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  1. MeowMeow

    Bindi Irwin’s Lab-Grown Recycled Gold Ring

    Awe that is lovely! I'm happy for her! I think it's cool he chose a lab diamond too. I think this is the first time I heard of someone in the public eye doing this.
  2. MeowMeow

    I said yes to this moissanite engagement ring

    Very pretty! Congratulations!!
  3. MeowMeow

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    Carol of the bells!! Not really a christmas music fan because of working retail when I was still working. But I could listen to that one all the time :D BRB need to listen on repeat now lol
  4. MeowMeow

    Madagascan ruby finally set

    Oh that looks so pretty! What a wonderful ring!! <3<3
  5. MeowMeow

    Setters and Lab Stones

    I don't really know because I usually stick to my 1 or 2 preferred local jewellers instead of using PS approved people. Just my preference. I know Brian Gavin's team seemed willing to do it when I felt them out sometime last year. But I decided to wait and ended up having a local place do it...
  6. MeowMeow

    Do you have a famous relative?

    I think we don't really. But I had a family member who does work on our genealogy say that we are extremely distantly related to Diana the former Princess of Wales. I am still trying to find the link though because I am skeptical! Other than that only part of our family kept decent records...
  7. MeowMeow

    Setters and Lab Stones

    I would check out more local jewellers. I know of 3 near me at least. Maybe 4 who will absolutely set my lab spinel should I choose to use them. I will probably only use the one who made my engagement ring though because even though the prongs aren't PS perfect it has been a mini tank and I...
  8. MeowMeow

    Do you adjust what jewelry you wear...

    Generally no. I pretty much wear the same jewellery all the time unless it's a black tie event or I am going someplace I think is unsafe. I'm sure my jewellery gets plenty of judgement because it's not big enough/stylish enough/whatever enough but I refuse to let that get in the way of me...
  9. MeowMeow

    LAD to close down permanently after year end :-(

    I saw that earlier. I am so sad to hear. I always wanted to purchase from her eventually. :(
  10. MeowMeow

    Fragrance of the Day Thread

    I don't usually wear perfume. But when I do, my favourite is Hypnotic Poison. <3 I could bathe in that stuff quite happily. But I wouldn't because it's so strong.
  11. MeowMeow

    Personal Freedom, personal responsibility and social control.

    I'm a huge fan of laws that help with safety. Like the seatbelts and even am fine with the smoking one because smoke irritates my breathing. But laws like the soda one I find stupid. What's next? Will they start controlling our food intake to "protect" us from ourselves? And I am not even a huge...
  12. MeowMeow

    How many countries have you visited?

    That I remember? 4. The US in a few different states, Cuba, Chile, and Argentina. But I've lived in 6 total including Italy and Germany. If we lived anywhere else I can't remember hearing about it. I would really like to go back to the last two so I can have some memories from those places...
  13. MeowMeow

    Calling Mrs. B

    That is a gorgeous picture!!! I think we need a thread for pictures like this lol
  14. MeowMeow

    Acrylic nails

    I'm pretty sure what I got in the very early 2000's for a couple of years was acrylic and my nails were never ever the same. They are thin and so easily breakable. I have a split on my thumb that's refusing to stop too that I never had prior to using them. I wouldn't touch those things again if...
  15. MeowMeow

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Wow!! That looks amaaazing!! I can't wait to see your pictures when you get it!!
  16. MeowMeow

    Introvert or Extrovert?

  17. MeowMeow

    Interview Series - Tianyu Gems

    Very nice interview! Thanks for letting us read it!
  18. MeowMeow


    Halloween is my favourite over every other holiday. Something about the day just makes me happy lol. And we don't even decorate or trick or treat so it kinda makes no sense that I love it so much. Thanksgiving is a lovely holiday too though! The food <3 and seeing family. I think we will very...
  19. MeowMeow

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Germany. But I live in the midwest for now. Kind of hoping maybe when my husband retires though we can go to Florida though. I miss the sea right next to my face lol.
  20. MeowMeow

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    Ooh very pretty!! I'm so excited to see your ring!! Quick diversion. Are you Canadian? Or in the US? I ask because if you are in the US I'm wondering how it went with customs? Did they charge you any taxes or duty? If they did do you mind sharing how much? I'm asking because I'm super...
  21. MeowMeow

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    I know you're talking to the other poster but once your ring is finished we would love to see it in this thread too since it's a lab stone!
  22. MeowMeow

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    Thank you! :kiss2: <3
  23. MeowMeow

    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    I would pick the in unit laundry. I lived with one bathroom for 4 to 5 people a good chunk of my life. I lived and would do it again. For me not having to go up and down stairs and not having to share a public laundry is a priority. I admit to having some quirks though.
  24. MeowMeow

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    Oof this is hard. If you really forced me to choose I would keep my engagement ring no question. The centre stone belonged to my grandmother. I have a picture but it's very very filtered. What can I say? I am an abuser of filters sometimes lol. Someone should take them away from me.
  25. MeowMeow

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    Congratulations!! I'm glad everyone made it through!! @missy Awe!! That is the cutest card you found!!!
  26. MeowMeow

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    I think in the middle is a great place to be. You still get to have the creature comforts while still making sure the important things are taken care of. You sound like you were very smart with your money. Paying off the property and not having a mortgage for very long sounds like something I...
  27. MeowMeow

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Haha oh believe me. I think I would be much worse about it if my life prior to getting married hadn't been such a cautionary tale. My dad was career enlisted military and as such didn't have a ton of money. But you wouldn't know it from the way my mom shopped. She impulse purchased with the best...
  28. MeowMeow

    prayers/dust would be welcomed

    Oof. Hoping for the best for her!
  29. MeowMeow

    Impulse purchases (not just bling related)

    Sometimes. I really try not to because our budget can't take many impulse purchases. For me when I do, its usually a cheap snack because I've gone to the grocery store starving lmao. This week's impulse buy was golden oreos lol. My husband is worse. He's like oh this looks good. I want that. And...
  30. MeowMeow

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    That's kind of cool. Thanks for sharing that with us! :) I didn't know they did that.