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  1. elliefire99

    Black opal toi et moi by HoW

    Gorgeous! I disappear for a few months, and you have since made the magic happen! Sally did you good :)
  2. elliefire99

    Anyone ever buy from Verma Estate Jewelry/NY?

    Piiiics? :Up_to_something2:
  3. elliefire99

    Opal doublet question

    The colors in the first pendant are gorgeous!
  4. elliefire99

    Just for fun...playing with diamonds!

    =)2 I want this man to come visit me and tell me how fascinating and wonderful my life is... He probably could have sneaked a few stones out in that hair. Pockets or no!
  5. elliefire99

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    An update on heartbreak. They are wholesale only :cry2:. Could contact a designer, but ain't noobody got $$$ for a full project right now.
  6. elliefire99

    Show us your Antique/Vintage and Reproduction Rings!

    Yaaaayyy! It arrived! I feel like I didn't fully appreciate until after the fact how cool the square gemstone halo/target was. You don't see that much. Plus the bright little OEC and some great filigree. Glad it worked out!
  7. elliefire99

    Had a bit of a rough night..... OMG

    Oh no! I also hope your ring is okay..... Is acetone safe on diamonds/gold/plat? Hmmmm... If not, you could maybe try an oil-based cleaner (like goo gone) or just patiently chip it off with your fingernail over time....
  8. elliefire99

    OEC Experts needed

    I hope the auction works out for you! I guess one advantage to being in Europe, where big diamonds and old cuts are less popular is that you will have less competition! If they ship internationally, Ivy and Rose/MyDiamondZone often have a few 2ct-ish diamonds in the $6,000 range...
  9. elliefire99

    Thoughts on Crown Jubilee diamonds?

    Crown Jubilee.... They're fun, but tbh, I kind of hate that they are re-cutting our increasingly limited stock of original OEC and mine cut diamonds. Does anyone have any more information about how they select which diamonds to re-cut? Are the only ones that need such extensive refurbishment...
  10. elliefire99

    She is finished! August Vintage/ David Klass

    Ugh. LOVE. Just clean, bubbly, and gorgeous!
  11. elliefire99

    Marquise/Moval Search

    To be fair, I didn't get a close-up look at the stone (:(2), but from about a foot away the ring was stunning.
  12. elliefire99

    Marquise/Moval Search

    I saw someone try on the JbG ring at the pop up last weekend, and it was BEAUTIFUL! And I'm not a marquise girl.... She was pulling out some nicely-sized loose marquises too, which you may check out/inquire about.
  13. elliefire99

    Anyone going to the Vintage Collective Pop-up in LA Tomorrow? (JBG, the Moonstoned, Sofia Kaman)

    Yay! Enjoy the gemstone halo-y goodness! And that little OEC was so bright!
  14. elliefire99

    The making of: Daisy

    Wow! Look at her. When I saw the photo in the other thread, I didn't even connect her with Daisy. Thought she was a honking yellow diamond! (Guess I've still got Gaga on the brain...) Looking chunky and beautiful! Can't wait to see more.
  15. elliefire99

    Show us your Mrs. Box with your rings!

    Not a Mrs. Box, but yeeeeeee! Sooo cute!
  16. elliefire99

    Dreamer's Reset - Project Thread

    Hello Dreamer! Freshly-minted PSer here, but I have fallen quickly and hard for old cuts of all persuasions. Three stone? Yellow gold? Bog women and the Eagles? This seems like just my kind of thread :) No recommendations here that are different from what has been mentioned previously, though...
  17. elliefire99

    Meal Delivery Services?

    I don't even know what heb is :whistle::whistle::whistle: Livin in my cali bubble. Not sure if you are looking only for meal kits only, but I just did an interview with the CEO of Veestro, which seemed interesting, if your family won't riot at the fact that it's plant-based haha You don't...
  18. elliefire99

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    Hehe. I knew you were going to love this one ;) And silly me! How could I forget the all-important link! It's at Perpetuum Jewels. Found while bling browsing instead of working, whoops. Didn't even want to inquire about price bc I know it is out of budget and will break my heart...
  19. elliefire99

    Somebody's Gotta Buy This Stone!

    Soooo.... I know this is a diamond (but technically a colored diamond?), but I needed to post this somewhere and drool for a sec. *sigh* It has been deemed a "poval" and my heart loves it.
  20. elliefire99

    How much are you paying for your designs?

    @lovedogs When you worked with jewelryhoo, did you send them a stone, or was it all theirs?
  21. elliefire99

    #JOTW My New Emerald Cut 3 Stone!!

    How did I miss this! What a stunner. The proportions are just perfect, and I have always loved how classy emerald cuts look in big sizes. I agree that the plain band really lets that baby shine, but the sparkles are good to! Enjoy your new wall of bling! (And happy anniversary!)
  22. elliefire99

    Anyone going to the Vintage Collective Pop-up in LA Tomorrow? (JBG, the Moonstoned, Sofia Kaman)

    A pleasure to meet you too! And glad our wallets have survived another day ;)2 Just realized I forgot to take photos. Sorry everyone!
  23. elliefire99

    Anyone going to the Vintage Collective Pop-up in LA Tomorrow? (JBG, the Moonstoned, Sofia Kaman)

    Such beautiful ladies! The event is cute! Just a few cases. I'll be sure to say hi if I see you pop in :)
  24. elliefire99

    How old is this golden ring?

    Hello and welcome! Not an antique/vintage jewelry expert by any means, but that sure is a cool ring! Love all the detail. Definitely agree that it looks a lot like a button conversion... Hopefully some of the experts can chime in!
  25. elliefire99

    Input on vintage ring (and Stone)

    It's a fun, chunky diamond, and a nice solid ring, but for $1300 at that carat weight I would pass.
  26. elliefire99

    Anyone going to the Vintage Collective Pop-up in LA Tomorrow? (JBG, the Moonstoned, Sofia Kaman)

    Ayyy! Coming all the way up from San Clemente. You have one great sister! Realistically, I probably won't be there until the afternoon either. Haha
  27. elliefire99

    The making of: Birdie

    Ahhhh! Can't wait to see this. So so cool. And that blue is just stunning. Open culets, blue, movals, three stones, creative many great things. Also the kind of involved project that can keep you busy for quite some time. Never a bad thing! Can't wait to see it all together...