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  1. FireGoddess

    WF .25tcw RSG bezel studs... plus friends

    Congrats, they are just gorgeous!!
  2. FireGoddess

    Ragdoll "parents" -- this thread''s for you! Brag and post photos here!

    OMG I could lose myself in that fur.
  3. FireGoddess

    For those who E-filed taxes

    2 weeks for fed return to come. It''s been 4.5 weeks and I''m still waiting for the CA return to come.
  4. FireGoddess

    Congratulations SevensOne!!!

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Nan!!!!
  5. FireGoddess

    Father-in-law has passed away

    I am so sorry for your''s and Hockeyguy''s loss, Ally.
  6. FireGoddess

    ARGH!!!! Scammers make me sick!!

    Can''t you report the number to the do not call registry as an offender? They seem more equipped to deal with these jerks....
  7. FireGoddess


    I''m so sorry to hear about Judge, FC. I''m glad that you have a new little one to look after, though of course she won''t replace him. Big hugs.
  8. FireGoddess

    FIL in intensive care, need prayers

    Thinking about you guys Ally.
  9. FireGoddess

    I need some more dust...

    *sprinkle*sprinkle*sprinkle* Times sure are tough, and stressful as well. I hope his job is secure as long as you both need it to be!
  10. FireGoddess

    For those with cats

    Ewww, it''s a little too real.
  11. FireGoddess

    My friend at the Rainbow Bridge

    What a gorgeous furbaby he was, John. I am so sorry for your loss....I''m sure he had a life most cats would be envious of, full of love and being cherished. I can only imagine the void he has left in your heart. I''m sure he''s chasing mice and dining on catnip, waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.
  12. FireGoddess

    The Cupcake Thread!

    Wow Mara, those are some freakin gorgeous cupcakes! A friend of mine who knows how crazy cuckoo I am about red velvet gave me a tin of the Sprinkles RV cupcake mix. I made them for Christmas dinner and I have to say, they were DELISH. Way better than the RV cupcakes they actually sell in the...
  13. FireGoddess

    Please help me choose between these two....

    I vote #2 - the darker one!
  14. FireGoddess


    I got a bunch of really nice Kenneth Cole ones from Marshalls. I think they retail for $35 or $40 but there they''re only $15.99. DH loses his all the time, so I REFUSE to spend a lot on those things. I''ve probably bought him at least 8 pairs in the last year.
  15. FireGoddess


    I am thrilled to hear she is getting better! I hope the double vision goes away soon, though she should look at as much pretty jewelry as possible until then.
  16. FireGoddess


    Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you...
  17. FireGoddess

    Show me your Coach - Part II!

    Wow, pretty stuff ladies!!! I got my mom a pair of Coach gloves for Christmas (no pics since my sister picked them up at her outlet for me). My sisters got me a Coach gc for Christmas (don''t tell them I peeked!!) so I''ll have to think of what I want to get with that!!! I did find a fab pair...
  18. FireGoddess

    What Are You Hoping Your DH Will Buy You For The Holidays?

    I asked for a bluetooth headset. I take mass transit now and haven''t had to drive that much since, but when I do, it''s a pain to talk on speaker or the headset that''s attached to the phone. That''s all...nothing big ticket right now.
  19. FireGoddess


    Thritto.....hope she''s feeling better...
  20. FireGoddess

    Ragdoll "parents" -- this thread''s for you! Brag and post photos here!

    HOLY [email protected] that is the funniest and cutest thing EVER!!!! Little kitty bee!!! I''m in love.
  21. FireGoddess

    GF cheated on me, what to do with Tiffany Co diamond necklace?

    The situation just stinks, and I''m sorry that it happened to you. Return the necklace ASAP for store credit, and either try to sell it (you may take a slight loss...most people won''t buy the credit unless they get ahead by it) or keep it for the future. You will find yourself a great girl and...
  22. FireGoddess


    I am so glad to hear she is up!!!! I would take her advice about not looking up the procedure on the web - there's nothing you can do but wait right now and some websites that mean well honestly seem to make the nervousness and worry worse. Just focus on the two of you and on helping her get...
  23. FireGoddess

    Please meet Nina the "purrer"!!!

    What a cutie pie! I''m so jealous at how well they''re already getting along.
  24. FireGoddess


    Still thinking about you. Each day is a battle and time is the only salve...lots of hugs going out your way...
  25. FireGoddess


    Thank you so much for taking the time to update us when I''m sure you''re crawling out of your own skin with worry. We are all pulling for her and sending her lots of healing thoughts and prayers...
  26. FireGoddess

    Christmas shopping? What did you buy???

    There are lots of Waterford ornaments (and Lenox as well) at Marshalls right now too!
  27. FireGoddess


    I am just sick at hearing this. Sending lots of prayers and positive thoughts and fairy dust at you and allycat. Please give her our love. Hang in there. She''s a tough girl.
  28. FireGoddess

    Big Kitties love pumpkins!

    That is SO cute - it''s like the wild sized version of my cats playing with their toys.
  29. FireGoddess

    Cat adoption dilema (urgent, with pictures)

    Please take lots of pics of Nina for us! For anyone searching this thread in the future - some cats can take a little while to warm up but the lack of an instant bond doesn''t mean it will never Chloe was terrified of men (she''s terrified in general, but even moreso of men) and...
  30. FireGoddess


    I am so, so, so very crushed to hear this. I am so sorry Freke. I can only imagine the pain that you are in and I wish we could do more to take it away. Take care of yourself sweetheart.