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    My re-set! 4.9 cttw 3-stone antique cushion ring, by Mark T and CVB

    You are seriously the queen of three-stones! Always the right proportions and set at perfect angles! I've loved your cushion in its halo but LOVE the new setting. Without the halo it almost feels like it's a different stone. The facets are now more apparent. I can't believe Mark was able to find...
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    5.4ctw studs!! Erika Winters/Jewels by Grace custom settings

    SERIOUS EARRING GOALS!!! :love::love::love:
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    Would you rather have a second bathroom or in unit laundry?

    Unless your brother plan on having house guest a lot, then definitely the laundry!
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    Help needed - 3.5 to 4 carat radiant or oval

    I vote oval as well! A 4 ct oval will look huge!!
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    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    I love the setting and I LOVE the stone! Congrats on finding this beauty!!!
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    Post your favorite junk food.

    Cake, salt and vinegar chips, dark chocolate :lickout:
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    If you could do it all over again....

    We should have gotten my first e-ring from WF. We would have not lost the several thousand trading in with WF 10 years later. But after several upgrades, plus the trade-in to WF, I finally have my dream round stone. As much as I love my cushion halo, I do regret not getting an EC for my second...
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    Bands galore!

    The Tiffany knife edge band is one of the most affordable items at Tiffany. I would get it just to have that gorgeous Tiffany box. That was my daily set for a few years, until my fingers increased in size and the band stopped fitting. I find that wearing it with my solitaire made the center...
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    About to pull the trigger - 3.01 round / excellent / H /VS1

    This is not a super ideal stone with "top light return". But for a non-super ideal, this is a decent stone with decent light return. Mid 40k is not an steal for a stone this quality, but an average price. But seeing that you are asking on PS, the folks here aren't gonna be happy with this stone...
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    Help with 3ct Upgrade!

    Agree with others here. A well cut 3.01ct round should have an approx diameter of 9.3mm. Also a 36 crown would only work with a 40.6 pav. This stone was purposely cut deep to hit the 3ct mark.
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    Can you remember all your passwords?

    I have some of my passwords digitally saved with partial obfuscation so that someone who gets their hands on them can't tell the actual passwords, but enough in plain text so that I can remember them.
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    What happens to returned Whiteflash diamonds?

    I have no problems with a diamond that's been returned or traded-in. As long as it's re-certified. Don't believe any vendor that tells you they only sell brand new diamonds, this includes Tiffany:P2
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    Whiteflash Slays Classic 6 Prong Solitaire :)

    I first saw the pics and thought you did a quick upgrade cos you found a 2.9. But OMG the blender horror story is just INSANE!! So glad to know that no one drank the ACA smoothie. Your new ring is absolutely gorgeous!! I guess sometimes crazy things happen for a reason;)2
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    Calling all Color Intollerant PSers

    I have to tolerate my two Hs because my bank account won't tolerate anything higher in color. :P2 I'd say G is fairly safe, as most people can tolerate G color.
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    David Koch is Dead

    Was it cos Mr Koch watched last week's Patriot Act? :lol::lol::lol: Sorry , I had to. Karma please don't curse me.:P2
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    Can you write in CURSIVE? be honest now!!

    Haven't written cursive in like 20+ years but just tried it and still remember how!
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    Ladies, Is your E-ring worth more than your hubby's car?

    About the same at the time of purchase. However, I can still trade-in my stone back to WF for full retail but my DH's car is now worth less than half his purchase, should he choose to trade-in. :lol::lol::lol:
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    New New! 6+ ct Old Mine!

    Oh, the faceting on this beauty is magnificent!!! Congrats on the L color grade! Your other ring ain't so bad either ;)2 6cts and a Birkin... *FAINT*
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    Am I the only person who is afraid to enter a high-end boutique store?

    I have not been to those two stores, but will avoid them hearing that you did not receive good service. :evil:
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    Am I the only person who is afraid to enter a high-end boutique store?

    VCA has always been kind regardless how I am dressed. Similar treatment in their stores across different countries (I never pass up a VCA boutique on holidays). Same with Cartier, excellent service. Tiff&Co's engagement ring salespersons was were only enthusiastic when I was ring shopping with...
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    Great news :)

    Oh @mrs-b, I am so happy to hear that you will be alright! I can't imagine how awful it must have been for you up until this point!
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    DD#2 gave birth at work...

    Good thing your DD works at a hospital! Your granddaughter is so precious!!! Congratulations to you and your family!
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    Introducing EVER my 4ever 2.95 MRB ACA I color SI 1

    Fellow 2.9Xer here! Congrats on your fabulous find!!! I love the modfied Legato head! Is it possible to post a side profile of the setting?
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    VCA Obsession

    For a second there I thought the WG solid bracelet had diamonds! It's so shiny!!! I like it more than the gold solid, not that I dislike the gold or anything! I gotta say, a stack of VCAs kicks a stack of Love bracelet's a** any day! :love::love::love:
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    What should the bf say if he really can't afford a $35k E-ring?

    If the window happens to be Tiffany's, then he'll be able to buy pretty much the same darn thing, minus the stamp, for about $20k. :P2
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    Is this proportion considered best for brilliant 2 carat stones

    This is an awesome find! I would take this over the other two ACAs. A depth between 60-61% is not considered "shallow".
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    VCA Obsession

    WOW! You're VCA collection is TDF!!! I especially love the stacked bracelets, casual yet so elegant! Curious, what is the "Missing: new addition"?!!
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    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware!

    I feel sick and helpless just reading these posts. I can't imagine how the folks who are owed stones/rings from ED must feel. I feel bad for the newborn child (if he even has one that is), that has to call this man father. I hope this A**HOLE gets locked for up a VERY VERY VERY long time!
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    Is this proportion considered best for brilliant 2 carat stones

    Both are gorgeous stones so I don't think you can go wrong with either. Pros for the F VS1: it's a 1.9 so you aren't paying for the 2ct "premium". It's also a slightly shallow stone but still with superideal proportions, which means you are getting a extra 0.05-0.1mm for the same carat weight...
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    WF ACA 2.385 I SI1 - Thank you Whiteflash and Pricescope!

    The ACA, new setting head, and height are perfect! I've followed your upgrade journey and this is definitely worth the wait! :love::love::love: