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    Antique Cluster Ring = Downgrade of my dreams!

    Thank you for the pictures @Tourmaline I could look at this beauty all day!!!
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    Antique Cluster Ring = Downgrade of my dreams!

    PERFECTION!!!! Congratulations @Tourmaline. Please post more pictures!
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    I said yes to this moissanite engagement ring

    It’s beautiful!! Congratulations on your engagement. Enjoy this happy time in your life.
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    I’m behind about 1/2 hour on the hearings and am already tired of listening to Nunes act like this is a joke but have to admit loved listening to him list Trump’s crimes. Did Nunes listen to any of the testimony given yesterday?
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    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    @Mamabean, Bailey sounds exactly like my furbaby. She follows me everywhere too. It’s one of my many favorite things about her. If I am upset she knows and doesn’t leave my side. She is so comforting.
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    It’s sad that you fail to see the larger picture @Dancing Fire .
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    They read the Trump tweet directed at Jennifer Williams this morning at the hearing. It will be interesting to see if Trump tries to bully and intimidate other witnesses. Vindman and Williams handled themselves very well this morning.
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    Do you adjust what jewelry you wear...

    I wear jewelry around two close friends who also love and wear jewelry. Around others, I wear very little jewelry. It’s kind of dumb on my part because I don’t think most people notice jewelry. Everyone spends money on things they enjoy. People talk about their vacations and expensive...
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    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    @Mamabean, I feel the same way about our furbaby Joanne and dread the emptiness we will feel when she is gone. They bring so much love and joy to our lives and have a magical way of making terribly difficult times bearable.
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    Random pictures/stories of our furbabies

    @Austina, What a lovely moving tribute to sweet Dottie. I’m so sorry for you pain and loss.
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    @Matata , Her name is Elise Stefanik. Her opponent Tedra Cobb raised a million dollars this weekend.
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    @the_mother_thing , The testimony has been compelling against Trump. If Gordon Sondland’s testimony is in agreement with what Bill Taylor, George Kent, Jennifer Williams and Fiona Hill have testified to, will that change your opinion? I’m trying to figure out what it will take to change...
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    Have You Watched The House Impeachment Hearings? If So, What Do You Think?

    Does anyone wonder if Trump will resign stating health reasons? He spent this afternoon at Walter Reed supposedly having a portion of his annual exam. He just had his annual exam in February of this year. We all saw a true patriot yesterday and a President who tried to bully and...
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    #JOTW I have a confession to make-- I’ve been a very "paaad" girl! Thanks to The Gemstone Project’s ElleW…

    I’ve always loved this ring in your avatar. It looks even more beautiful on your hand. Quite a few of us here are IN LOVE with your ring. It’s one of my Pricescope favorites. It was fun reading your story.
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    Poll: What's the better buy?

    Studs also never go out of style. They look great with jeans and a t-shirt or a cocktail dress. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a beautiful pair of studs.
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    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    @Catmom, I can’t wait to show the picture of your quilt to my mom when I see her this weekend. She doesn’t quilt but loves them. I hope you don’t mind me printing a picture of it for my mom and her cousin to see. They are in their 80’s. This kind of stuff brings them joy. I can hear her...
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    The Christmas decorations thread, 2019!

    @Catmom Your work is beautiful. These are the gifts that can never be replaced. I’m sure your daughter’s cherish them. They are labors of love. @Gussie , Your home is beautiful.
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    School Shooting At Santa Clarita High School

    I’m sorry that any child or parent even has to think about this @Gussie. Every adult should google Generation Lockdown March For Our Lives Commercial. If I knew how to paste a link I would have posted this. The commercial drives home what we are knowingly putting our children thru by not...
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    Acrylic nails

    @AprilBaby , The main reason I started getting acrylic nails was my own nails are very thin and would split and break really far down on my nail bed. If your nails aren’t too bad after having them removed, my guess is you are lucky and have good nails. My nails have always looked terrible...
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    Feral kitty shelter!

    @soxfan, You have made some feral kitties life a little easier. It sure looks warm and cozy.
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    What do you think of this Diamond for an engagement ring

    If @mrs-b picked it out, I have little doubt you will love the stone. All the Pricescoper’s can attest to her impeccable taste!
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    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    I hope watching the little one lifts your spirits @AprilBaby. I think many of us in the Chicagoland area can agree we are having some weird weather. Hopefully since our winter started so early this year, spring will also be early. A girl can hope! How have you been feeling @Bonfire?
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    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    I’m so glad the brunch was a success and everyone had a good time. I had to laugh about your comment about Thanksgiving. I just made a reservation formThanksgiving. My SIL made dinner last year and it’s never fun for her so hopefully everyone will be happy with the going out to dinner. My...
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    Money, power or fame...

    Money. I love my seemingly boring life.
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    New Project: 2ct Oval Semi-Bezel Ring

    Your stone is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the finished ring. What a fun project.
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    Menu suggestions for brunch menu...Please?

    I hope everything goes smoothly with the brunch prep and you can relax. Often times we drive ourselves crazy with wanting everything to be perfect. Please don’t fall into that trap. Enjoy the day with the people you love. You are making great memories for people and that is what is most...
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    Advice for vintage ring options

    @StephanieLynn , You are truly a sweetheart. Pricescope is lucky to have you.
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    Yummy vanilla 1.93ct R AVC

    WOW. Your ring is gorgeous @Chasiu !!!
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    Name one thing you love about being older

    Oh @Scandinavian , You always make me laugh and I’m thrilled you share the pictures of your jewelry. it’s so much fun to see new pieces you acquire and get to share in your joy! I’m so glad you are here!