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  1. MichelleCarmen

    PriceScope 2015 $5,000 Holiday Giveaway

    Thank you Pricescope for providing us with an amazing forum! I've been a member here for over 10 years and have admired everyones' gorgeous baubles, throughout the years, but as a SAHM mostly just looked, rarely purchased ;). My moon pave necklace from Blue Nile means more to me than any...
  2. MichelleCarmen

    Best at-home hair color kits?

    Oops, this is what I meant to say I use...natural my other response mixed up with the shampoo name!
  3. MichelleCarmen

    Best at-home hair color kits?

    I prefer herbal essenses bc it's not permanent and because, after some experimentation, found a color that works well. Half the battle w/boxed dye is knowing which colors work w/skin tone.
  4. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Right now it's a stand-alone ring but hopefully it becomes part of a stack in the future :) My finger is a 4.75 and the ring is a 5. It was loose in the spring, but is snug now that my finger has swelled up in the summer heat.
  5. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Yeah, glad to have helped! Hope you enjoy the ring!
  6. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Mine is the full eternity 3/4 ct ring.
  7. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Here's a profile shot. The ring is super low & extremely comfy. The prongs are smooth and I can't tell tell that I'm wearing a ring.
  8. MichelleCarmen

    Thinking of moving to Portland. What do you know?

    Yep, there's property tax in wa and sales tax, but no state income tax, just federal. There's no sales tax in OR, though, so live in WA and shop in OR.
  9. MichelleCarmen

    DIY Chemical Peels

    I've used these peels too. My skin is a lot smoother after! That said, I try to avoid using these during the summer because they make your skin more sensitive to the sun and I personally am not totally comfortable trusting just sunscreen after using a chemical peel.
  10. MichelleCarmen

    How long for makeup and hair?

    Makeup takes me 10 min. My hair takes about 15 min if I need to blow dry and flat iron it. Sometimes I just blow dry it and go, but it doesn't look that great when I do that, so usually I try to smooth it unless I'm in a super hurry.
  11. MichelleCarmen

    Showering: How Long? Navy Shower or Hollywood Shower?

    Mine are 10 min Hollywood showers. Quickies?
  12. MichelleCarmen

    What pieces do you consider essential jewelery items?

    My answers change over time depending upon what's going on in my life...after working over the last nine months at a place where toning down my bling look has been important, I would have to for sure say diamond studs are essential! I say that because I have worn my earrings every day at work...
  13. MichelleCarmen

    Summer Blockbusters 2015

    First thought I had after seeing Mad Max was, "when can we see this again!" We're going again next weekend.
  14. MichelleCarmen

    Summer Blockbusters 2015

    Mad Max was EXCELLENT! It was extremely intense and kind of crazy, but cool, too. I left feeling like I had ridden on a roller coaster for two hours.
  15. MichelleCarmen

    Ultrasonic cleaner?

    I use a baby toothbrush on my jewelry after it's been soaking in warm sudsy water for about 15 min. There are some spots on my pieces that I cannot get with the toothbrush, though, so those pieces I take into a local jewelry store to have cleaned sometimes. Between those two methods...
  16. MichelleCarmen

    Summer Blockbusters 2015

    Yikes...thanks for the heads up. I'm going this weekend. I'll report back on level of violence...hopefully it isn't too horrible b/c my teenagers are going w/me!
  17. MichelleCarmen

    Not sure where to put this: I WON the Leibish give away!

    Re: Not sure where to put this: I WON the Leibish give away Congrats!
  18. MichelleCarmen

    Summer Blockbusters 2015

    I'm really excited to see both Mad Max and Jurassic Park!
  19. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Hi, thanks for the compliments. I was having problems posting from my phone yesterday so wasn't able to post again with the specs till now... The weight is 3/4 carat, color is H and clarity is VS2. The diamonds have great sparkle...I'm hunting around for my H&A viewer to get a better idea of...
  20. MichelleCarmen

    Blue Nile Riviera Pave Band!

    Been eyeing BN's eternity bands for a while now and finally pulled the trigger on this one. Here's a quick shot from phone.
  21. MichelleCarmen

    What's your favorite online clothing store?

    Mine are Nordstrom and Old Navy because both carry my style of clothing, plus there is free shipping and easy returns with both stores.
  22. MichelleCarmen

    Any pics of Blue Nile bands?

    Snowdrop - are you going to go with a Blue Nile Band? I've been eyeing their selection for ages and finally pulled the trigger on one...the Riviera Pave eternity with 3/4 cts. Next on my w/l is the French Pave eternity... :love:
  23. MichelleCarmen

    Apple Watch

    I don't plan to buy one any time soon...when I see the commercials for them, I think, "no way," however, years back, I use to think the same about texting and fancy cell phones and now I cannot survive without my iPhone, so WHO KNOWS what I'll decide in the future. I don't think I'd get a...
  24. MichelleCarmen

    Retire in 7 years? - My favorite financial blog

    I like having a job, too! My current position is really stressful to me, though, so the idea of being financially independent and then finding a job that's enjoyable but not something I'm dependent upon would be a dream come true. I also commute almost 2 hours per day so my 40-45 hour a week...
  25. MichelleCarmen

    Have you ever altered an item that you spent money on?

    The only items I have altered are jeans. If I knew how to sew, it'd be a completely different story!
  26. MichelleCarmen

    What's in your purse?! Photos welcome!

    Oh no!!! That's a hard lesson to learn. For a long time, I kept an extra copy of my car key in my purse so if I had my purse in my hand and locked my keys in my car, I could still get into my car (that I also learned the hard way!) my car has a keyless entry so I just make sure to have...
  27. MichelleCarmen

    What's in your purse?! Photos welcome!

    My purse is small and holds only a few things...small wallet, my cell phone, a couple of lip sticks, gum, Tic Tacs, pens, and usually a bunch of crumpled receipts that I normally collect when I'm out running errands on the weekends...
  28. MichelleCarmen

    Stones are here - color grades

    I'm looking on my kindle...prob not the most ideal screen...but they look identical in color to me. Does the J look warmer in person?
  29. MichelleCarmen

    Ode to OEC Joy

    Very stunning! Eta I posted after just scrolling thru the 1st page and missed that you had set your diamond. I love the sleek design of the ring you picked out!
  30. MichelleCarmen

    What color polish are you rocking right now?

    How well do Butter polishes hold up? I found a couple colors I'm aching to try but have tons of polishes already (opi and essie) and am not sure if I should venture into more brand addiction territory. I know I won't be able to stop with just one! The mini ones on ebay are super tempting.