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  1. Tonks

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    Absolutely this happens to me, too. I use a SAD lamp every morning. It’s very relaxing. I just sit and have my coffee and read with it. Highly recommend. If you want to look into this, the best company I’ve found for lights is Alaska Northern Lights. Al their lights are 10,000 lux at 24 inches...
  2. Tonks

    Money, power or fame...

    Money, honey. Though realistically, the other two tend to follow the first.
  3. Tonks

    OWD + CVB: Modified Chloe E-Ring (Videos & CADs... The wait begins!!)

    First, your username is perfect!!! I can’t wait to see your ring. I’m sure Caysie will do a fantastic job. You must be so excited. That’s a gorgeous design and stone!
  4. Tonks

    What is the most adventurous thing you ever did?

    Let’s see... DH and I jumped out of a plane for our first anniversary. Glad we did it but I don’t feel like we could take the risk again now that we have kids.
  5. Tonks

    Do you filter your selfies?

    Nope. I‘ve occasionally done a Snapchat filter with ears or something, but never a beauty filter. For me it is a feminist issue. It drives me nuts to see women only posting (obviously) heavily filtered photos of themselves. We know what you look like. Using filters like that telegraphs to the...
  6. Tonks

    Lexus RX 350 and Volvo XC60

    My hubby got an new Volvo XC60 this year and we love it. It is the inscription trim, and very luxe inside. Lots of bells and whistles. We didn’t look too hard at Lexus because we didn’t like what they are doing with their grilles now. The front ends are very futuristic at the moment. Loved the...
  7. Tonks

    Antique Moval Engagement Ring!

    Aaah! I saw your avatar and looked for your SMTB earlier and managed to miss it until now! I’m so freaking excited to see this! It is gorgeous! I love everything about it. So elegant and with a twist of different. It’s perfect.
  8. Tonks

    My wedding set is here!

    I just love it when jewelry pieces are unique and meaningful and these are both! They are beautiful. I hope you will love wearing them.
  9. Tonks

    Gray Spinel and Diamond Ring + Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

    That ring is stunning. Just beautiful. I love all the different tones in various lighting conditions, and it looks great with your wedding band. I hope you wear denim, because i imagine the colors looking fantastic with jeans. The concept of a jewelry capsule is intriguing. Yours is beautifully...
  10. Tonks

    How to layer necklaces? (Show me!)

    I seem to remember @LLJsmom does this really well. Maybe she will have some advice? I have never figured out how not to have things tangle!
  11. Tonks


    Contacts wearer for 30 years. My biggest advice is never to sleep in them. And to avoid the extended wear lenses. Daily disposables are a godsend for eye health, even if they are initially more expensive. Everyone I’ve spoken to in contact lens departments is anti-extended wear lenses. The...
  12. Tonks

    Three must have books on that desert island...

    The Boy Scout’s Handbook The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Boat Building Aaaand can the Harry Potter series count as my third???
  13. Tonks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Aaand it looks like this solves my issue. Thank you, @the_mother_thing !
  14. Tonks

    Announcement PriceScope Upgrade of October 7th

    Hi! First, thanks so much for all your hard work to update this forum. I haven’t read through all of this thread, so apologies if this was mentioned earlier. The issue I am having is that when you click on a user name, there no longer seems to be a way to see threads They have started. This was...
  15. Tonks

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    You’re awesome! Thank you, DF!!!!
  16. Tonks

    My re-set! 4.9 cttw 3-stone antique cushion ring, by Mark T and CVB

    Oh. My. GAWD. Dead. I’m dead. Can we use adult words on PS? Because holy sh....that ring is PERFECT.
  17. Tonks

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    You’re welcome! Believe it or not, you will have an easier time finding a 36 mm anything to try than a 40, especially in stainless steel right now. The Rolex stainless market is bonkers at the moment. You could probably call authorized dealers in your area and ask about it. I don’t get the...
  18. Tonks

    #JOTW Asscher semi-bezel eternity!!!!

    Oh, wow, they’re all stunning! Who made them? Love the semibezel. And I’m sure it will wear so wonderfully.
  19. Tonks

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    I found a few more photos! Yay, watches!!!! Not sure how big your wrist measures, but would encourage you to at least play around with 40 mm Rolexes. The mens’ sport models are so much more functional than womens’ watches it’s not even funny. Bigger faces, tons of lume that makes them easy to...
  20. Tonks

    Show me your Ring and Watch hand

    Have you considered the 36 mm Yachtmaster? The rhodium face is gorgeous and I’d say it’s very legible. It also has a gorgeous turquoise second hand. It’s subtle, but a really nice pop. I tried on a 36 mm when I was shopping. Here it is.
  21. Tonks

    Playing with Rolexes with my local AD

    Also... your engagement ring is truly out of this world!!! Beautiful and so classic.
  22. Tonks

    Playing with Rolexes with my local AD

    Oooh, I love your Root Beer! It looks fantastic on you! What year is it? I am not as familiar with it as some of the other models so I don’t even know whether all the GMTs have gone to ceramic or if any are still in aluminum. Jealous that your hubby scored a Hulk. You should borrow it...
  23. Tonks

    How's your color eye?

    50%. So glad it wasn’t higher. Warmer stones have a lovely price tag, and they’re so pretty.
  24. Tonks

    Can you remember all your passwords?

    YES, this. Y’all, seriously, if you’re not using a password managing app, get one now. 1Password is awesome. I’ve also heard great things about LastPass. They will even generate secure passwords for you.
  25. Tonks

    Playing with Rolexes with my local AD

    Wowwww.....ok, so maybe waitlists are not going anywhere. Sheesh. If he’s bought two stainless sports models now, tell him to get on the waitlist for a Daytona. Surely he’s got sufficient credibility with the AD at this point. Honestly the whole Rolex business model is the pits. I adore their...
  26. Tonks

    Playing with Rolexes with my local AD

    Awesome! How long had he been on the waitlist? I’m holding out hope that the waitlist situation can’t stay this way forever.
  27. Tonks

    What else are you all into?

    Love this thread! So fun to see what else everyone is into. I’m into martial arts, specifically tae kwon do. Earned my second degree black belt this spring. This was never something I saw myself doing but I absolutely love it. Because of the martial arts I am also into weight lifting. Started...
  28. Tonks

    Does your husband or bf knows how much you weigh?

    To clarify, we don’t actually lift together. He goes at some ungodly hour before work and lifts with a trainer. I go around lunch or before I pick the kids up from school. I do see couples who lift together and it looks amazing. He came with me once and it was so damn nice to have a spotter. Oh...
  29. Tonks

    Does your husband or bf knows how much you weigh?

    Yep. I actually just asked him to make sure. He was off by two pounds. We both lift weights, so we talk about lifts as percentages of body weight a good bit, so honestly it would be weird to not know how much each other weighed. I am at a place where I am happy with my body and with my weight...
  30. Tonks

    Help me upgrade my wedding bands!

    Just got out my calipers. My ER band is 2.75-2.8 at the widest part (at the shoulders), but tapers to 2.5 at the bottom. My current bands are each 2.5 mm. I am hoping to have two bands to stack here and would think staying with the width of my current stack is probably advisable. I thought the...