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  1. Lula

    It's happening. Buying a diamond by the end of week...

    You can't go wrong with either. But if I had to choose, I'd go with the F. The difference in price is worth it to me to have a higher color. ETA: Put these on hold so they don't get sold before you make your decision!
  2. Lula

    I'm a widow

    Congratulations on the new job and new house, PintoBean! My apologies if this resource has been shared earlier in this thread. But have you heard of an organization called One Fit Widow? It was created by a 30-something woman whose husband died in a plane crash. Her...
  3. Lula

    A Deco Platinum Pendant by CVB and the Neverending Story

    Beautiful, DS! The engraving is perfect. Really amazing craftsmanship.
  4. Lula

    James Allen assistance

    I agree with @Runningmama. JA should stop talking and quit playing the victim. This is a very bad situation for any company -- chipping a customer's engagement ring stone that the customer has worn for two years and holds huge sentimental value -- yikes. Like others here, I'm feeling very sad...
  5. Lula

    Help! Finger Muffin top

    I have fleshy fingers and large knuckles, so I have experience with the dreaded "finger muffin top." Generous sizing and wider bands minimize the muffin top, and thicker (higher) bands help even more. For example, I can wear a 2-mm-wide band if it's at least 2 mm thick (high). I cannot wear a...
  6. Lula

    William Barr's Reputation

    All true. But for now Pelosi has everyone right where she wants them. She is playing the long game. Unfortunately, so is Trump. Fascinating political theater.
  7. Lula

    William Barr's Reputation

    I agree. And I think Nancy Pelosi agrees with you as well DF!
  8. Lula

    If you can’t afford the stone you want...

    *trawling. Though at the time, I did feel like the amount of time I spent stalking certain ebay sellers' sites was more like trolling :lol:
  9. Lula

    If you can’t afford the stone you want...

    Personally, I found buying from a vendor with a good upgrade policy much less stressful and time-consuming than shopping on the secondary market. Especially if what you're looking for is a well-cut modern round brilliant. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for, you can waste a lot of...
  10. Lula

    What is your favorite vendor for MRB diamonds?

    Yes, I agree -- he's a true gentleman, and I always learn something from his posts. We are lucky to have so many kind and knowledgeable tradespeople on this site.
  11. Lula

    How many % of the money did you spent on the setting vs the center stone?

    @15%. What can I say -- I like platinum.
  12. Lula

    What is your favorite vendor for MRB diamonds?

    Wink from High Performance Diamonds (HPD) vendor; Crafted by Infinity (CBI) diamonds. I've been a happy customer of Wink's for 10 years as of this month.
  13. Lula

    What kind of wedding band do I need?

    I believe will customize height and width
  14. Lula

    Show us your Chrysoberyls

    I love the color and character of chrysoberyls from Orissa! :love:
  15. Lula

    Year of the Small Table?

    Yes, agree with the underlined. And I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, given the increasing number of stones cut to "game" the GIA XXX grading system, and, more worrisome, the growing numer of diamonds that have issues with transparency due to poor quality rough. My understanding is...
  16. Lula

    My "Forever" Diamond Search --Questions about Fire/Scintillation

    High Performance Diamonds (HPD) has a "See it to believe it program" that will allow you to see one or more CBIs in your city. Contact Wink for details. There may also be a "Meet the Cutter" event in your area in the upcoming months. @John Pollard may have information about the 2019 Meet the...
  17. Lula

    My "Forever" Diamond Search --Questions about Fire/Scintillation

    It's less about specific combinations of numbers and more about how the numbers work together. Even if you could find out what the numbers were on the diamond you liked, there is no guarentee that another diamond cut to those same numbers/proportions would demonstrate the exact same pattern of...
  18. Lula

    Returned my WF ACA H&A I colored Diamond

    It’s been my experience that this is easier said than done.
  19. Lula

    No more online certs at James Allen

    Click on "report concern" and ask the mods to remove it.
  20. Lula

    No more online certs at James Allen

    Yes, I agree 100%. Poorly-cut diamonds in elaborate halo settings covered in milgrain are everywhere. Most people can't tell the difference between a poorly made halo setting and an expensive halo setting -- this is why my latest upgrade was set into a sleek, modern setting. But I digress. I...
  21. Lula

    Horrible experience with Ed Bristol Wildfish Gems

    O-, Saggitarius sun sign, Saggitarius Ascendant. Winning! But, alas, all this genetic and celestial good fortune is wasted on a female. ETA: Just found the photos. The stones are lovely. Ed's prices are high, but the OP knew that going in. And it seems that the yellow sapphire has already...
  22. Lula

    Please show me your Crafted by Infinity diamond....

    My new 1.30 F SI 1 CBI set in a brushed platinum Sholdt semi-bezel is finished! Photo courtesy of Jamie and video courtesy of @Wink from HPD :)) A great big thank you to @LaylaR a for all her help, advice, and patience with my upgrade. Video
  23. Lula

    The story of my ring's grading issue

    Or contact HPD, who made the original Symphonie.
  24. Lula

    Bold flashes vs lower and upper girdle facets

    Yes. My 1.01 CBI was cut to these proportions. I :love: the combination of longer LGFs with a slightly larger table (56 - 57) because, to my eyes, this combination looks brighter in office lighting and it really "pops" in any kind of spotlighting.
  25. Lula

    Upgrade! 1.27ct VS1 K HPD in Sholdt

    Thank you! I'm in the same boat and don't want to spend a lot on a setting. Sholdt's white gold looks very fluid.
  26. Lula

    Seeking Advice

    The girdle is thick and the stone is deep (62.5). That means that you're paying for weight that you can't see. In other words, because of the depth and the thick girdle, the stone's face up circumference is smaller than it should be. For comparison's sake, this 1.73 carat is 7.73 - 7.75 mm...
  27. Lula

    Upgrade! 1.27ct VS1 K HPD in Sholdt

    It's beautiful! I love Sholdt settings :love: Is your setting white gold or platinum? Asking for a friend ;))
  28. Lula

    Seeking Advice

    It's a nice 60/60 diamond. The area Sledge pointed out in his post above is the table reflection. Diamonds with large tables have a characteristic "empty looking" area in the center. Nothing wrong with a 60/60 cut, but they do have a different look to them. The pros are that, if well cut, they...
  29. Lula

    Are you finish upgrading? if not, what is your next target...

    @KristinTech - Me too! I'm so happy HPD is now carrying the brand. This is the setting: In person it is a very streamlined and delicate setting -- not chunky at all. I'd love it in platinum, but because this is likely not my last upgrade, that would be...
  30. Lula

    Are you finish upgrading? if not, what is your next target...

    I'm currently making @LaylaR at HPD crazy with my indecision related to my latest upgrade. I'm working my way up to a 2-ish carat G VS1-VS2 in a Sholdt setting (HPD carries Sholdt now!). One more "intermediate" upgrade before I get there.