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  1. yssie

    *Help* 10 days to eval diamond, LOTS of PICS

    Written receipt with clearly stated idiot-proof return-for-refund policy in writing, signed and dated... Cut looks fine, frankly cut would be the last of my worries. From the face-up I'd estimate 57ish table and just south of 41 pav - so higher crown 35.5+ on the GIA *Please* tell me you have...
  2. GracieP

    AMAZING Three-stone Ring from I.D. Jewelry

    I have just received my three-stone ring from I.D. Jewelry and I cannot say enough about the excellent experience that I had there. Yekutiel and the entire staff of I.D. Jewelry are consummate professionals and the service that they provide exceeded any expectations that anyone could have when...
  3. Q

    Morrell Flame-GOG stone-Atlas appraisal Pt. 1 THE QUEST

    As you can see by the subject line, the story ends with the purchase of a diamond from GOG and a Mark Morrell Flame setting. It begins with me knowing absolutely nothing about diamonds, platinum quality, Pricescope or anything else to do with the diamond industry. I do know one thing: that I...
  4. B

    GIA EX: Let the buyer beware...

    As some of you know, I have been out of the country. I have been following conversations here and participating in similar discussions with colleagues in centers of the trade. To that end, I would like to make comments and put forward a suggestion: To the members of Pricescope: The 2006 GIA...
  5. D

    my ring

    Someone's e-signature poignantly says: "Life is short, eat dessert first." Hewing to that line of philosophy, I'm posting the pictures first. The Pictures: This is the best my point-and-shoot camera could manage.It took many, many tries to capture even this level of details.The camera...