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  1. elizat

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    @diamondseeker2006 thanks! Found it in a store in the Biltmore Village called Estate Jewelry LTD. They had modern stuff, vintage and then old cuts too, some in repro settings and some original. Really cute shop!
  2. elizat

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    Thanks! It grabbed me when I saw it. It stood out!
  3. elizat

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    The opals don't look like they do in person in this photo- the above photos are way more accurate for color play, but here it is on a chain. I like it!
  4. elizat

    Do you have a famous relative?

    My dad's cousin was in Twisted Sister. :lol: Mark Mendoza- really called Mark Glickman from Long Island...
  5. elizat

    "Cocktail" wedding attire

    Yes, multiple! I just thought that black was against the rules! I have tons of black dresses!
  6. elizat

    "Cocktail" wedding attire

    @missy you are too sweet! It's definitely more casual here. I have lots of floral dresses but because this is November I didn't think my florals would be okay. I know not wanting to buy anything is a little lazy, but it truly will never be worn. It's not the money, but the single use clothing...
  7. elizat

    Do you adjust what jewelry you wear...

    @JPie my mom is the same. Except it is not any admiring. Just, oh, another new thing in a disappointed tone. It's easier to just not wear anything near her.
  8. elizat

    "Cocktail" wedding attire

    @diamondseeker2006 thanks- I thought it was a tiny bit casual but we are also in Florida. I asked my mom what she thought was appropriate and she sent me photos of lots of sequins and ruffles! I am very basic- lots of neutrals and a line dresses. You couldn't pay me to wear a sequined dress!
  9. elizat

    "Cocktail" wedding attire

    We are going to a wedding Saturday. We don't go to a lot of weddings or events because we are both pretty introverted. Invitation is cocktail. I really don't want to buy anything...I will not wear it again. Can I get away with this dress, which I own in a small dot print? It's Navy with red...
  10. elizat

    Resetting diamond studs

    I don't think I'd do that. I would try to sell those or repurpose them, and start from scratch, unless you got a steal on the studs you have now for the quality.
  11. elizat

    LAD to close down permanently after year end :-(

    I bought from Erica and I enjoyed her eye for design and stones. I am not surprised she opted to wind it down totally though.
  12. elizat

    Selling Diamond

    I agree. I think I'd be inclined to keep this one.
  13. elizat

    Selling Diamond

    It is probably going to take time. It's a lower colored stone, and some may not love that. It's also a lab that many US buyers are not familiar with. I would contact Jewels by Grace about consignment or maybe Old World Diamonds to see if they could help you sell it.
  14. elizat

    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    Not mine, because I am unfortunately not made if money!, but courtesy of the Biltmore Estate that we visited yesterday.
  15. elizat

    Emerald diamonds: warm or not?

    I have an I emerald. It has a slight tint in certain lights, but most of the time, is very white. It is very much a preference and seeing how you feel about them.
  16. elizat

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I almost bought that! But I couldn't justify two purchases in one day- that's the day I bought the bug brooch/pendant!
  17. elizat

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    Thanks! I think he's charming- I keep calling him little dude. :bigsmile:
  18. elizat

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    This may not be to everyone's liking, but I found this guy in North Carolina. A brooch, that can be worn as a necklace too, that fully articulates. Opals for the body, Rose cut diamonds and sapphire cab eyes. Legs are 22kt gold washed. I don't know the age, but he's cute!
  19. elizat

    How to care for a found cat? I don't mind posting it! It's good for $25 off. We give it to all our adopters, so it's not a secret!
  20. elizat

    Acrylic nails

    I have done gel and the dipping powder nails. My nails don't like anything on them that's a product like that. The method of removal is key. No drill attachment... My nails have been naked for months and it feels unkempt to me, but they are really strong without the chemical products.
  21. elizat

    Do you listen to country music? Post your favorite songs.

    I like Garth Brooks, older Tim McGraw, and some of the 90's country.
  22. elizat

    How to care for a found cat?

    I can post a discount for it if you want one. Our rescue has a referral code.
  23. elizat

    Update on my new refurbished ring *pics*

    Very pretty reset!
  24. elizat

    How did you decide?

    I would try to see what you like in person. Is there a CBI dealer near you?it's worth the education. I think that the options you are looking at are incredibly different, so it makes sense to see them in person and have some time to consider it. I would not be able to land on just one ring...
  25. elizat

    How to care for a found cat?

    Bathing- no need unless he gets into something awful. He will take care of that himself. I foster babies, they are usually flea covered, so I have to, but he looks good. I only bathe if filthy, flea ridden, etc. Brushing- sure! Many like it. If he does not though, he'll take care of the...
  26. elizat

    How to care for a found cat?

    He's so sweet! I agree he was dumped or somehow got lost. I think he looks like a young adult too. He looks pretty healthy! Teeth look good and coat too. Definitely drop a fecal sample. If he was any parasites you want to get rid of those...for a lot of reasons! Flea medication, Revolution...
  27. elizat

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    We don't have seasons in my Florida. I prefer seasons. It's still in the 80's. The heat is oppressive year round. I like the weather the most late November through February. It's lovely them. The rest of the year...not so much.
  28. elizat

    Ashoka cut?

    Ashoka/crisscut styles are a favorite of mine. They are not terribly common, but I think they are so interesting. Pretty band.
  29. elizat

    Resetting Costco princess diamond studs into side stones?

    Those are lovely! What a good makeover!
  30. elizat

    My upgrade is here!

    Really beautiful! Congratulations!