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  1. blingbunny10

    A visit to Jewelers Row, Chicago.

    I wanted to share my recent experience visiting Jewelers Row. I've seen a lot of info about the Diamond District in NYC, but not much on Chicago, so I hopefully this will be of interest to some. I loved Chicago more than I thought I would, to be honest, and hope to make a return visit soon! We...
  2. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  3. K

    Recommended B&M shops in LA?

    Wow, thank you so much for your help! I actually have visited a few of the shops i listed already, but went over a year ago and with 0 knowledge about diamonds. I basically went off ratings from yelp. I have also been to single stone. I live very close to single stone's second location and have...
  4. cushioncutnut

    My first and probably my last LOGR ring..

    I do remember that piece quite well. I was very impressed with the quality of it based on the pictures and your review of it. I would have kept it too. Gorgeous! I have worked in the jewelry sales industry several years ago. In fact, I use to oversee any goldsmith work coming in and going...
  5. Skippy123

    I''ll start...

    Great thread Andrey!! I came to Pricescope (PS) when I needed to replace my ring. I went to B&M's and was shocked by some of the prices; I thought there has to be a way to find a nice diamond w/out the huge mark up. I came here and lurked for a few weeks. I read the pro's and con's to the...