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    How do people actually ship diamonds back for returns?

    Thanks all for the replies! I've already contacted the seller about a return label, so hopefully this will go smoothly. For those interested, it was sold uncerted as 2.15 ct, H SI2. I think the color is more a J/K (but I'm very color sensitive) and it's totally eye clean to me. I didn't take...
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    How do people actually ship diamonds back for returns?

    @Mina-Lo - Thanks! It *is* a beautiful stone, but it's slightly smaller than I want (I measure it at 8.3 mm and I'm really hoping to cross the 9 mm threshold with this upgrade) and I prefer the checkerboard look of transitionals rather than the more flowery cut. If only one of those were not...
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    How do people actually ship diamonds back for returns?

    The vendor shipped to me UPS. Sadly, while beautiful, the diamond isn't exactly what I'm looking for, and at this price point I can't keep it unless it's perfect for me. I go to ship back with UPS and run into a "you can't ship anything of more than $500 value as a private individual" policy...
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    Very thin to thin girdle?

    Thank you Karl! Full situation: It's a transitional that I'm eyeing for an upgrade, but this diamond would blow the immediate budget and I was looking at the x-prong trellis setting as a temporary setting before ultimately going custom - but my custom inspiration is ALSO 4-pronged (although...
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    Very thin to thin girdle?

    I'm looking at a diamond whose girdle is Very Thin to Thin, per the GIA. Could I use a four prong setting a la the X-Prong Trellis Solitaire from Whitefish (pictured), or would I just about have to bezel it?
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    San Francisco East Bay bench recommendations?

    I was going to recommend A&G Jewelers myself. I've been going to them for years... I had a platinum vintage Art Deco half eternity ring resized down a couple sizes (the sales lady at Milner's suggested I "order it in a smaller size"), I recently had a platinum Edwardian dinner ring 1/4...
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    Need to source small (3.5 mm) cushion... garnet?

    Any recommendation as to vendor who would have or be willing to cut a 3.5 mm cushion? Ideally, I'd like a red garnet but may have bit off more than I planned in attempting to rehab a ring. I LOVE the setting and knew the original stone had been... very well loved already, but I'm having...
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    A major cluster - do I need this too?

    The OEC ring is gorgeous. I love the way the shank is offset like a toi-et-moi ring.
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    Reel one in or keep on fishing? (OEC / Transitional hunt)

    Thank you all for your responses! Sorry for being vague and only providing one screenshot per stone... I've been on Pricescope long enough to know that if the answer was "oh my God, snap that baby up!", I'd want to limit my competition. I've been looking at Jewels by Grace, Love Affair...
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    Reel one in or keep on fishing? (OEC / Transitional hunt)

    The goal is to buy a second engagement ring to commemorate a milestone anniversary (3 years from now) / big birthday (4 years from now). Clearly, I have plenty of time for the hunt. My first ring is an F color emerald cut in a simple solitaire setting - I love it, but am looking for an OEC or...
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    What year did you get your current e/ring and what style?

    Re: What year did you get your current e/ring and what style 2010, emerald cut solitaire in generic Tiffany Lucida-like setting. It was preloved.
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    Art Nouveau engagement ring

    Not Art Nouveau, but Arts and Crafts... I got to try this on and the color of the sapphire is just gorgeous: (Also, not a typical diamond engagement ring, but still oh-so-pretty)
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    Need help deciding mm width for a plain platinum band

    We could be wedding set twins! I have an emerald cut in a setting very similar to the Lucida style and chose a plain platinum band for the exact same reasons as you (never take it off, but the dirty diamonds would make my eyes twitch). My engagement band is 4 mm, and I got a wedding band of...
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    itty bitty emerald cut -- thoughts? (stone 1 of eventual 5)

    Re: itty bitty emerald cut -- thoughts? (stone 1 of eventual Not in yellow gold, but maybe useful as a set of pre-matched stones...