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  1. Sparkles88

    Suggestions for studs for SIL

    I was going to suggest Berricle too. I have the 1ctw studs and they are a great size for petite lobes.
  2. Sparkles88

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Hello @gregchang35 :wavey:
  3. Sparkles88

    My upgrade is here!

    Gorgeous! So sleek and elegant :kiss2:
  4. Sparkles88

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born in the UK now living in Western Australia.
  5. Sparkles88

    Introducing "Dainty" my new(ish) CBI

    Wow! My eyes have been blinded by your gorgeous diamond :lol:, it’s stunning!!! Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing.
  6. Sparkles88

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    I’m so pleased that you shared these, they are stunningly beautiful in their simplicity but look so elegant and have timeless appeal. @mrs-b your ear ring collection is artfully crafted and out of this world...gorgeous!!! :love:
  7. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    Hi @StephanieLynn :wavey: I think it looks lovely on you, I like the fact that it’s set lower, I’m forever knocking my ring on things, it’s set quite high. Are you thinking of keeping it?
  8. Sparkles88

    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    Your ring is mesmerizing :love::love:
  9. Sparkles88

    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    Happy birthday @diamondseeker2006, your whole collection is just so beautiful, perfection!! :appl::love:
  10. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    Gorgeous ring @StephanieLynn, would love to see some hand shots when you receive your ring :kiss2:. That ring has been in my shopping cart a few times :lol:.
  11. Sparkles88

    Show me the Bling - the Laboratory Grown version!

    Thank you @kgizo for the photo, they look stunning on you, perfect size too. If only LB ships internationally, hopefully they will soon.
  12. Sparkles88

    Show me the Bling - the Laboratory Grown version!

    These look gorgeous, would you mind posting a few ear shots, would love to see them if you’re happy to share? :love:
  13. Sparkles88

    OEC hunt begins, how to narrow choices? Need help with guidelines.

    This is so beautiful, congratulations, so happy it lives up to your expectations and much more! :love:
  14. Sparkles88

    Bands galore!

    Absolutely stunning!:love:
  15. Sparkles88

    Blue Nile Luna Eternity

    Congratulations to you both, gorgeous rings!
  16. Sparkles88

    Need dust! My diamond studs are missing...

    Sending you fairy dust to find your missing ear rings! Hope they are located soon.
  17. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    I’ve got the Asscher pendant and it’s gorgeous and I’m not usually a step cut girl, but I’ve been wearing 24/7 and it’s held up well. Still very bright and sparkly.
  18. Sparkles88

    Newly engaged and happy to share my round solitaire

    Congratulations on your engagement and your ring is so beautiful!
  19. Sparkles88

    A FY chubby baby EW Marquises Margot

    Wow, she’s breath taking, absolutely gorgeous!
  20. Sparkles88

    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    It’s beautiful! Congratulations @kama_s !!!
  21. Sparkles88

    Do most women think they look younger than their age?

    I think I look a bit younger than my 50 years but that could be due to my failing eyesight :lol:. Wrinkles look less pronounced when you can’t see well!
  22. Sparkles88

    Someone Should scoop these Costco $629 1CTW I VS2

    Congratulations to all the lucky PS’s that managed to get a pair of these ear rings, what a fantastic bargain! I’ve been following all the ups and downs but so happy you all eventually got the ear rings as advertised :appl:.
  23. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    Hi @OoohShiny :wavey: it’s this one It’s the Swarovski ZC, I’ll try add more photos for you would like? I think it’s really pretty and certainly sparkles well, it’s only 1.25...
  24. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    A few more photos to share:lol:
  25. Sparkles88

    Berricle purchases

    My order has arrived! Delivery from USA to Australia took 10 days, I was tracking delivery and for the majority of the time, it was in stuck in customs here for about 6 days.
  26. Sparkles88

    Berricle 3.87 ct solitiare

    My ER next to the Berricle 3 stone
  27. Sparkles88

    Berricle 3.87 ct solitiare

    My Berricle order arrived!!! I hope you don’t mind @soxfan me posting photos here, I didn’t want to start a new thread :mrgreen2:. What you all think?
  28. Sparkles88

    #JOTW Almond Blossom Opal Ring - Work of Art

    Congratulations @Bron357, JOTW !!! Well done, the ring is an exquisite piece of jewelry art :love:.
  29. Sparkles88

    Berricle 3.87 ct solitiare

    Yes I am, the 3 stone, a pair of 5mm ear rings and the Asher pendant. I figured since I have to pay shipping I may as well make it worth while, plus I got the 40% off. I ordered the size 5 ring because I think you mentioned it was a smaller fit and I usually wear a 4.25 but being a bit bigger I...