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  1. Ariadne_Theia

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    I think that would be very helpful!
  2. Ariadne_Theia

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Is there any possibility we will be able to delete some of our attachments? Having 3 rows of attachments under the post box is distracting and most of us don't repost them multiple times.
  3. Ariadne_Theia

    Amazon Prime shows and other movies/series worth watching!

    I am in the middle of Carnival Row and so far, I love it! (Warning there is pretty graphic sex and violence) The storyline is really interesting and I think they did a good job of worldbuilding. It has a mystery plot line, two romance plotlines and a political intrigue plotline; so something...
  4. Ariadne_Theia

    Q for Rice lovers. What type and brand of rice do you prefer?

    Calrose rice here. I don't really like long grain rice, I am not sure why.
  5. Ariadne_Theia

    Who wants to see my haul from today?

    I love the pendant. The Evenstar from Lord of the Rings. I haven't watched those movies in forever. I love seeing everyone's hauls. I get a vicarious thrill
  6. Ariadne_Theia

    Show me your two tone rings!

    My ering is 2 tone! I love being able to match it with any color band, even rose.
  7. Ariadne_Theia

    Heart Shaped Ideas

    It's lovely!
  8. Ariadne_Theia

    Notre Dame Cathedral is on fire BAD

    The buzzfeed article says this "The Crown of Thorns, said to have been worn by Jesus Christ before the crucifixion, and the tunic of St. Louis were both saved, according to the cathedral's rector." I've read they got a lot of the art out too but the inside has very ornate woodwork they think...
  9. Ariadne_Theia

    What color polish are you rocking right now?

    What color/brand is that?
  10. Ariadne_Theia

    Post a Picture of Your and Your SO's Wedding Rings

    Here's a wedding day glamour shot. Though I should mention, my husband doesn't wear his daily. He works at the hospital and with all the constant handwashing and scrubbing in, he doesn't want to risk losing it.
  11. Ariadne_Theia

    Glass jewelry

    I have some! I honeymooned in Venice and visited the island of Murono so of course I had to bring home some jewelry as a souvenir. Mine are a bit simpler. First was this one, the glass is faceted which was pretty rare, the traditional glass is beads or more sculpted forms. I loved the color...
  12. Ariadne_Theia

    My New to Me OEC Ring (aka the reason I sold my AVC ring)

    Gorgeous! I love the design of the ring too! :love:
  13. Ariadne_Theia

    Name one thing that is stressing you out atm and one thing that is bringing you joy

    Stress: I know this is a first world problem, but our trip to Hawaii. My husband applied to a month long program out there through his school and we figured there was no way and kinda forgot about. And then they told us he'd been accepted and we had to book tickets/housing. While we could do it...
  14. Ariadne_Theia

    What color polish are you rocking right now?

    I love Coral. It looks like I have 6! 3 on the more orange side and 3 on the pink side Honestly, the covergirl and wet and wild are my favorite formulas, I like doing thin coats and the others can get a bit gloppy, it's just a bonus that they are so cheap. 1) essie - peach daquiri 2)...
  15. Ariadne_Theia

    Does this 3 stone look good on me?

    I am totally biased, but I love it!
  16. Ariadne_Theia

    Anyone else thinking what I'm thinking?

    The eye of Sauron?
  17. Ariadne_Theia

    Fun fashion brooches

    It's gorgeous! I love the gold with the greenery on top.
  18. Ariadne_Theia

    Cz Jtv special

    I like it. It's like a flower/snowflake hybrid. Do you get a lot of sparkle from them?
  19. Ariadne_Theia

    What am I going to do with all these???

    I am thinking of doing some self-set jewelry for myself and my sisters but I have so many that I couldn't possibly use them all. I am not sure whether to make a really fancy fish tank with all the really included ones or do something else.
  20. Ariadne_Theia

    What am I going to do with all these???

    I also have 500+ JTV gem lots that I am trying to sort through. So I totally feel you; I am totally watching this thread for ideas. These are some of my bags, the exact same thing as yours and I also have some of the little boxes too. How are you IDing yours? Cause I am not a gem expert so...
  21. Ariadne_Theia

    Looking for a jeweler in LA area (engagement ring)

    I would go to David Klass in the diamond district.
  22. Ariadne_Theia

    Aquamarine Brooch

    I have no idea but I agree it's beautiful!
  23. Ariadne_Theia

    Best Way to ID Stones?

    Thank you so much for the suggestions! I just bought a number of tools and I can't wait for them to get here so I can start trying to figure these gems out!
  24. Ariadne_Theia

    Best Way to ID Stones?

    I am trying to figure out the best way to ID some stones I have. I know Bron did this recently but I don't have that level of gemology knowledge. I do have 490 carats of faceted "semi-precious" stones and a small number opal type cabs (triplets maybe?). They are undoubtedly badly cut and since...
  25. Ariadne_Theia

    What color should we paint front door?

    My mind went in a different direction, I thought a emerald green would be lovely.
  26. Ariadne_Theia

    show me your bezeled hearts!

    Awww, thank you so much. I can't wait to wear it.
  27. Ariadne_Theia

    show me your bezeled hearts!

    I guess my new necklace fits. I think it would be beautiful sans bow, just an engraved bezel. Mine was done by DK.
  28. Ariadne_Theia

    Old cuts, new ring!

    OH MY GOD! Ummmm... it's amazing!! So many rainbows. I feel like we need a video of that!