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  1. Queenie60

    Please share your favorite holiday song

    "Santa Baby" - my hubby gets a kick out of listening to me singing this song to him!!!
  2. Queenie60

    Antique Cluster Ring = Downgrade of my dreams!

    Beautiful - I've always wanted a cluster ring. Your ring is the most beautiful cluster I've ever seen. Congratulations, great choice.
  3. Queenie60

    Help with diamond huggies

    Yes, I have purchased a few bracelets, earrings and gifts from them. Always beautiful and well made.
  4. Queenie60

    Are you resilient?

    Life is good, every day! Yes to both,
  5. Queenie60

    Help with diamond huggies These are nice huggies. And I know that they use high quality stones. Just a thought.
  6. Queenie60

    In love with my heart shaped ring!

    Beautiful - I love hearts and hope to own one someday!
  7. Queenie60

    Name your favorite sad song.

    Let's just kiss and say goodbye -The Manhattans
  8. Queenie60

    Poll: What's the better buy?

    I would buy the studs - classic and timeless. And in the future, you could get earring jackets to bling them up. The circle design is a bit trendy in my opinion and you could be tired of them after a while.
  9. Queenie60

    Buzzzz...opal and rose cut diamond brooch/pendant

    Great piece! Enjoy wearing it - there's a home for every blingy piece!
  10. Queenie60

    4 Carat Art Deco Sapphire and Diamond Ring

    You ring is beautiful. And wishing Dixie eternal life in Doggy Heaven! I'm sorry for your loss.
  11. Queenie60

    Marble countertops etched

    @Gussie - I have marble and granite throughout my home. A marble refinishing person can come to your home and re-polish the stone, remove stains and make it look like new again. I have this done every two years. It is expensive but worth it to maintain the beauty of your natural stone. And...
  12. Queenie60

    Re-stock fees?

    @kenny - I don't think @Rockdiamond is being disingenuous at all, simply asking consumers how they feel about restocking fees vs raising prices. I'm sorry that you have such harsh feelings toward him, I have personally met David and he is very fair and willing to work with the consumer.
  13. Queenie60

    Re-stock fees?

    @Rockdiamond and @jordyonbass - as small business owners I hope you can find a solution to this dilemma. I have purchased from the both of you and find you to be very honest and easy to work with. I am sorry that there are a few who feel you're being deceitful. I would suggest a small price...
  14. Queenie60

    What is the oldest electronic/appliance you own?

    My cuisinart food processor - 31 years!
  15. Queenie60

    Opinions on these fancy yellow elongated cushions?

    Agree with the others - contact David @Rockdiamond - Diamonds by Lauren. He has a great eye for colored stones and has some beauties! Good luck to you.
  16. Queenie60

    Update on my new refurbished ring *pics*

    Love the simplicity - it's lovely
  17. Queenie60

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    Hello @tyty333 - my pendant is a 1 carat stone set in platinum double bezel. Maybe the weight of the platinum keeps it from flipping?
  18. Queenie60

    diamond half eternity band for my birthday!

    Beautiful ring. Looks great on your lovely hands. Enjoy and Happy Birthday.
  19. Queenie60

    Shorter and colder days make me feel sad

    I go with the flow. More household chores due to the short days. My home is more organized!
  20. Queenie60

    Money, power or fame...

    Money! Don't need power or fame, I prefer to enjoy life under the radar.
  21. Queenie60

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    My fixed pendant seems to stay in place.
  22. Queenie60

    Another beautiful eternity from IDJ!

    Very nice. @Yekutiel makes lovely bling!
  23. Queenie60

    Bezel Pendant Help!

    I would suggest you contact Yekutiel at ID Jewelry, tell him you are from PriceScope. He can help you to find a lovely bezeled pendant. Also, David at Diamonds by Lauren has some great stones and could make something for you. Good luck!
  24. Queenie60

    Engagement Ring - Antique Old Mine Cut - DFW

    May I suggest that if you do make the trip to NYC reach out to @Rockdiamond at Diamonds By Lauren. He has many stones and a great eye. Good luck.
  25. Queenie60

    My upgrade is here!

    Very beautiful. Congratulations on your upgrade.
  26. Queenie60

    Where were you born and where do you live now

    Born and raised in Silicon Valley - still here!
  27. Queenie60

    .30 cttw diamond stud earrings

    I would suggest Whiteflash as they have a great trade up policy. And you will receive a very sparkly pair.
  28. Queenie60

    Yo bakers, parchment paper or those new silicon mats?

    Have had the mats for 5+++ years. They're good for baking cookies. However, I use parchment paper for baking cakes. I use both! Depends upon what I am making.
  29. Queenie60

    Name one thing you love about being older

    Wisdom, confidence, the ability to say what I think and of course, tactfully! Discretionary income and knowing what I like to purchase! And most of all, I am at peace with who I am and what I am doing. The appreciation of sharing an experience with someone I care about, for instance...