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    This was bound to happen with guys buying his gf a MMD.

    People seem so sure that the value of mined diamonds will continue to hold steady or rise, while that of MMDs fade to nothing. If anything, I predict that the availability of really great MMDs will reduce the value of mined diamonds or at least drastically curb the demand for them. I'm a baby...
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    Good/Better/Best CZ?

    As far as I know, production dropped off, Interlap quit cutting them, and Wink doesn't carry czs anymore.
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    Good/Better/Best CZ?

    The baking process is written in a forum that the "BTD" Asha people run, called People on there buy from "Chris CZ," some man in the UK, and that's reportedly where Shantastic buys theirs from. I think Chris CZ is <Yes. YouTube channel is Chris Sweeney. IF...
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    Help with this preowned solitary semi mount

    Simplest way might be to use an illusion plate to mount the diamond into, then put that plate into the semimount. See Item #: 297:1737:S The plate for a 5.2mm diamond has a 6.7mm outer diameter per the Stuller specs for it. Or a square...
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    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    Oh, come now. Many people have "tossed decency to the wind" on Pricescope. Some, QUITE frequently and yet they are still around. And usually, nobody bucks them, particularly not the long-suffering PS vendors who get dragged through the social media muck over something relatively trivial...
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    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    I'm surprised that BGD even offers refunds in 3-5 days. I can recall not so long ago when some policies stated refund within 30 days, and it would be in the form of a check. Sounds like you'd have been farther ahead to ship your complete ring back to BGD unmodified and let them unmount the...
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    ladies, Did your ex BF invited you to his wedding?

    One did, but he and I were never a serious match, at least not as I saw it. He wanted to stay in a small rural town, and I was headed out like a rocket as soon as I landed a job out of state. He married the kind of subservient conventional woman a small town hot shot has to marry, neither...
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    Calling all Color Intollerant PSers

    Intolerant? Nope, I'm evidently liberal and I like them all, even in modern H&As. I can detect the very subtle tints in GIA F and G. H would still be plenty white enough for me in anything 1.5ct or under. I looks ivory to me, face up or from the side, even from 5 ft away, but it's pretty...
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    Setting for a marquise cut? Or keep as is?

    north-south will be more flattering to you.
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    Does 'lighter' yellow gold exist or is it due to lighting?
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    Does 'lighter' yellow gold exist or is it due to lighting?

    That's an interesting question. The 14kt yellow gold that is common in the USA is most definitely paler than 18kt. The typical 14kt white gold we have is slightly buttery, not white Both of those have the same proportion of gold, and the alloys change the color. Whiteflash says 14kt yellow...
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    Caption this!

    Well, it has a face. That's the first thing I noticed. lol
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    Caption this!

    Area 51 lurks among us. :mrgreen2:
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    Stuller Illusion Rings

    By the way, those 2 illusion rings could not be more comfortable to wear as daily rings. The broader base of those heads is very stable on the hand. The ring doesn't turn, and it certainly doesn't have anything to gouge your hand with. The metal rim protects the girdle of the stone. The...
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    Stuller Illusion Rings

    You might have seen mine. The one with yellow gold shank is the .75ct size and the white gold one is the 1ct size. No, they don't look exactly like a diamond. But given the choice between wearing that .75ct...
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    my 2 ct rock search If you really want to restrict it to the top tier of cut specs see...
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    Found a diamond for the proposal ring! Any advice?

    A 57% or 58% table will definitely have a larger table facet compared to a 55%. Personally, I like 55%-56% best, although I have a couple diamonds with 58% and 62% tables. Larger table facet might give more glare, and small tables like 55% might show more fire. It all depends on the...
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    Fur Baby Prayers

    So very sorry for your loss, Missy and Greg. You truly have my very deepest sympathy.
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    Fur Baby Prayers

    I am so saddened to read this about your Francesca, Missy. I can't even come up with words. I lost my wonderful red tabby cat unexpectedly in August of 2018 and I still grieve. Every. day. The vets weren't sure what he had, but complications of a cancer like Francesca's seemed likely. I...
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    Engagement ring potential? (New and don’t know a darn thing.)

    I don't know what kind of budget you are working with, but if you like vintage style, has many to choose from. No affiliation.
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    Please Help me with diamond spec!!

    Whiteflash High Performance Diamonds Good Old Gold used to offer the Gemex reports on all their signature H&A diamonds. I don't know if they can still do that or not. But it was very useful to me since it showed the actual character of the fire and brilliance and I could see how much was pin...
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    How have people reacted to your new diamond?

    I meet a lot of those negative people in this weirdazz small town that I currently reside in. Women here get a .25ct or .33ct and a .5ct is considered "big" for an e-ring. And they wear those original rings for-ev-er, for life, with no upgrades. One small town woman even commented to me...
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    For Shame! Trump Orders "USS John S McCain" Hidden.

    I never liked The Donald in the '80s, and age hasn't improved him any. He's still an arsehole.
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    Is it worth it to overpay to get a very specific setting?

    Thank you so much for that great tip about Jabel!
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    Year of the Small Table?

    I've disagreed with your opinions before. It's okay. Really. :lol-2:
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    Not so serious dinnerware (please add them here!)

    We had a couple sets of this Star Trek Pfaltzgraff just for fun back in the day (1993-1994.) My ex got them in the divorce.
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    Opinions please--formal wedding for people who are already married

    ^ I'm in the same camp as that post. I know one couple, old enough to be the OP's parents, who secretly married then had a church ceremony later. Pregnancy might have been the reason. They never told anyone except the couple who eloped with them to be their witnesses. And, yanno, so what??!
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    Is a eye clean 2ct within my budget?

    Eye clean SI2 diamonds have definitely gotten harder to find now compared to the early days of Pricescope. But one big J SI2 that I can recall belongs to Lynn B. She reset it a couple of times. You can...
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    Year of the Small Table?

    To answer the part about the table size vs. looks, I have a Good Old Gold superideal ISEE2 AGS000 signature H&A from back when Jon was still with Good Old Gold. I think it's a 56% table. Then I also have a recut H&A diamond that was done by Brian Gavin and it is a shallower stone with I...