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    Help Needed on this ASET

    No concern.
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    Opinion Idealscope image

    Interesting stone, small table high crown low pavilion.?
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    Technical questions regarding hearts pattern

    H&A =/= light performance. If you are buying from these vendors, I wouldn't over analyse the pictures, because a slight misalignment in the photo (very common) will make the hearts look off, unless you can identify an axis for the tilt. Go for the diamond that has the best bang for buck for...
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    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    @the_mother_thing seems I was presumptuous about your presumption! Regarding premium for super ideal, I don't think this story is relevant. The super ideal premium is largely due to cut and weight sacrifice, polish is probably the least visually significant contributor, especially anything as...
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    Serious and quick help needed on WF ACA pick

    Stone looks great. Only thing I would mention is I would drop the clarity and get a bigger carat, or pay less for a similar size. VVS2 is not necessary for eye clean
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    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    I think that's presumptuous, I see no photos of diamond hitting crown, just two rings secured with a 3 finger grip, carefully aligned to face up to the camera. If none of this happened, no one would have taken issue with those photos saying, irresponsible handling of rings and hindsight is...
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    How does a crown facet get damaged?

    @Karl_K on a single isolated crown facet (with excellent polsh), would you think repolishing could take a diamond from 2.061 to sub 2, or unlikely (to make the polish ideal)? Of course that is the big elephant in the room really. Otherwise it's just the cost of repolishing and sending to AGS...
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    Thoughts on a diamond - SI1 eyeclean?

    Those inclusions are very likely to be eye clean,I say this without looking at the certificate. The ASET shows some digging. Although it passes idealscope test (picture is tilted and over bright backlight) you have better options than the 1.24G
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    Gemological Institute of Europe

    Funnily enough the very first stone I considered was a GIE stone and the store never expressed it was clarity enhanced.
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    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    I certainly agree with this, and yes the thread was posted very soon in the process. The bottom line is, BGD dished out drama and they got drama back. If you're going to use accusatory language with your customer based on no facts, it's going to invoke an inflammatory reaction. BGDs response...
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    Any idea why the 25% premium on the BGD stone?

    The stone in comparison has a much moremflexible upgrade policy. Glad you've had very pleasant experiences, others haven't, if it's not in writing, word of mouth means very little. The upgrade policy becomes increasingly restrictive the higher the specs of the original stone. OP is pretty much...
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    Any idea why the 25% premium on the BGD stone?

    Different business models. This is the BG "black" line which is supposed to be their finest cut. Short answer, get the cheaper one. Nothing between them worth 25%. If they were the same price, there is no winner, from the data available. Additionally WF has a better upgrade policy.
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    Thoughts on a diamond - SI1 eyeclean?

    They look like small crystals clustered together, without any being big enough to an issue. They also appear reasonably transparent. Looks like a great stone. If this is from JA, they should be able to inspect it prior to shipping
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    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    Shocking. Reminds me of my wedding day, the lady said I know we agreed a price but this cake is worth £100 more than agreed and you can't have it unless you pay!
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    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    If the box was never opened and HPD have photos just prepostage, it proves 'filthy and marked up' are complete exaggerations from BGD. Wanting to send to AGS, is in my opinion extreme, but if it is due process, it should be explained that these costs may be incurred. If it is based on the...
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    No phantom of cheating on cut any more? We seek your input.Part2

    Hey Serg, your performance parameter does not continue to improve as carat size reduces beyond the 1.02, so based on the performance parameter, there is little reason to go smaller than 1.02. Is there a performance factor that isn't measured by your performance parameter to justify going below...
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    How's your color eye?

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    Opinion on 1.4c G 3EX SI2 GIA diamond

    If you've seen in person and you're happy with the clarity, looks like a good bang for buck diamond. Be advised clouds and clarity issues are much more visible in a dirty diamond after some wear, and far less visible in the halogen fuelled lighting of the jewellery store. Ensure you have a good...
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    VS2 stone with a carbon spot, will it be eyeclean?

    Are you happy with the cut? Looks to have a shallower crown/ high pav combo.
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    VS1 or eye clean SI1?

    For me always eye clean lower clarity. I cannot for the life of me understand the need for vs1. Shop smart!
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    Advice for the Purist..D IF or D VVS1?

    Doesn't get better! How do you think it performs?
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    Owners of Brian Gavin Black? Has anyone seen them?

    More expensive with worse upgrade policy than competitors. Little reason to go ahead with BG Black. Occasionally they run significant discounts on their diamonds.
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    By the Numbers ... Visual Differences in MRB specs

    That's not the only difference, the diamond on the right has a larger table, larger table reflection, probably slightly steeper pavillion/ shallower crown combo to the one on the left. It may have slightly different personality because of those things, rather than the LGF.
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    By the Numbers ... Visual Differences in MRB specs

    76 slightly fatter arrows, slightly bolder flashes.
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    UK Stock of IDEAL / ASET Scope?

    Not as far as I know. I bought mine from AGS labs.
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    Advice for the Purist..D IF or D VVS1?

    You cannot decide on proportions alone. They both work. Those are averages and are no indication of the quality of cut. If you are a purist, then you can surely appreciate the precise and symmetrical cut of the CBI. The VVS1 feathers are not an issue, they never will be, but only in your head...
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    Got a little upgrade ... but what’s this inclusion?

    I think you're being uptight about the packaging, the vendor did a great job.
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    Which of the 2 diamonds is better? WF vs BGD

    Not quite, that suggests that increased price and carat and you can upgrade. But it's actually: "ALL upgrades need to include two of the three following variables - size, color and clarity, additional charges may apply at time of upgrade." That may be fine for the first upgrade but will become...
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    a heart broken experience with Blue Nile, please help

    I'm not sure your insight is accurate based on the experience of one coworker and your own personal experience. Search the forums, there are decades of threads with both positive and negative experiences with premium stores like Tiffanys and more budget friendly options. Those threads will have...
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    a heart broken experience with Blue Nile, please help

    I resized my wife's ering and wedding band (50 percent pave) from a J to an H1/4 (about the same you are trying to change). It certainly thinned the band at the bottom and put the ring out of round as to not compromise the pave section, but two years on it's holding well. It's a risk I was...