?

    Most likely to show off their skills. They probably try to "one-up" eachother with who has the most powerful virus. It's likely they all run in the same Internet circles and forums. Bizarre.
  21. luckyerialc

    *****.****.***.**.*Ladies in Waiting List*.**.***.****.*****

    Re: *****.****.***.**.*Ladies in Waiting List*.**.***.****.* I second this!!!
  22. luckyerialc

    Updates, anyone?

    WOWZA! What a beautiful stone!! Lucky girl!!! :love: :love: :love:
  23. luckyerialc

    The ring is done (pave settings)! pics!

    Beautiful ring! Please make sure to return and post hand shots once you pop the question! We would love to hear the story as well :twirl:
  24. luckyerialc

    Anything about the heart-shaped stone?

    It looks a bit leaky. But like others have said, heart shapes are known for their shapes and not light performance. As long as it's eye clean, it should be good.
  25. luckyerialc

    It`s mine, I`TS MINE!!!

    Congratulations and welcome! It looks fantastic!! :wavey:
  26. luckyerialc

    Please add me onto the list!

    Welcome! I love your story. My SO and I have had a similar path - we also started dating seriously at a very young age. :wavey:
  27. luckyerialc

    *****.****.***.**.*Ladies in Waiting List*.**.***.****.*****

    Re: *****.****.***.**.*Ladies in Waiting List*.**.***.****.* Jeez - the next time my year comes around (the rabbit) it will be in 2023!!! And i'll be 35! Let's hope it's true that our years are actually BAD luck and we can expect some good things to come in the meantime! :wink2:
  28. luckyerialc

    Valentine's Day

    That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day! I'm super jealous of your warm weather!! :x :lol:
  29. luckyerialc

    Updates, anyone?

    Oops! I meant the second opinion :) Keep us updated on how that goes!! I would definitely be seeking out a second, as well. :twirl: