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  1. crystalinmke

    Design phase : 7.7ct yellow sapphire

    Omg that purple sapphire is stunning! What are your plans for it? i love the metal too, can't wait to see final pictures with the yellow in it!
  2. crystalinmke

    Mrs. Box Single or Double?

    i have an original (made with the vintage velvet) mrs box and i'll say that im not terribly in love with the quality. the seams are not perfectly aligned, its a little small, the lid was very loose, and it just seems less well put together than the generic velvet box that i have that i got with...
  3. crystalinmke

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    oooohhh its gorgeous! it would look beautiful in any setting but i'd put it in a ring if i were you so you could admire the cut lol. i'd love more pics!
  4. crystalinmke

    You can only have ONE ring, which one would you keep?

    I don't have many rings but i do think i found the ring to rule them all with my most recent purchase. for many years probably since 2014ish, i admired the work of an etsy goldsmith named jenny kim. her work took my breath away! beautiful floral designs in rich colored metals, she sculpted each...
  5. crystalinmke

    Asymmetric Opal and Diamond Stud Earrings

    wont lie, these make me wanna pierce my ears again. they are GORGEOUS and i love the opals especially in the rose gold.
  6. crystalinmke

    Got my 1st AVC (0.92 M VS1) Would love to see others 1ct & below AVCs!

    One of my favorite rings ever on pricescope is an AVC that is just a hint over one carat at 1.01. it belongs to @acaw2015! heres the thread on it i feel like this is such a beautiful size for a diamond...
  7. crystalinmke

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    he doesn't have any lab pads currently. if you sign up for his newsletter, he sends out emails for when he uploads new gemstones onto his website. however his stones go reeeealllly quickly (like within minutes sometimes lol) and i'm not sure when he'll have a lab pad next. might be worth a shot...
  8. crystalinmke

    Stack of the Day with Moissy! Share yours!

    is that an AVOEC moissanite? do you have a thread on this ring? i love that hexagon setting and would love to see more pictures, particularly of the side of the ring.
  9. crystalinmke

    Last two ring projects

    did you get any updates on the sapphire? the setting looks beautiful imo but yes i guess i can see how it looks more "starry" than "flowery". it looks different from the CADs but i can't really put my finger on how. hopefully you love it anyway!
  10. crystalinmke

    Please share your ruby rings!

    this is an 8mm lab ruby that i purchase from a PSer. it was purchased from precision gem. it is the perfect red imo! i'd definitely look into contacting gene. i purchased this preloved but i dont think there is any harm in contacting gene and seeing what he could get or cut for you. it is the...
  11. crystalinmke

    Setting ideas for an 8mm ruby?

    hi! so i got an 8mm precision gem ruby from a fellow PSer several months ago. it was a total steal and definitely my holy grail ruby, gorgeous size and stuuuunning color. i graduated from university recently and have been trying to find work so i don't have many funds to put towards this just...
  12. crystalinmke

    Colored gem beauties (lab-created)

    WOW this color is perfect! i always miss his drops and haven't been able to get a lab pad from him but these photos are stunners. how do you plan to set it??
  13. crystalinmke

    7 new rings and a panda

    i would love to see more pics and get more info on the ring with the red stone! i love the setting.
  14. crystalinmke

    Ok now it’s setting time...sapphire part 2 opinions please

    did you design the basket? its absolutely gorgeous! i am not a CAD expert at all but i love the design!
  15. crystalinmke

    Help With Choosing A Setting

    well if validation is what you need, i'll give it to you! i think the original setting you designed is gorgeous and very well thought out and would look wonderful with the stone sizes + the unplated white gold. in my opinion, three stone settings are probably one of the harder types of settings...
  16. crystalinmke

    Help With Choosing A Setting

    someone recently had a beautiful three stone made along the lines of the lines of those vintage "crown"-y settings, done with David Klass. i don't think H&As would look out of place at all but i will link the thread so you can see how DK executed that design, its one of my favorite PS rings...
  17. crystalinmke

    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware!

    I don't think shes saying to not look for an inscription. I think what diamondseeker2006 meant was that *if* the diamond doesn't have an inscription, it does not mean that there is something inherently wrong with the diamond, since that is what the original commenter was worried about.
  18. crystalinmke

    Golden South Sea pearls with diamonds drop earrings

    i saw this thread last night and stayed up for hours looking for pearl drop earrings lol. they are gorgeous!
  19. crystalinmke

    Gene's newest stones (precision gem)

    Maybe try and upload it to another site like youtube or streamable? that blue sapphire looks stunning! i imght email him for this video to see it in action.
  20. crystalinmke

    WARNING! Enchanted Diamonds Scam! Buyers Beware! here is the link to the instagram. it is still up but most of their recent posts have comments disabled. older ones have them open. i guess theyre just disabling the posts with lots of controversial comments. if you have an account on instagram and are...
  21. crystalinmke

    A sapphire halo ring

    hey dont worry, we love sapphires of all colors! i like grassy green sapphires with yellow in them which i have seen considered as "not ideal" here but i still adore the color and am on the hunt for one. your ring is beautiful and congrats on your growing family. i'm sure your daughter will...
  22. crystalinmke

    Gemfix Purple Sapphire in CvB Cora Setting

    this sapphire was on my wish list but alas i dont have the funds. i was sad when it sold because i thought i'd never see it again! im so happy a PSer got it. its soo gorgeous, congrats! more pictures!
  23. crystalinmke

    Help! Finger Muffin top

    this is something thats bound to happen based on finger shape i think. i have tapered fingers with small knuckles so the only way for the ring to fit is to actually be fitted to the bottom of my finger, since there won't be a knuckle for it to catch on to prevent from falling off? i just kinda...
  24. crystalinmke

    Forced to please. david klass has a bunch of really nice, well priced gold bands. some thin enough that you could keep it on all the time too.
  25. crystalinmke

    Three-stone Flower Engagement Ring [August Vintage Review]

    i'd love more pictures, especially of the floral gallery/basket! it is so gorgeous and well executed. congrats (:
  26. crystalinmke

    Which Tiffany bracelet would you choose for everyday?

    i personally prefer the olive branch. really chic and delicate.
  27. crystalinmke

    Srsly, I new ring like...

    i love this design! so minimalist and chic, cant wait for the pics!
  28. crystalinmke

    3-stone ring Girls - are you out there?

    oh i would love to see more pictures or a thread! i think the proportions of this are just perfect. is it set in yellow gold? this is making me itch for an OEC three stone....
  29. crystalinmke

    Solitaire Setting - Rose or White Gold?

    wow! i love this set. do you have a thread on this? its gorgeous.
  30. crystalinmke

    My CvB Spring Gulch indulgence - a hairpin for spring

    i keep coming back to look at this thread, its so gorgeous and luxurious! maybe you'll start a hairpin trend lol because now i want one.