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  1. LGK

    Fake Art deco rings... made by whom?

    Hey honey!!! I am totally out of the loop but it is good to be back :) :) It is so good to see so many familiar "faces" still here. (Sorry for the brief hijack, Bear!)
  2. LGK

    Fake Art deco rings... made by whom?

    Yeah, there are some super common repro settings out there. They probably come out of India and China. And yeah, lousy jewelers do lie through their teeth about them. And misuse "handmade". I would bet money they mean "we bought a stock setting and our bench set the stones". Pretty much you...
  3. LGK

    Advice on Vintage Tiffany

    While I am a big "save the antiques!" purist, in this case, I would say go ahead and reset it if you can keep the original setting intact and safe. Sure, it's not as valuable without the brand name attached but as long as you preserve the original, wear it in something else awhile and see if the...
  4. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    iPhone retrieval was successful! However I'm majorly confused as to what really happened. I think there's some major chunk of the story that wasn't communicated properly, or is just flat out missing. First of all, the evidence guy at the local police station brings me my phone and it's locked-...
  5. LGK

    Do things about your SO drive you crazy sometimes?

    Ditto, ditto. I feel like the kitty in the Pepe Le Pew comics frequently. I mean I like affection and snuggling but not as much as he does, the man is an octopus, for reals. He wasn't hugged much as a child so I think he makes up for lost time. I actually almost never lean over anymore because...
  6. LGK

    Do things about your SO drive you crazy sometimes?

    Well, I'm pretty sure no matter how much you adore someone, living in close proximity with anybody makes you want to smack them on a fairly regular basis! -The soup slurping. It's my absolute least favorite husband habit ever. I can beg him, tease him, get mad, ask nicely... no dice. He will...
  7. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    Tell me about it, I'm ready for 2012 already please. For the remainder of the year, I'm considering wrapping everyone I love in bubble wrap. I was strongly considering borrowing a friend's very large, tattooed and intimidating-looking husband to go down to knock on their door with me :tongue...
  8. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    I know right? :tongue: It kind of sounds like it was the exact same people my husband thought it was from the beginning- the elderly couple that had been sitting next to us that night. I'd showed up first, before either my husband or his wife was there, and he tried to flirt with me (ew, he was...
  9. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    Oh lord, this has gotten *weird*. So two nights ago, my phone dropped off the map- couldn't track it, so I assumed it was finally wiped. I watched whomever had it wandering around their house with it for a couple of days before that. No response from police. I finally got in touch with the...
  10. LGK

    Wanna vote on possible settings?

    I am a fan of #4, and #5, but really- all of them are lovely and you're gonna end up with a winner whatever you go with. I love the tapered shank look quite a bit myself- it always just has spoken to me, and it's flattering to both the stone and the finger it's on- so maybe #5 is my favorite by...
  11. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    Oh cool. I had no idea if it rang or not. Thank you for checking! Gah this has been annoying, but DH has been super sweet and when I had a brief melt down yesterday he kept telling me I wasn't an idiot, it wasn't my fault. Between that and the car accident and the stupid Farmers insurance rep...
  12. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    Ugh. That sucks that you just had this happen too. But your post was super helpful Ame, thank you! I called 911- unfortunately the only way to file a report- and talked to a police officer in the jurisdiction where it was stolen, which apparently is what I had to do. He said they'd "call me"...
  13. LGK

    My iPhone 4 was stolen

    Someone swiped it off the table while I was at dinner with my husband last night. I thought I had it in my purse up until this morning- then I finally realized it really, really was gone. So I tracked it using the Mobile Me app and someone has taken it across the state, hundreds of miles away. I...
  14. LGK

    The strangest times to talk or think about jewelry.

    Haha OMG. Me too! I was having my IUD changed out and the nice receptionist was holding my hand so we had a lovely chat about jewelry while I tried not to wail in pain. It was distracting at least!
  15. LGK

    Has anyone had thyroid surgery?

    It is hard giving yourself time to heal. Do your best, you'll be totally fine and in no time at all, it'll be a small blip on the radar of your memories. You seriously can't even see my scar now. I can point it out to people and they squint and are like... "What? Where?" If you get a good...
  16. LGK

    Has anyone had thyroid surgery?

    I had the exact same situation at 20. I had the surgery without knowing it was cancerous- the surgery was way easier than the biopsy really. I was fast-tracked to surgery within about a week of finding out there were abnormalities in the biopsy, and they didn't know that the smaller of the...
  17. LGK

    Yesterday's surgery went well

    Dilaudid was what I ended up on, post thyroid surgery. I totally don't recall a lot of conversations that day! I'm so glad the surgery went well. Enjoy the pain-meds button while it lasts ;))
  18. LGK

    Ringless and awkward - what should I do?

    Galateia, I totally just wanted to say I understand where you are. My husband works with his hands constantly and leaves his ring off most of the time consequently so we both get asked all sorts of awkward questions. And I was once a size 0 with a size 2.5 ring- now I wear a size 14 with a size...
  19. LGK

    VC reset OK as a RHR?

    That is TOTALLY true. It's why so many antique filigree rings look impossible to wear with a band- because they were designed to be stand-alone, worn on the right hand alone after marriage.
  20. LGK

    VC reset OK as a RHR?

    Wear it as a RHR. God forbid if I ever am in the same position, I'd do the same with mine (especially since it *is* a RHR and not my actual wedding ring regardless of what finger I normally wear it on). I'm sorry to hear you're going through that, bright ice. No matter who made the decision...
  21. LGK

    YAY! I'm officially shopping for an OEC.

    Awww. Yeah, Dover sucks for accuracy. Too bad they didn't say that was who appraised it or scan it for you, that would've saved much hassle! I do think the M from Yekutiel had the nicest faceting of any of the options so far, especially the nice regular center facets I know you like. Will be...
  22. LGK

    WWPS do - reset, refurbish, or keep as-is?

    Yeah. On one hand, it always makes me so mad to see all the lovely OECs at work that are stuck into really clunky, unattractive '60s era settings- apparently resetting grandma's diamond was quite the mania back then. And I strongly suspect the original setting (which was considered "ugly" back...
  23. LGK

    Fake OEC ?

    What Circe said. The smooth polished girdle on round shaped stones is almost always the easiest giveaway. I haven't found any OEC-cut CZs unexpectedly in any estate jewelry yet. Doesn't mean they aren't out there, I'm sure, but except for the ones we see on, say, the Bistro and such, nope...
  24. LGK

    If you lost your engagement ring would you.....

    I *did* lose the original one, and that's why I have the two larger OECs. I did upgrade- a LOT. The original was a .20ish ct total weight '40s set, with a center around .10. It was a terribly cut stone in retrospect- I can't recall it *ever* throwing off any rainbow fire at all. I liked the...
  25. LGK

    #JOTW Vintage Anniversary Ring- 2.5 carats of transitional-cut joy

    Re: Vintage Anniversary Ring- 2.5 carats of transitional-cut Oh my dear GOD Circe! It's beautiful. Really truly. You got so lucky with the dealer honoring an old quote! I cannot wait to see what you do with the setting. I bet it is incredibly fiery in person. It definitely does not look like...
  26. LGK

    #JOTW Antique Oval and Singlestone Setting=Perfection!

    Oh WOW. I'd wear that beauty in a heartbeat! The setting is just perfect. I love ornate, antique inspired settings for old cuts. And bezels. Ari outdid himself. And what an amazing high color! I can't wait til Monday either :bigsmile:
  27. LGK

    Kindle Fire?

    I have the Kindle with the keyboard and 3G, which is now their priciest small format Kindle I think. I was looking at the new selection of Kindles since I am reallllly super hard on mine and it's getting a bit difficult (doesn't want to connect to my computer without me doing a system restore on...
  28. LGK

    YAY! I'm officially shopping for an OEC.

    I think you should compare both. That M's cut looks just lovely, and I think comparing two in person is a great plan. Whichever way you go- you're gonna end up with something gorgeous! :bigsmile: It's gonna be like Christmas this coming week at your house!
  29. LGK

    YAY! I'm officially shopping for an OEC.

    It's quite... red! :bigsmile: I'd probably wear it, but, I'm not the queen of subtle. OMG jewelry torture. I hope it comes on Monday and not Tuesday. Are they trying to give you an aneurysm?
  30. LGK

    Are vow renewals the wedding version of an "upgrade"?

    After my MIL got remarried maybe... 5 years ago? She was all over me and DH to do a vow renewal ceremony like a big wedding. (We did an incredibly low key small backyard wedding in 2001). Didn't do it. Had the wedding I wanted the first time, didn't want a do over, especially not a big to-do of...