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  1. Garnetgirl

    Antique Cluster Ring = Downgrade of my dreams!

    Wow - some “downgrade”!!!! :lol: It’s absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous.
  2. Garnetgirl

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    Oh it’s gorgeous, and so versatile. It looks lovely on you @elizat and you look lovely wearing it. Insect jewellery is so much fun!
  3. Garnetgirl

    Do you adjust what jewelry you wear...

    Hi @Mamabean Glad to hear your lunch went well. I understand about adjusting jewellery wear to the situation. I do it as well, depending on the social occasion, and sometimes, depending on whom I’ll be with. My husband and I have a variety of friends of very differing backgrounds and...
  4. Garnetgirl

    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    Singer sewing machine 1974. Room fan 1975, used every summer and still working well. Electric iron, also from 1974. It was a wedding present. I accidentally knocked it off the ironing board soon after I got it. It broke into many pieces. It put them all in a bag and took them to my dad...
  5. Garnetgirl

    Name your favorite sad song.

    Dust in the Wind - Kansas
  6. Garnetgirl

    "Is it real" questions?

    Your ring is really beautiful and unique. It looks lovely on you. I don’t know how I would answer if someone asked me if my jewellery was real. I think I would put it down to curiosity or lack of knowledge about gems. If you’re not offended, more power to you! It’s hard for me to...
  7. Garnetgirl

    Favorite smells...

    Lilacs Phlox on a summer evening My house after having just brought in the Christmas tree (fir tree) Wood fires in the neighbourhood (home heating) Onions frying Garlic Fresh baked bread Estée Lauder White Linen
  8. Garnetgirl

    LAD to close down permanently after year end :-(

    What a shame...:( I never purchased from her, but she had some gorgeous stuff.
  9. Garnetgirl

    If you could ask your furbaby 3 questions what would those questions be?

    In addition to some of the questions above, I would ask: What makes you decide to purr? Why can’t you cough up your hair balls where I won’t step in them? What do you think about all day long? How come you’re so cute? I know they only love me for the food, so I wouldn’t ask them anything about...
  10. Garnetgirl

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    Joy to the World!
  11. Garnetgirl

    How many countries have you visited?

    16 countries in all, but would love to see more.
  12. Garnetgirl

    My little piece of black opal heaven :)

    Gorgeous! You may think it’s little, but it’s got all the colours, and a beautiful setting which shows it off so nicely. Enjoy. :dance:
  13. Garnetgirl

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    Beautiful! It looks great on your hand. You made a good choice.=)2
  14. Garnetgirl

    How to care for a found cat?

    I think you’re doing very well, taking care of your new cat. You’ve checked him over, and since he seems to be in good health, I wouldn’t worry about having to wait a bit for a vet appointment. (Of course, assuming all stays good). You are wonderful to have rescued him. And he is lucky to have...
  15. Garnetgirl

    How Armistice Day Became Veterans Day

    Thanks for the interesting article, @AGBF. It led me to google how Armistice Day became Remembrance Day here in Canada. I participated in a Remembrance Day ceremony in my town today. A list of all the town’s former residents who died in WWI, WWII and Korea was read. It was touching and...
  16. Garnetgirl

    Do you filter your selfies?

    I’ve never taken a selfie, and didn’t know what filtering a selfie meant. Wow - I didn’t even realize it was a “thing”. Thanks for the education, Pricescope!
  17. Garnetgirl

    Lovin' the little faces

    For some reason these remind me of ET. :rolleyes2:
  18. Garnetgirl

    So conflicted about my ring.

    Wonderful news! I’m glad you were able to work things out with your husband. Looking forward to lots of photos
  19. Garnetgirl

    Do you prefer regular or sourdough baguettes?

    A vehicle for butter - I love it!!:lol::lol::lol:
  20. Garnetgirl

    How's your color eye?

    I got 60%, which really surprised me. I’m not at all colour sensitive, or maybe I just don’t mind colour in diamonds.
  21. Garnetgirl

    Dorian...Keeping an eye out

    Once again, thanks so much for all the information @Arcadian. From what I understand, Dorian has now moved off to the sea. I hope that’s the end of him!
  22. Garnetgirl

    Dorian...Keeping an eye out

    Thank you for your good wishes, @Arcadian. You are very kind. :saint: Hubby and I have been in touch with our friends, and thankfully they are all OK.
  23. Garnetgirl

    A Very Simple Question on Stone Orientation (:

    I normally prefer north-south, but looking at the CADs, it seems that your stone proportions are long and thin. I like your second option better because of the shape of the stone. Also, the stone in east-west orientation seems to “fit in” and flow nicely with the engraving on the shank and...
  24. Garnetgirl

    Do you prefer regular or sourdough baguettes?

    There’s a great little bakery in my town that makes wonderful sourdough bread, so.......:lickout:
  25. Garnetgirl

    Q for Rice lovers. What type and brand of rice do you prefer?

    Basmati is my favourite. I like the Tilda brand, which is what I have now. But if it’s not available, I’ll buy whichever one is in my grocery store. I agree with @Karl_K that people often overcook rice. UGH! :confused:
  26. Garnetgirl

    Found A Phosphorescent Diamond, Help!

    How cool! =)2
  27. Garnetgirl

    french cut band decision

    I like them both, but I’m a very practical person. If it was for me, I would get No. 1. It looks more comfortable. Good luck with whatever you decide.
  28. Garnetgirl

    Need dust! My diamond studs are missing...

    Oh no - how terrible! Maybe you didn’t put them on the mirror. Sometimes one is so sure she did something, then realize she only thought about it and actually did something else without really paying attention to the task at hand. I recently misplaced something and found it in an entirely...
  29. Garnetgirl

    Dorian...Keeping an eye out

    Thanks for the update, @Arcadian Dorian may have left the USA, but is not over yet. I’m still watching, as I have friends in Newfoundland, and Nova Scotia. Also friends who are vacationing on Prince Edward Island, and a couple whose yacht is moored in Halifax Harbour. Apparently there are...