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  1. J

    What HCA rating can I expect for a round, 1.4c, H, SI1 Diamond?

    Hello I know exactly how you feel haha. Jewelry store lighting is very deceiving so you can’t judge diamonds based on that. And please don’t worry about feeling like a child, the majority of guys going to jewelry stores for an engagement ring have the exact same amount of knowledge and THAT is...
  2. diamondseeker2006

    Does anyone know how to get around a 30 day return policy?

    Re: Does anyone know how to get around a 30 day return polic Well, generally people here who don't want to pay for super ideal cut will still want to find stones with similar measurements. We generally recommend a depth of up to 62 but a max of 62.3. I am not saying it's bad, I am just saying...
  3. Gypsy

    Noobie here looking for help and reassurance.

    I can walk you through what my thought process would be. First thing is to check the appraiser. This is the place: 16 good yelp reviews. Seems okay. Then you read them and you notice most of the people on there are...
  4. lele88

    Looking for a purple-blue 7mm round spinel

    That's what I was thinking too. I will have to review the return policy, I'd like to get it in my mitts. That was going to be my next question. I will have to see if we can just have a setting made for the stone. Where we live there are not any local jewlery that are not chains to do this for...
  5. diamondseeker2006

    Help in finding a diamond please:

    Correct, there is nothing more important than cut in the beauty of a diamond. A member here just posted a Whiteflash ACA today that is over 5 cts ! (However, to answer one of your questions, yes, there is a big price jump at 5 cts!!!)...
  6. Niel

    Looking for a purple-blue 7mm round spinel

    You aren't high maintenance, well, I mean, no more than any of the rest of us lol As for a custom there are designers that in your budget for a pave band depending on the metal and the design I think it's a good idea to see them in person that's the only way to really get a feel. Just try not...
  7. N

    Reviews? Experiences? E-Wedding Bands

    Hello guys, I have been lurking around this forum for a while (mostly rocky talky) but finally have a question! I was looking into a platinum band for my fiance. His ring size is 5.75. So I think a 4.5mm platinum band should look okay. I was dealing with ID Jewelry (great team!) but also...
  8. B

    First time buying an engagment ring

    Hi everyone, First off I want to say thank you to pricescope and everyone on here because I have searched and searched and found tons of useful info on this site. Now, I am buying an engagment ring probably by Friday and want to see what everyone thinks of my options. The total I will be...
  9. Brown.Eyed.Girl

    Camera buffs / enthusiasts - advice for DSLR purchase?

    Ugh, I know - if only there were great lenses for cheaper! So I looked up that Sigma, and it might be a good bet for you depending on what you're using it for. It's a superzoom lens, so you might actually be able to do some macro stuff on it (that you wouldn't be able to do with your 18-55...
  10. R

    It''s a GO! Please help me replace stolen ring.

    I've posted a few times before, but now it is official. I am set to replace my engagement ring that I recently discovered was stolen out of my jewelry box. Too many people have been in and out my house to accuse someone (or everyone), but it is a lesson to me that if a ring needs resizing...
  11. ChunkyCushionLover

    It''s a GO! Please help me replace stolen ring.

    Roxie, Why not stick with a round? You put 4 prongs on a square cushion HA and it starts looking like a round. Plus you have a lot more choices with rounds than Square Cushion HA and will probably get larger faceup size for the same money. If you want a complete novo replica we could easily...
  12. Tacori E-ring

    PS Mommies Thread!

    Just stopping in real quick. Turns out I DID remember to pack my camera but of course not the cord so my pictures will be a little delayed. The twins were so cute! Whoever said they don't make cute boy stuff needs to go shopping with NF. Mr Tacori got his baby fix by holding little Max. Dee was...
  13. Antique Chic

    diamonds-usa settings?

    Hi everyone! I was wondering if it''s safe to purchase a ring setting from diamonds-usa. I know they have had bad reviews for their loose diamonds and customer service. I really like this setting though...
  14. Sparkalicious

    Paging Angel7 - Saturday''s Game Plan

    I know. It absolutely stinks to "lose" your job even if it was one that you didn''t really like. Of course you''re running the gamut of emotions ... It''s much better to be in control of that decision than to have someone else make it for you. I can imagine its hard getting motivation to...
  15. P

    First time buyer in search of help.

    Hello everyone, I recently decided to make the plunge and start shopping for an engagement ring. After visiting numerous stores in my area and seeing jewelry out of my price range I decided to look on the internet. The thing is this, being in the military I don''t make allot so being as it is...
  16. B

    Custom e-ring inspired by cartier

    Hello everyone out there. After doing months of research on the pricescope forums, I have decided to buy a custom made e-ring for my girlfriend. To pay back the pricescope community for all that I have learned and possibly help someone who was where I was at a few months ago, I will document...
  17. L

    My Diamond Buying Experiences - A must read for budding fiances and beginners - LONG!

    Here is my diamond buying story. This posting is aimed mainly at the guys trying to figure out what, where and how to buy a diamond for their significant other. I am not going to try and change anybody's mind on what is better, I want to make this as close to what I personally went through and...
  18. Mara

    Wall Street Journal Article: Online Diamond Shopping: 2000

    I mentioned reading this article a few days ago and a forum member was kind enough to find it online for me in the archives, and send it to me via email! Here is the copy of the article for those who are interested. Catalog Critic: Taking the Plunge, Online Web Offers Deals on Diamonds...