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  1. Rubymal

    Negishi Jewelry Pearls

    If you are local to San Francisco/Bay Area, theres a store worth checking out in the Japan town center. I was not in the market to purchase any more pearls, but I noticed the liquidation sale signs as I walked by. The store owner has run his shop for 38 years and was originally from Japan. I had...
  2. L

    Pearls of Joy vs Pearl Paradise vs Tiffany vs Mikimoto

    I am writing to share my current shopping experience for Akoya pearls. I have enjoyed reading other posts, viewing photos, and learning about pearl grading on this site. I purchased a AAA bracelet from Pearl Paradise and AAA studs from Pearls of Joy. They were packaged almost exactly the...
  3. yssie

    Pearl, Emerald, & Black Diamond Earrings from Little H Jewelry (Hisano Shepherd) :-)

    Inta and Hisano have been darling to work with! They were able to rush a gift out within days of ordering - and on seeing that piece, well, I knew I needed a few of my own ::) I had the pleasure of meeting them in NYC a few weeks ago, and I got to play with quite a bit of the collection. I...
  4. LisaRN

    Help in finding multicolored Tahitian necklace

    @Pinkmartini87 - I am no expert and have only been collecting Tahitians since January. I have collected 10 Tahitian strands and they run the gamut from preloved Pearl Paradise Tahitians, EBay, Etsy and jewelry store strands. The round strand you are considering IMHO seems to be a good price at...
  5. fiona00004

    Longevity of metallic freshwater

    I know it's generally against the rules, but does anyone wear their pearls 24hrs until they feel like changing em? I change my jewelry every few days or so but not daily. I am hoping my metallic freshwater a would hold up somewhat....I am getting some dangles from pearl paradise...and quite a...
  6. TweetyBird23

    Best area to stay in Houston, TX with kids?

    Thanks for the tips, @Gussie! No firm dates as of yet but I just checked the weekly weather forecast in Sugar Land. Yikes! I like to image that WF is a cool, air-conditioned paradise just dripping in super ideal jewelry. :geek2:
  7. seaurchin

    Poll: 4ct pendant or pendant-earring combo?

    Since everything mentioned is delicious rather than the kind of stuff most of us would probably ever want to upgrade on, I'd rather have more pieces of jewelry, personally. Also, my preference would be no other diamonds larger than the e-ring diamond. It just seems like cheating or something...
  8. OoohShiny

    Rare Golconda diamonds and Mughal artefacts to be auctioned

    @Matthews1127 next diamond? :D lol This pear is quite nice too...
  9. ginie

    My new AA+ 54” freshwater strand

    You’re right Amoline! Natural Hamadama are just something else! Pearl Paradise has some of the nicest people. I wanted a much thicker nacre than the minimum Hanadama (can’t afford Mikimoto!) and they were so patient and helped me find exactly just what wanted. Have fun looking for the perfect gift!
  10. missy

    Show me your Mr T necklace family

    @RosieR, Oh I wish :love:. You are either looking at one of my gold rope chains or one of the multicolor (pink, yellow, white) gold and diamond necklace I have- both from the 80s. Sorry for the awful photo quality. I did not do a proper photo shoot as the sunlight coming in was glaring and I...
  11. RosieR

    Show me your Mr T necklace family

    Oh dear @missy So sorry to hear about your health issues. Positive vibes for healthy skin, I'd hate for you to not enjoy your beautiful bling because of it. Hopfully your finger is doing better so you can enjoy bubbelah, if not, I hope she fits your right hand. If you (like me) have no diamond...
  12. canuk-gal

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Really lovely!!!!!!!!!:love::love:
  13. Arkteia

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Thank you! The aqua is from Rioux Rocks, the strands - I bought blue akoya from Pearl Paradise, and the pecklace was put together by Joseph Jewelry.
  14. vintageloves

    Help From Pearl Lovers-- Should I Return These?

    Peacock! Perfect way to describe what I was expecting and what he product picture indicated. But it's just steel grey, like you said. Glad to know it's not just me. At the very least, they'd need to fix the chain. I double checked and the product description clearly says it comes with an...
  15. Bluegemz

    What are you wearing today?! Show me your CS!

    Oh I Just love the blue Akoya pearls! Those are like a mermaid’s treasure! The aqua is so much like water.
  16. L

    Pearls of Joy vs Pearl Paradise vs Tiffany vs Mikimoto

    It’s funny, I tried to post this same thread to twice but both times I was banned from the site. The first time they said my email was associated with spam, so I used a different email. The second time, no reason was provided. I assume that they have a financial interest in the...
  17. baby nurse

    little h Geode, Pearl and Green Diamond Pendant

    I’m excited to share this piece because it’s unlike anything else in my collection : ) Back in February, I bought this necklace from Hisano of little h Jewelry. The freshwater pearl is lined with green diamonds and is nestled inside a geode. The necklace portion is made up of more green...
  18. baby nurse

    What are you wearing today?!

    Thank you, Bluegemz!! Sometimes I wonder if the pictures are a little Ho hum since many here have already seen them elsewhere but I post here anyway for those who do not visit other forums. Blue baroque akoya necklace from Pearl Paradise, blue baroque akoya ring and bba studs from little h...
  19. Bluegemz

    What are you wearing today?!

    Definitely never hohum!!! I personally could never become tired of seeing them. What a blue set! I’ve always wanted blue Aliya’s! That ring is so stunning, along with the necklace and earrings.
  20. diamondseeker2006

    What are you wearing today?!

    I NEED some of these!!!!:eek-2::love: What size are they?
  21. L

    Buying Tahitian pearls in Tahiti?

    Thank you for the tip. I went into about ten different places and the prices were really, really high. Of course there was some discounting on the mark-up price but not enough as the prices were still way over the top. I had brought some print outs from Pearl Paradise and compared quality...
  22. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Sunday kids! Curby, I really wasn't looking very hard at the show, so I didn't see anything that even piqued my interest. BUT... I am going to the gem and jewelry show in Rosemont (one of our suburbs) next weekend so I'm sure I'll find a little something there that I can't live without...
  23. S

    What do you think of this BG piece

    ...special. When my grandmother died, this uncle had dozens of bird of paradise flowers at her funeral. What if I get the flowers of paradise jewelry piece for my mother? His nickname...
  24. C

    How are the akoya strands from PP compared to Mikimoto?

    The Mikimoto AAA strands are beautiful, but extremely expensive. The lower grade Mikimoto pearls are ok, but you are paying for the brand name rather than the pearl quality at that point. I have never bought Akoya pearls from Pearl Paradise, so I can't speak to how they compare to the...
  25. C

    AA+ or AAA? Pearl overtones? at Pearl Paradise

    I have a strand of pearls with matching studs I received years ago as a 21st birthday gift. They are about 7mm, and more than likely freshwater pearls. I had the strand restrung in the fall, and they are 19" long. I have been thinking of getting bigger pearls...also a shorter strand. So, I...
  26. NacreLover

    Made the buy on Push Present! Estimates on price?

    Have you asked Eddie if the will provide an appraisal? Pearl Paradise sends one with the jewelry you buy from them. If not ask your insurance company which jeweler in your area they would suggest you use. Most will give you a GIA graduate that they consistently see used by most homeowners in...
  27. N

    I Like Big Diamonds and I Cannot Lie - $3000 Budget

    Thank you! But I haven't said yes yet ;) (haha jk jk) I am open to lower coloured diamonds if they are set in yellow gold and not surrounded by white diamonds. I like halos... but only if I feel like I haven't sacrificed money that could've been spent not the centre stone. I'd rather have a...
  28. elizabethess

    Opinions needed: 10mm fakies, which size for replacements?

    I've consistently worn faux pearl studs to work or for events for a few years--constantly needing to replace as they degrade or turn my ears green--and am looking to take advantage of the current Pearl Paradise sale and treat myself to a pair of Freshadama studs. Pearls are new jewelry territory...
  29. marymm

    2016 - Holiday Steals & Deals

    James Allen is having 25% off jewelry and settings (does not include loose diamonds or gemstones or designer collections), ending 11/27 at midnight - Israel Rose is having a 10% sale through 12/31 - Pearl Paradise is having Black...
  30. seaurchin

    New tahitian necklace

    Lovedogs- I send everything to Pearl Paradise for restringing, new clasps, etc. I feel very secure about it after having done it maybe a dozen times. I just buy the appropriate amount of insurance on the package and have also started sending it to "PP" rather than "Pearl Paradise." (I've had...