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    Round Brilliant ACA or Premium Select

    They are both going to be beautiful and likely very, very similar looks as far as light performance. This comes down to color tolerance. I’d ask their opinion on the H color grade and see if they can compare the two. If you aren’t color sensitive or concerned about whether the H may be...
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    PLS HELP with this diamond (IDEAL, ASET H&A pics provided)

    Don’t think you can go wrong here. They are both really good. Let your eyes pick. That is all that matters because you are really splitting hairs with differences. View them side by side in different light. Do continual blinded tests where you don’t know which is which. See if you are...
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    ASET images for final two cushion Brilliant options

    I don’t believe Karl will be able to comment or make suggestions on your specific stones since he is in the trade, but just wanted to say if your eyes picked out a clear favorite after seeing them in person in various lighting, don’t doubt your eyes or worry about what we prefer. You do you...
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    Need urgent help w/ Oval (ASET included)

    Thanks for the input both of you! I’ve sent out an email to Rhino. That AV Oval definitely is of interest. Just a matter of seeing if size (mm) matters more to him (giving up 0.5mm) or if the nice edge to edge brilliance is preferred. I love that Elyque oval, personally.
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    Need urgent help w/ Oval (ASET included)

    Hello everyone. My potential brother in law came to me yesterday asking for help in finding an oval diamond but he is on a huge time crunch and I dont know a lot about ovals. I did a bit of searching and this is one that drew my eye that I liked. Can you take a look at the ASET and video and...
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    AGS000... should I pay for the branding/upgrade options?

    Yeah that’s just crazy money. You know what value was added by getting that recut (which you paid for) and they know the quality of those diamonds after their recut. If they don’t want to take them as trade-ins unless you pay that crazy amount of money for branding, then I’d take my chances...
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    1st Post - Just Bought a Diamond

    I gotta say, you ended up with what appears to be a very nice diamond, considering you were only looking at depth and table measurements. The angles of your diamond work well together. As others have said, you will find your diamond will sparkle more if you get it into the same lighting as a...
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    thoughts on these idealscope images?

    No red flags. Still looks like a good one!
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    thoughts on these idealscope images?

    Yep, looks like a good one to me! I think the lower saturation under the table is the strong backlighting as opposed to leakage.
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    Please help with a personalized bracelet for my wife

    Or there is this one that I like even more: This way I can hand write the message for her and I like the nice dark engraving. Just want to make sure it isn't too bulky looking. She is quite...
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    Please help with a personalized bracelet for my wife

    Thank you all for the ideas and your kind words! Definitely gave me some more possibilities to consider. I picture this as being something she will end up wearing very often because she will love the message and it will be representing a part of our lives that will take center stage for a long...
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    Please help with a personalized bracelet for my wife

    Hello PSers! I don’t get to come here too often anymore but I need your help bigtime right now. I know this isnt probably the best place to post this, but I know it will be noticed here and that is what I need. If mods need to move this to a different area, feel free to do so. My wife and I are...
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    Likelihood of finding a 'signature' super ideal diamond?

    I think the very large size difference is something that should be pointed out too. When you have a diamond that much larger than another, the virtual facet sizes are that much bigger and more are going to “catch your eye”. If you were to compare a 3 carat Tiffany to a 3 carat HOF, it could be a...
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    Opinion on this James Allen diamond?

    Big difference? Nope. That is a great looking diamond. Spend more on a superideal if you like, and consider the upgrade policies that some superideal vendors offer if an upgrade is something you would be interested in. But visually, I certainly would not expect a big difference.
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    What makes CBIs "more contrasty" than other superideals?

    Curious to know if there has ever been a blinded test between the various vendors? Perhaps at something like the Pricescope get together event? Anyone here feel confident that they could consistently pick out a certain brand from a lineup of stones without a loupe?
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    Diamond Depth - Are we too strict?

    Yes, I think we can be too strict on depth at times. My wife’s diamond is an example of something that wouldn’t be paid too much attention to here, but nonetheless would have the same effect as a diamond that is too deep.... a slightly thick-slightly thick girdle. It robs a bit of weight too...
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    Having a hard time reading Aset images. Can you comment on these 2?

    What seems “slight” can make a very big difference. For example, the difference between a pavilion angle of 40.8 and 41.8 is a very big difference, even if it is only 1 degree. The facets are like a bunch of mirrors and if they are not aligned properly things dont work. You can find good...
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    Ok, maybe this is the one!

    Looks great. And it is very similar to my wife’s diamond. Hers has these stats and we LOVE it (we are ok with it hiding a tiny bit of weight in a slightly thick girdle): 2.01 C J VS2 8.06 mm? (Going off memory here) Table- 58 Depth - 61.8 CA-35 PA-40.6 It too has good symmetry like your stone...
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    So I did it!!!

    Well I just read the backstory and I definitely think you made a good decision! The new diamond looks like an absolute stunner to me. Those photos at the top of page 5 where it’s showing those pastel arrows are my favorite. Glad your jeweler was able to bring this one in for you... I think it...
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    So I did it!!!

    Gorgeous ring nala! If you wouldn’t mind, I missed the background on the diamond. I don’t get to drop by PS as much anymore so if you could tell me more about that center stone or link me to your previous threads I would appreciate it. These photos are amazing!
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    Opinions on stone

    How noticeable it is depends on the viewer. It is a subjective thing. I think you would be best served by asking your jeweler to bring a diamond of more ideal proportions so you can see for yourself. I would try to find the following in a similar size/color/clarity so that you are essentially...
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    Opinions on stone

    It is what is known as a “steep deep” stone. The angles dont work well. It has a tall crown (36.5 degree) which would need to be paired with a shallower pavilion angle (40.4 - 40.6). Instead the pavilion is at 41 degrees which will lead to light leakage. The total depth of 62.8% is also slightly...
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    Opinions on this diamond?

    I don’t see any glaring issues. I do believe the IS image is showing what my eyes were seeing with the video. I just don’t see as many flashes under the table as I do with some of the others. Having said that, the differences are subltle, and I completely understand favoring a larger size or...
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    Choosing between these two diamonds

    Looks fantastic. Great job and congrats!
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    60/60 Looking for advice

    Here is a comparison video that helps illustrate the difference in fire between a 60/60 and ideal cut.
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    HPD "Trilogie" with 3 F-color CBI diamonds 3.27ctw

    Perfection on every level.... thanks for sharing!!
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    Opinions on this diamond?

    I am seeing a brown body color on this one... is anyone else seeing that. Thinking that might be why it is discounted? And mabye it’s just me but it seems to have less action under the table... will be interesting to see the IS.
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    Need help deciding between two diamonds

    Here is a page from Whiteflash that has a video that is a good representation of what I am trying to show. Now, neither of the stones you have posted are true “60/60” type stones, but the point I am trying to make is that the shallower crown and larger table of the 1.15 make it less likely to...
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    Is this a good buy?

    The key has already been stated... you need to see the diamond that you love not only in the favorable spot lighting of the jewelery store, but also in daylight and ugly incandescent indoor lighting to know if you will truly love it once you leave the store. Also, if it wont be set in an open...
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    Need help deciding between two diamonds

    Well it sounds like you have a good system going. If I can find some time a little later I will see what I can find in a search. The feather is of no concern with a clarity grade of VVS1. I wouldnt pay it any thought. You seem to keep mentioning you are drawn to the larger table. A lot of...