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  1. vintageloves

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    I guess I have a very different viewpoint. I'm super uncomfortable with the way this board basically seems to exist to funnel business to its tradespeople. I almost had my engagement stone needlessly "recut" because of this kind of pressure funnel. I've had enough bad experience and shoddy...
  2. vintageloves

    Help: Advice needed. Brian Gavin Diamonds holding onto Refund

    If it's such a trial, I would assume they are free to disassociate themselves from PS. I would actually post on PS much more if there were no "preferred vendors."
  3. vintageloves

    What else are you all into?

    I'm currently in the middle of remodeling a house while being determined to spend almost no money. I can find the cheapest cutest stuff you can imagine. It's my hidden talent. I love cats, all other animals, photography (I make money selling them on Shutterstock), books, writing, handbags, and...
  4. vintageloves

    Who are the top democratic presidential candidates for 2020?

    I'm backing Buttigieg right now. I'm worried Warren or Sanders will win because I hate them both with a burning passion. Leave my health insurance alone, thank you.
  5. vintageloves

    What should the bf say if he really can't afford a $35k E-ring?

    I'm sure my dream e-ring is 35K, too. That doesn't mean I actually expect to ever have that. There's nothing wrong with window shopping and dreaming.
  6. vintageloves

    Do you love the lightbox new blue?? I do!

    To each their own. I prefer the baby blue/aqua color of the piece I have. I would be very interested to see a photo if anyone orders this.
  7. vintageloves

    Ladies, if you were to upgrade your diamond(s) would you tell your DH beforehand?

    This. Except I've also made him proofread my fanfic. My husband knows our networth down to the penny and he updates every week. I couldn't exactly sneak a purchase past him. I also like consulting him. If I'm going to make a big purchase, I want his opinion. The upside of this for him is that I...
  8. vintageloves

    Vent: Am I Crazy or Is Whiteflash Pulling One Over?

    I hope so, because you'd probably need the extra metal to hold up all that rock! Wowzas.
  9. vintageloves

    Vent: Am I Crazy or Is Whiteflash Pulling One Over?

    I consider both this and a refund to be a good enough outcome for me! Thank you! And I'm absolutely NOT trying to get anyone in trouble. I'm sure there was some miscommunication in there going between me, my husband, and then the rep.
  10. vintageloves

    Vent: Am I Crazy or Is Whiteflash Pulling One Over?

    It's good to know I'm not crazy! It does fit but it's tight. My experience with bangles is usually they are too big, so we did contact them before purchase and we're told it would be 2x2.5. I have bangles that size, so I was cool with it. It's also a little awkward to wear because if you notice...
  11. vintageloves

    Vent: Am I Crazy or Is Whiteflash Pulling One Over?

    This is the bangle we purchased from Whiteflash. It is supposed to be 2.5 inches wide on the inside. We confirmed this before and after the purchase. It's about 2.25. When my husband contacted them, they were very rude and wouldn't believe him. It was a shock to him, because he'd dealt with that...
  12. vintageloves

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I got my whiteflash bangle! Unfortunately, it's not the size they said it would be, it's not 2.5 wide. Now it has to go back. My husband felt like they were accusing him of lying. They didn't apologize or offer to send us a new on in exchange. The workmanship is not, imo, good. It's a wonky...
  13. vintageloves

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    Lol, I was going to respond to your pic to say I adore the three stone! It's my favorite of them. So pretty.
  14. vintageloves

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I just got the whiteflash by the yard bracelet. It's nice and casual, but the diamonds are constantly flipping over. So I was thinking of getting a 2 carat bangle to compliment it. I go back and forth between 2 and 2.5 carats.
  15. vintageloves

    Lightbox has a countdown

    That's a shame. That website is glitchy af. Maybe try again? They don't appear to be listed as sold out even now. The pink baguette is my favorite out of all of them. Hope you're able to get it (and come back and show it off)!
  16. vintageloves

    Lightbox has a countdown

    Shucks, frogplus, you beat me to it! They're not my style and the $300 for a 10kt setting seems a bit much. I'd rather have a silver setting and save the $200 for a piece that will look super dated in such a short time. LOL at them being "low stock" the second they hit the site, though. I guess...
  17. vintageloves

    Are lab grown diamonds more enviro friendly?

    Your post is kind of incomprehensible gibberish, and I'm not sure what your point is. I suppose I have no choice but to continue to make my own choices on what I consume and what industries I support.
  18. vintageloves

    Are lab grown diamonds more enviro friendly?

    Next week's article: "Do Lab Created Diamonds Contribute to the Starvation of Third World Child Laborers?" Next month's article: "Do Lab Created Diamonds Made by Power of Renewable Energy Contribute to Bird Genocide?" Next year's article: "How Come None of This Is Working?"
  19. vintageloves

    HCA Score 6 :(

    She said she's happy with her stone 70% of the time and really loves it. And it's her engagement stone. How is suggesting that maybe she doesn't need to spend hundreds or more extra having it recut not useful? It's another perspective. That's useful. The best decision I made jewelry wise was...
  20. vintageloves

    Salt and pepper 2.7 caret, propose this week!

    That setting is so beautiful! There are vintage pearl e-rings sitting in antique shops proving that a delicate ring can still last if well cared for, and that diamond is going to be no where near as fussy as a pearl. Congrats on your engagement!
  21. vintageloves

    No more online certs at James Allen

    I feel like "buy with your eyes" is such a trap. My eyes are lying liars that lie. BlueNile used to sell with just reports and no pictures. That wasn't good, either. Consumers really need both. Jewelers love to tell people "don't buy online; you don't know what you're getting." This decision...
  22. vintageloves

    People who do not have children...

    No offence, but have you been through the adoption process recently? White couples are now often told by agencies they cannot adopt a hispanic or black child because they won't be able to expose them to the right cultural influences. Most international adoption programs have ended. Getting a...
  23. vintageloves

    People who do not have children...

    I'm going through this right now. Husband is 43 and I'm 38. There is a lot of hurt there but the worst part of all is the way our parents abandoned us for our siblings with kids. My relationship with them will never recover. My sister in law hates me and my parents let her treat me like dog doo...
  24. vintageloves

    What's Your Experience of Multi-Millionaires?

    The millionaires I know are all low level multi-millionaires (think more than 2 million but most likely less than 5 and definitely less than 10). The one thing they have in common is that they are over the age of 60. Older people who bought a house have been able to sit on that property and rack...
  25. vintageloves

    A Deco Platinum Pendant by CVB and the Neverending Story

    I opened this thread and passed out a little when I saw the picture. This is beautiful, amazing, spectacular! :love: You have a great eye for style.
  26. vintageloves

    your E-ring worth more than your car?

    No. My husband bought me a Toyota Corrolla before we were married because the car I was driving at the time was of dubious safety and it cost many times more than my engagement ring. Today, I would totally wear a ring worth more than a car. The more disposable income we have the more sensible...
  27. vintageloves

    Lightbox has a countdown

    The 1ct pierced pendant has already sold out. I think the earrings are quite nice. I thought the pink hearts were silly, but to each their own. I'm just glad they are continuing to release new items. I'm looking forward to more bracelets and rings!
  28. vintageloves

    Owning a Car Will Soon Be as Quaint as Owning a Horse

    I would love not to have a car. But there are no sidewalks, no bike paths, no public transportation and the grocery store is 5 miles away.
  29. vintageloves

    Lightbox has a countdown

    They drilled through the stone. I actually think it's a pretty cool aesthetic. It's a floating diamond. I'm not sure I've ever seen something like it, but who would drill through a regular diamond? I think it's going to be a big seller. But you're probably not going to want to reset it into an...
  30. vintageloves

    Lightbox has a countdown

    So there's finally a 1ct white round pendant, but there's a bit of a catch: