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  1. V

    Tiffany Paper

    Looking to buy a jewelry for my gf but can't decide which offers better value over time. I'm thinking of going either with Tiffany's PaperFlower Diamond and Tanzanite Flower Pendant or VCA's Vintage Alhambra pendant. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, since I'm new to this.
  2. M

    rappaport and tiffany's

    Would tiffany's use rappaport to price diamonds?
  3. ClassicSAC

    New Tiffany Set

    Just arrived yesterday...... Tiffany True solitaire, .81 with the Soleste eternity band. I am in love with this set! I cannot capture the fire of this diamond in a photo!
  4. kenny

    Louis Vuitton's owner may buy Tiffany ...

    ...with any TooFunny diamond over $50K? ??? :clap: SNIP: "PARIS (Reuters) - France’s LVMH on Monday confirmed it had approached U.S. jeweler Tiffany & Co over a possible acquisition, in what would be the Louis Vuitton owner’s biggest purchase to date. Story...
  5. laurenk

    Tiffany Victoria studs

    I’m in Australia, but hoping someone can help me hunt down a second hand pair of Tiffany Victoria studs. I’m deciding between the .19 and the .64 ctw Will try in store to be sure but thought id get the ball rolling. I’m nervous to buy second hand
  6. ClassicSAC

    Help needed between two Tiffany & Co. rings

    I am purchasing a preowned Tiffany & Co. brilliant cut classic solitaire direct from a vendor suggested by a fellow PS member. I did all the homework to check out his reputation and his eBay feedback. I am not buying from eBay but directly from his online jewelry website. I have negotiated...
  7. Logan Sapphire

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    Inspired by @lovedogs, I recently took a major leap of faith and purchased a Tiffany solitaire and matching knife edge band off eBay. It’s a long story- the basic gist is that it was a divorce ring and the seller was definitely motivated to get rid of it. His pictures were terrible, but I had...
  8. N

    Question for Tiffany Etoile Band Owners!

    If you own a Tiffany Etoile band, I would appreciate your help! I just recently purchased the 18k YG Etoile band (4mm) and noticed that the diamonds are not scattered completely symmetrically. Some are closer to the top/bottom edge of the band, while others are slightly more centered. I say...
  9. Arcadian

    LVMH aims to restore Tiffany's sparkle with $16.2 billion takeover

    I just saw this on Yahoo this morning. Anyone else hear about this yet??
  10. G

    Replica of Tiffany setting Pave

    Any ever had a replica done of a Tiffany setting pave. Any suggestions on who would do a good job? I bought initial diamond from Whiteflash. Looking to get a new setting..Tiffany doesn't sell setting only!
  11. CT026

    New Tiffany Stackables!!!

    Wedding anniversary present!! Two new Tiffany embrace rings to complement my Tiffany embrace wedding ring in the center! :love::love::love:
  12. foxinsox

    Louis Vuitton buys jeweller Tiffany for $16bn
  13. EmeraldEmpress

    Tiffany & Co. 16 stone Jean Schlumberger ring

    Hello Everyone! I need your input on possibly purchasing a Tiffany & Co. Jean Schlumberger 16 stone ring. I have admired this ring ever since it debuted and was advertised amongst Tiffany's " Celebration Rings" I'm just wondering if it's actually comfortable to wear..... I've heard some...
  14. Fancygems

    Tiffany and Co patented cuts ?

    Hi, I thought it was just the Lucida ?
  15. Z

    Tiffany Diamond Earrings with serial number?

    ...certainly high quality, brilliant diamonds. Just noticed today they appear to have a serial number.. does this mean they are not authentic Tiffany? Not sure if the photo will come out but the tiny inscription appears to say 66263 on the back of both studs. Both posts say T & Co on one side...
  16. lovedogs

    Tiffany style setting?

    My 2nd hand Tiffany ring has piqued my interest in the "classic" 6 prong Tiffany solitaire, and wondering if anyone has tried ordering that style from the Chinese vendors, moissaniteCo, or anyone else? Just looking for pretty eye candy :)
  17. J

    Authenticating Tiffany items

    Hello PSers! I recently sold a pair of Tiffany diamond stud earrings on eBay. .27ctw, for $700. I didn’t have the original receipt and bought them in London in 2007. Prior to selling them I had them cleaned in my local Tiffany in Dallas. Walked right in to the store and they cleaned them free of...
  18. L

    Question for owners of a Tiffany diamond ring

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone else has purchased (or been gifted/proposed to) with a Tiffany diamond ring that displays fluorescent properties when exposed to a UV light source in a real world context? I purchased a diamond with no fluorescence officially listed on Tiffany’s...
  19. C

    Similar to Tiffany harmony platinum ring with channel or pave diamonds

    Hi all! I'm looking for an engagement ring that's similar to a Tiffany harmony platinum ring with surrounding channel or pave set diamonds. I'd like the following: - A low set profile so that the ring can be easily worn under gloves - Pave or channel set diamonds on a ring that tapers in width...
  20. HNGN

    Peary Josephine and Tiffany & Co purchases

    Hello lovely PS'ers.... Have you all experience the same in which you could not purchase a diamond ring, diamond studs, diamond something once it is set? Or have you all feel that unworthiness for paying overly pricey "brand marketing" jewellery? Yeah I experience that exact feeling but mostly...
  21. M

    Real or Fake Tiffany necklace and bracelet

    Hi All, I need help identifying if these 2 items are legit T&C. The weight of the bracelet is approx 39g, the necklace is 50g. I'm not convinced with the weight of the necklace but I'm no expert. Also the engraving on the heart has a number on like you heton the keyring so this has puzzled me. I...
  22. SinCityMx

    Tiffany's bracelet real or fake

    Hi everyone I came across this bracelet cleaning out the house. Probably looking to resell it or possibly gift it but would like to know if it's real. Did I just come up or did I come up on a fake. Anyone able to tell? Thanks for any help
  23. O

    Possible Vintage Tiffany 18k Green enamel and sapphire Gold ring??

    ...on the internet and have only come across one ring which looks similar to the one I have. The ring of sapphires looks very similar to the Tiffany ring I came across online. Could this ring have been re-sized and hallmarked by another jeweler, hence losing the original hallmarks (could...
  24. S

    Does this look Tiffany to you?

    ...posted on my local buy sell trade group, with only these photos. I think it looks to possibly be a Soleste? Seller says it is hallmarked tiffany and pt950. I've asked for additional photos, and will go see it as soon as I can.. I've had luck buying several vintage Tiffany pieces through...
  25. A

    Tiffany Setting vs Super Ideal Help! all taught me a lot so far, but I need some help for an engagement ring... Let’s start with what I originally wanted to purchase: The Tiffany Setting (really love the Tiffany setting so classic and timeless, the diamond seems no different than a nice Astor cut from Blue Nile with crazy...
  26. Luvallgems

    My new Tiffany Metro band

    Bought preloved from Beladora....Complimentary priority FedEx overnight shipping, Certificate of authenticity and jewelry cleaning cloth provided, in immaculate condition. My 1st Tiffany piece, so sparkly!!!!
  27. T

    Tiffany Earrings Hallmark Question

    Hi , I have a pair of Tiffany earrings that I would like your opinion on . They are the Elsa Peretti starfish earrings with a hallmark or T & Co. , 925 in front but only a 925 hallmark on the back . See pictures and please do let me know .
  28. whitewave

    Tiffany Victoria style earrings ebay with offer button

    ...weekend while trying to pretend like I’m not in pain. So buyer beware, but it seems like a good opportunity with it you want inspired by Tiffany Victoria earrings, about $5500 with opportunity to make an offer...
  29. L

    Ideal cut diamond on Tiffany box for proposal

    Hello friends, I bought a 0.92, I color, vs1 ideal diamond and I'm thinking on buying a Tiffany box online and making the proposal with it. I noticed that a lot of engagement ring boxes are black and not the Tiffany famous teal color. Does anyone know if the black color is the new one that...
  30. M

    Tiffany Embrace Wedding Band Alternative

    Hello All, I am searching for an alternative to the Tiffany Embrace half eternity wedding band. We viewed this ring in person this weekend and the fiance fell in love with it. I would like to try to find something a bit less expensive if possible (we were looking at the .91 ct. priced at...