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  1. apacherose

    Marquise Engagement Ring Upgrade

    Wow!!! Congratulations on a beautiful and unique set! Your jeweler created a gorgeous ring, love the low profile and the well placed and formed prongs!!!! The chevron bands are beautiful as well!!! Do they nest in each other? Could you stack them together? Beautiful!!!
  2. apacherose

    Why PS is dangerous

    VERY lovely diamond!!!! Enjoy that gorgeous floral sparkle bomb on your finger!
  3. apacherose

    Antique Cluster Ring = Downgrade of my dreams!

    Ouuuuuuuhhhhh mamma! Where are my socks- they just got knocked off! Gosh, Tourmaline, now, I really loved your solitaire. But you did a few resets with that lovely gal, right? Isn't it funny how we can evolve and grow and know more about what we like as time goes by? I am so happy you just...
  4. apacherose

    In love with my heart shaped ring!

    Just romantic and gorgeous and classic!
  5. apacherose

    The 5+ carat ring thread.

  6. apacherose

    The 5+ carat ring thread.

    Spectacular in every way. :lickout:
  7. apacherose

    My right hand ring

    Beautifully organic! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. apacherose

    #TBT My Romantic Rose Gold Wedding Set

    Wow, thanks! I still love this set and am grateful to have it! I wear all my things, but this set is my go-to.
  9. apacherose

    Another beautiful eternity from IDJ!

    Yummy!!! :kiss2: Congratulations and thanks for sharing!!!
  10. apacherose

    My re-set! 4.9 cttw 3-stone antique cushion ring, by Mark T and CVB

    Whelp, this is pretty much nirvana. This ring is beyond amazing in every way, and, while I know I don't "know" you, this ring seems so totally "you" to me. I have always thought your cushion was tdf, and love the gorgeous cushions sides- how perfect!!! Love every detail. Looks amazing...
  11. apacherose

    MY DH JUST surprised me with this!!!

    Lovely! You must be over the moon!! I love that color.
  12. apacherose

    WF’s ‘A Cut Above’ Service with my not-so-typical upgrade

    What is not to looove??? I love your diamond, the setting, the story, everything!!! Just beautiful in every way! Congratuations!!!
  13. apacherose

    Aquamarine in Platinum Art Deco Halo

    What a gorgeous ring. The aqua is beautiful- love the cut. And the workmanship of the ring is truly impressive. Thank you for sharing.
  14. apacherose

    Say hello to Eleanor!

    It was originally mochico’s. I am lucky and grateful to have her- it is a ring I truly enjoy.
  15. apacherose

    OWD + CVB: Modified Chloe E-Ring (Videos & CADs... The wait begins!!)

    Oh my! This is going to be a beauty!!! Love your diamond, her stats- yummy teeny tiny table and good spread... lovely faceting- and the Chloe in gold- delicious!!! I can hardly wait you must be a mess, lol!!!
  16. apacherose

    OMG! Three vendors come together for stud earrings and cushion jackets

    Totally gorgeous. These are lovely and versatile. They look fab on your ear. I fully support this choice, lol,my earring jackets have been one of my all time best purchases. Love your sapphire ensemble :kiss2:
  17. apacherose

    Introducing "Dainty" my new(ish) CBI

    What a gorgeous ring!! And on your hand- swoon! Your Dainty is a fireball, what a stunning stone, thank you for sharing!! Would take more pics and videos- they are gorgeous!
  18. apacherose

    Say hello to Eleanor!

    I completely understand. My emerald is similar to yours (told you I am a goner for that stone, lol) And, in photos there is more blue than my eyes perceive irl. I suspected yours might be pulling the same trick. Gorgeous! Looks great on your hand, as well.
  19. apacherose

    Say hello to Eleanor!

    Ugh! Love her with all that verdant greenery backdrop! Is she photographing true to color? Completely gorgeous.
  20. apacherose

    #JOTW My Divine Miss "M" from OldWorldDiamonds

    Utterly gorgeous. A beautiful, luminous stone with floral and lively faceting- and the setting is perfection. Love the band you chose to go with. Thanks for sharing.
  21. apacherose

    Show me your AVC/AVOEC diamonds!

    Second this!!! Pretty please with diamonds on top!!!
  22. apacherose

    Say hello to Eleanor!

    Killer, just killer emerald. The ring is perfect. Congratulations!!!
  23. apacherose

    My ACA DK 20th Anniversary Ring

    Ouuuhhhh!!!!! Love your ring!!!! The profile is delish, and all the elements are so visually cool. I just love what a substantial and versatile piece you have! I adore octagonal creations, and the way you combined it with the mixed metals and halo is really exciting!!! I would love love more...
  24. apacherose

    My new OMC cluster necklace and earrings!

    Wow, you really have a beautiful set!!! Love these, the dangles and the pendant- great chain- what a great set, I wish I had similar!!! Congratulations, enjoy!
  25. apacherose

    Show me your engraving!

    Ya got a thread on this set? It's gorgeous!!!
  26. apacherose

    The dream team - Mrs-B's completed earring collection.

    THE. BEST. EARRING. COLLECTION. OF. ALL. TIME. I love them alll!!!!!!
  27. apacherose

    My cuff is here!!!

    Very cool piece! Love the finishes, design, and diamond!!! Congratulations!
  28. apacherose

    #JOTW Gold bangle with a special diamond...

    This is such a touching story and sentimental piece. I love that you created such a modern classic and that you can wear this bangle with everything. Well done! That diamond is super pretty and how cool that it came back with such great stats!
  29. apacherose

    #JOTW Paraiba in Rose-cut Halo

    What an incredible beauty you have there! Love all the photos! what a stunning ring!
  30. apacherose

    My beautiful new Whiteflash ACA pendant!

    Soooooo pretty! You sure know how to pick them! What a knockout collection. Just stunning! I love it! On the upgrade question maybe just enjoy as is and upgrade if you ever get the itch! It looks like a sizeable and sparkly pendant!