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  1. Miss Marple

    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    I don’t have a specific recipe that I use (google one every time) but maple, bacon muffins are usually a big hit in our household.
  2. Miss Marple

    A Mothers ring or necklace...for my mom

    What about a bangle (if in budget)? Plenty of space for stones and easy to view and enjoy.
  3. Miss Marple


    Daily disposables are the best.
  4. Miss Marple

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    2nd bath. No question. I would purchase a portable apartment washer and no vent dryer to deal with laundry.
  5. Miss Marple

    Unplated 14k WG/no halo for warm diamond?

    A few more photos camera tends to pick up more yellow in certain lighting than I typically see in person . From the top, the K colored stone looks fairly white—especially against the rose gold
  6. Miss Marple

    Unplated 14k WG/no halo for warm diamond?

    Ring is my mom’s. Being modeled by my DD. btw, my impression is that, if you work directly with somebody at IDJ, their quoted prices on stock settings are about 20-25% lower than the list price on their website. Would highly recommend IDJ. They were very easy to work with and they have earned...
  7. Miss Marple

    Unplated 14k WG/no halo for warm diamond?

    not exactly what you’re looking for, but thought I’d throw it out for consideration. Setting is Gabriel & Co purchased last year (along with the center diamond) from IDJ. I think the setting was around $1600, and it’s nice quality for the price. 14k Rose gold and a whopping 12mm across. Center...
  8. Miss Marple

    Help! I need to buy a car!

    I’m a fiend about car research before we purchase, and have a number of thoughts. Automotive engineering has gotten much better, and many manufacturers are now sophisticated enough to design major systems to fail in close proximity (what I’ve heard is around 150k miles). I’ve also heard that...
  9. Miss Marple

    Anything less expensive in U.K. than it is in the US?

    Just got a Louis Vuitton wallet from the duty free store in heathrow. Thanks to the fantastic exchange rate and lack of VAT, it was ~30% less than buying it in the US.
  10. Miss Marple

    Tell me how much I overspent

    Settlement agreement???? I can understand wh you might agree jus to be done, but I'm hoping you will contact your cc for a chargeback and file a complaint with the FTC. Separately, love, love, love the tsavorite.
  11. Miss Marple

    A Tale of Two E-Rings

    They are both lovely rings. Very excited for you. Hope you’ll come back with updates.
  12. Miss Marple

    Tips for Purchasing an Ultrasonic Cleaner?

    My optometrist has one on their office for cleaning glasses. :lol:
  13. Miss Marple

    Show me those yellow gold 80's and 90's pieces

    My ‘90s era original e-ring. Interestingly, I found this on the BGD site recently. A sure sign that what’s old is new again.
  14. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    Thank you @Starfacet and @Catmom @LLJsmom -- go for it. I think the engraved band willlook stunning with MK.
  15. Miss Marple

    Any antique cuts or old european sellers in Sf bay area?

    Definitely check out Lang Antiques in SF. As others have said, they don’t really have loose stones, but they do have a variety of already set antique cuts. Pricing is a little high compared to most PS recommended vendors and they don’t negotiate but pricing seems fair given that it is a B&M...
  16. Miss Marple

    A FY chubby baby EW Marquises Margot

    Stunning! A great stone in a beautiful new dress.
  17. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    A couple more photos. I wish that I could actually take good pictures. . .
  18. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    Posting on my phone makes it hard to acknowledge everyone, but I’ve read and appreciate all of the good wishes and kind words. And for @LLJsmom, here are some photos with the engraved band only ( which is actually my favorite way to wear this ring) .
  19. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    @Weecam, @—thanks so much for the good wishes. @LLJsmom —your compliments really mean a lot to me. I think that MK and her setting are the first old cut ring to really make me swoon. Was such a treat to see her in person and ogle the details.
  20. Miss Marple

    If you can turn back the clock would you change your college major?

    In retrospect, I should have sucked it up and done a STEM degree rather than going for the easy liberal arts major. That said, things ended up working out pretty well, and much to my amusement, I’ve had more than one colleague tell me they assumed I do have a STEM background. :D
  21. Miss Marple

    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    Swoon! The stone. The setting. The stack. Individually amazing but absolutely sublime together.
  22. Miss Marple

    Bluenile or Local Jeweler? pls help

    I like 7 pointers as well. The proportions are a little more visually pleasing to me than the 9 pointers. I have a 1.75 ctw 5 stone from IDJ and a 0.6 ct pendant from BGD. I can see a small performance difference between the IDJ stones and the BGD. The BGD is nicer but not nearly enough that I...
  23. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    Thank you so much everyone for the good wishes. @monipod —funny story about my search for an “appropriately” sized diamond. I showed DH a photo of a 1.35 ct OMC in a setting that I liked. He saw the size of the stone on the model’s hand and pronounced it “not very impressive” in size. So it...
  24. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    @MakingTheGrade: no current projects in mind but in the last year, I’ve picked up a pair of OMC studs and a few small RHRs. I feel pretty set for the moment— which really means that I’m all over the place in thinking about my next project. :D @Lykame: no details on the setting. The engraved...
  25. Miss Marple

    Introducing Tori (aka The One RIng)

    For years, I thought that I wasn’t a big fan of diamonds. DH offered to upgrade the ring that I had abandoned early on (for a CS that we both liked better) at our 10th anniversary to a 1 ct. i could not imagine spending a lot of money for something that, to use PS parlance, looked like frozen...
  26. Miss Marple

    Jewelry Baby Book?

    I'm totally envisioning somebody with mad scrap booking skills putting together artistically arranged and decorated pages that include photos and stats for each piece. Personally lo ve the idea but lack the skill or vision.
  27. Miss Marple

    Struggling to draw up a CV...

    A short paragraph sounds more like something that should go on your cover letter. If your experience and last title are relevant to the job you are applying for, then nothing further required, but many people are looking for a bit of a switch in job duties.
  28. Miss Marple

    VCA Sweet Pave Diamond Studs

    Beautiful! Perfect size for everyday wear.