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  1. PintoBean

    "Cocktail" wedding attire

    I'd get a plain black a line dress and use it as the all purpose weddings, funerals, job interviews dress. I'd change it up with patterned stockings, jewelry, bolero, jackets, cardigans, etc based on the occasion.
  2. PintoBean

    Local jeweler vs a Leon mege or victor canera?

    Where are you located? Maybe for 25k purchase it is worth a trip to NYC to see leon and/or steven kirsch's work? Or go to LA to see Victor's work?
  3. PintoBean

    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    My vibrator. It's operated by foot crank. Very difficult pumping the crank and positioning the device at the same time. :confused:
  4. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    It takes time to figure out what a kitty likes to play with. For example, my 4 cats: 1) tiny mouse toys 2) socks 3) hair bands 4) pom poms and softball size balls (polydactyl with huge paws) And cat beds, ermagherd One likes cat beds, one likes what was formerly mama"s fleece robe, one likes...
  5. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    if I were you, I'd do a stool sample now, if negative, a second one in 3 weeks. Giardia? Worms could be eggs now? and cat poop is like little doggy tootsie rolls, so god forbid the dog ate one.
  6. PintoBean

    Name your song

    This song is ME.
  7. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    Marry me. :kiss2: Cat food, cat medicine, is not as good as dog food, dog medicine. Kinda like women and healthcare. If kitty will eat a variety of flavors and hard and wet food, that's great. I never know what they could he lacking in nutrition so I rotate brands and proteins, and feed both...
  8. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    I grew up with dogs so my cats are dogs. They wear jingle jangle collars. They come when called. They perform tricks. I usually give them a welcome to this hell hole, I mean home, bath. Then I just brush regularly. Each cat is different. Currently, I can get by with once a week with these cats.
  9. PintoBean

    Introvert or Extrovert?

  10. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    If anyone asks, say it is your emotional support companion. I just sent you a message through LT.
  11. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    Theres also an animal hospital by chop. Instacart delivers cat food, litter, etc from petco lolol. If you're in a pinch.
  12. PintoBean

    How to care for a found cat?

    Even if you cant get in to a vet asap, at least collect a stool sample to drop off for testing in the mean time. Have you tried getting an appointment with the Philly aspca? If you're willing to drive to NJ the cinnaminson animal hospital comes recommended.
  13. PintoBean

    Feral kitty shelter!

    If you're close to a socket, you could try a heated bed. Your styrofoam insulation is so clever!!!!
  14. PintoBean

    Piercing infection

    I cup of warm water to 1 tsp of sea salt type of ratio. Soak your piercing.
  15. PintoBean

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    If you want a luxury car, I'd recommend a Lexus and save some money with service by taking it to Toyota. Same guts at the end of the day.
  16. PintoBean

    My visit to IDJ -

    I love that pendant!!! And seriously what great service they give!
  17. PintoBean

    Whiteflash Circle of Life Pendant

    :bigsmile::mrgreen::appl::dance:your post put a smile on my face and made me chuckle! Stretching that dollar and getting beautiful bling plus a bonus bag! Love it!!!!!!
  18. PintoBean

    Parks fine group inc

    I know Alex and I've always been impressed with his customer service. All I can say is that just because we have had a great experience with a vendor doesnt mean that that will be the case for you. My suggestion is that you start a new thread with your budget and bling spec wish list and we...
  19. PintoBean


    Can your sister make a trip to you instead of tbe other way around so that you dont need to cart 4.cats back and forth?
  20. PintoBean

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    I love this ring and the design is genius! That tilt...:love:
  21. PintoBean

    My doggies have passed away

    {{{Hugs}}} to to you, Kenny.
  22. PintoBean

    Portable ultrasonic

    I'm currently traveling with this one...
  23. PintoBean

    It's been a year and a half ...

    {{{Hugs}}} kenny!!! Btw, I got my first digital piano!
  24. PintoBean

    It's been a year and a half ...

    You should post a picture of yourself for kenny
  25. PintoBean

    I want to replicate this ring...

    I would contact IDJ and show them the inspiration ring, and give them the budget you have and see what they can churn out based on the budget.
  26. PintoBean

    I'm a widow

    @coda72 just in case it got buried in the thread, you can always find me through loupetroop. When you feel lonely, remember that you're in the thoughts and prayers of many from around the world. That's really awesome, isn't it?
  27. PintoBean

    I'm a widow

    I'm so sorry for your loss. This isn't a fun club to join. I wish I could tell you that it gets better, but that would be a lie. It gets DIFFERENT. Ask for help. Remember that you can't take care of anyone until you take care of yourself first, or else you'll be sucking at both, if that...
  28. PintoBean

    Yolo purchase/splurge

    Some Frye options at nordstrom rack
  29. PintoBean

    Yolo purchase/splurge

    Return. You should feel excited and delight, not hesitation.