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  1. Rpb

    Opinions on three ACA Round Diamonds for an Engagement Ring

    My personal preference is
  2. Rpb

    Look what I got from Wink, et. al. at HPD

    Gorgeous in every manner. Congratulations on your upgrade, looks divine.
  3. Rpb

    For your viewing pleasure: 2.71 carat H&A Type IIa

  4. Rpb

    Introducing EVER my 4ever 2.95 MRB ACA I color SI 1

    So beautiful!!! Classic and timeless, that's my kind of beauty!!! Enjoy her in good health.
  5. Rpb

    August vintage inc.

    Hi I have the AV OEC, and no it doesn't black out in centre in any condition whatsoever, even at its greasiest best, the moissanite sparkles a lot, even in poor lighting. Possibly one of the best cuts I have ever owned. No regrets.
  6. Rpb


    So stunning!!! Wow is all I can say... what a collection!!!
  7. Rpb

    1.21 K VS2 CBI Pendant from HPD

    :kiss2::kiss2: More pictures please...
  8. Rpb

    #JOTW My Handsome New Studs - 1.7 ctw AVRs

    Love love love the AVRs... beautiful beyond words....:kiss2:
  9. Rpb

    Very happy HPD/CBI/Wink Jones customer! My 2.66 K 3 stone...

    Beautiful and fabulous is what comes to mind...:kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:
  10. Rpb

    UK Psers need help with jeweller reference for a loose diamond to be fit in a setting.

    Hi @Strawberries1 I haven't progressed much on this pending project... But I did do some research as to who I would approach for my project... They do all kinds of repairs as well as custom bespoke work I think...
  11. Rpb

    So in love with my new CBI studs from HPD!

    They look perfect on your ear... congratulations lovely pair :kiss2:
  12. Rpb

    Shop diamond vs whiteflash

    How about this one? You can get in touch with one of the CBI dealers in UK and see if they can offer you these...
  13. Rpb

    I upgraded my CBI

    Gorgeous... stunning!!!
  14. Rpb

    She said Yes!

    Congratulations what a gorgeous ring!!! Her smile says it all...
  15. Rpb

    It’s done. It’s done. My emerald ring is done!

    That looks gorgeous!!! Stunning!!!
  16. Rpb

    My new, old cut diamond

    Awesome antique cushion... love it.
  17. Rpb

    #JOTW Sunny side up or my Fancy Intense Yellow Modified Radiant

    Hi @mermaid , welcome to PS and I love your find, what a gorgeous ring :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:
  18. Rpb

    It's Official....Mr and Mrs Sledge!

    Congratulations @sledge and Mrs... wishing you both a lifetime of happiness and joy.
  19. Rpb

    HPD NY Classic featuring a 1.23 E SI2 CBI

    :kiss2::kiss2::kiss2:...Stunningly beautiful.
  20. Rpb

    Please help me choose an ACA!

    Lovely numbers, this is going to be one fireball...
  21. Rpb

    Upgraded my H VS1 CBI to 8.85mm. My new 2.60ct from HPD.

    Perfection comes to my mind. Congratulations!!!
  22. Rpb

    Clueless dude here, need help finding a diamond ring!

    Have you considered lightbox jewellery, you could some thing in your budget, even if it is a man made's still very much a diamond...
  23. Rpb

    #JOTW 7ct ACA Eternity Band from Whiteflash

    So beautiful, simply stunning and elegant
  24. Rpb

    August vintage inc.

    Well I have an AVR Amora gem and I just love the flash and sparkles it gives under any light conditions and I have always been drawn to the AVC videos online, so I had to totally get one... knowing AV lines are ideal cut, I am sure you won't be disappointed. I can't wait to see the AVC in person...
  25. Rpb

    August vintage inc.

    I had my eye on this LAD listing for a while and finally caved in and bought the AVC only without the setting. Will be in my hands around mid April. Can't wait!!!!
  26. Rpb


    Thanks for the review, please post pics if your diamond and the ring/jewellery you got made with the details...
  27. Rpb

    Searching for Princess Cut for Engagement Ring

    Whiteflash has range of ideal cut Princess diamonds...,3208952,3971442,4087222