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  1. motownmama

    Marquise Engagement Ring Upgrade

    Thx for taking that pic!!! You have some awesome versatility with your set. Enjoy!
  2. motownmama

    How to respond

    There're tons of luxury items that aren't rare (cars, watches, purses) , so it's a weird comment. IDK what I would say, bc I don't like to "feed the trolls" per se, but maybe I'd say "I'm just fascinated that someone has worn this diamond for over 100 years!" - and leave it at that. You say...
  3. motownmama

    Still in the “family” – Antique Pear

    LOVE your ring!!!! The second pic is my FAV combo pic - all the bands are glorious though!
  4. motownmama

    Marquise Engagement Ring Upgrade

    Love marquises!!! Yours looks large on your hand. Lovely!! I love the bands too. Is is possible to see a shot with just one (ie lower) band as an option. Just curious, bc I love your ring!!!
  5. motownmama

    I said yes to this moissanite engagement ring

    Congratulations on your engagement and your beautiful ring. Please ask the moderator to move your thread to Fabulous Fashion gems!! All best wishes for a fun engagement!
  6. motownmama

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    Def post when you get it
  7. motownmama

    Need some help with a small budget ;(

    Good luck. Pls let us know what you decide. Don’t leave us hanging!
  8. motownmama

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    Btw - I tried the size 4, but ended up opting for the 4.5. Going to a private cocktail party at Tiffany where they’re showing some spectacular pieces. Yum!
  9. motownmama

    New Project: 2ct Oval Semi-Bezel Ring

    Beautiful stone! Love the color and the sparkle. I can’t wait to see the ring. I love the inspiration settings. Also - its inspiring that it’s I1. You got a huge, gorgeous stone.
  10. motownmama

    In love with my heart shaped ring!

    Gorgeous ring and looks lovely on your hand! Will you be wearing a band with it?
  11. motownmama

    Better with or without twist eternity ring?

    Looks beautifully balanced with both!
  12. motownmama

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    I LOVE it! Will you wear it with your ER too?
  13. motownmama

    Cleaning Between Diamond + Prongs

    Ultrasonic. To ME nothing compares, although I know many others prefer their methods
  14. motownmama

    New (to me!) Tiffany classic set- .58ct

    Are you showing two different wedding bands? Is the diamond one the new one? Your set looks lovely on your hand. Classic & elegant.
  15. motownmama

    Diamond wedding band to go with solitaire ring

    I like the largest band. I think you’ll appreciate the presence as time goes on. I think why is doesn’t look perfect in the pic is that it’s not in your exact size.
  16. motownmama

    The Forum Engagement Ring Folder/Eye Candy

    Group shot of Tiffany Embrace and Sixteen Stone rings
  17. motownmama

    My wedding set is here!

    WOW!! I love your set. I bet you get tons of compliments!! Have you been wearing a diff set up until now?
  18. motownmama

    My Little Ball of Sunshine

    Looks amazing on you!
  19. motownmama

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    I’ve been away (with my ring ) - how nice to see more responses! What a supportive community! Today or tomorrow will go try the size 4, but on my trip my hands were cold & hot at various activities and I’ll prob be more comfortable sticking with 4.5. If it were 4.25 that would be exact, but no...
  20. motownmama

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    Thank you, Mcgregor, Greg Chang, Apacherose, slick & Maita for your kind comments! I think only a PS friend would understand obsessively looking down at ones hand - like 100x/day!
  21. motownmama

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    It’s totally comfortable, which surprised me. Just for kicks I’m going to try on the size 4 and see
  22. motownmama

    I have questions about the ring that I am currently doing monthly payment.

    Good job. It’s going to look beautiful.