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  1. distracts


    Yes Oliver can become reinfected. If he is clear, I would keep him isolated if not adopt him out entirely ideally to a household with no other pets. I would also worry that his presence would be too stressful for the other cats - they don't need another source of stress and cat introductions are...
  2. missy


    @distracts thank you for your continued wisdom and help. I appreciate it so much. What they meant is that since we are like dipping everyone it decreases the contagion. They just cannot say if it goes down to zero or if there is still enough active spores coming off them. That is the conundrum...
  3. deegee

    Healthy Living Thread

    Marcy-your floors look beautiful! And I love the rugs too. Those are the colors I gravitate to. I find them very soothing. We’re trying to decide on whether we want carpet or hardwood in our bedroom. Carpet is better for a bedroom, but we have pets. The very day it is installed, one of the cats...
  4. Siyah

    Advice needed with my choice and road to buying

    Yes, you are right. I prefer the classic tapered setting as it's classic AND tapered, but the problem is the thickness. I actually called BN for this and they told me that the thinnest area is 2.9mm (!) which is way way too much. They are now checking what is possible. I also told them that I...
  5. Yekutiel

    ID jewelry

    Very interesting thread.. It just shows how valuable we are to the pricescope community We’d like to offer our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience you experienced in your transactions with I.D jewelry. We pride ourselves in being able to provide each and every client with exactly what...
  6. A

    Ideal-Scope and ASET Scope deserve a far larger audience

    This is my personal experience from perusing B&M stores. Many carry various lines, ranging from non-branded to branded, as well as cut quality ranging from good to excellent/ideal, non-certified to certified (basically, the whole gamut). Most stores I visited carried GIA graded stones. I think...
  7. Arcadian

    Do you have an emergency bag?

    Nothing against the ones at Harbor Freight but.... oooo they so not good for long term usage. Best of the best for inverter generators are Honda. Very quiet, and those at least can be run in parallel. And they can fit in a small car. But they are for pretty small things. I have...
  8. Lykame

    My 2 carat CBI diamond, set in a custom setting made by Durham Rose Jewellers, UK.

    I want to start this post with gratitude, so much gratitude. I'm not even in possession of my ring yet, because I'm going to pick it up next Wednesday, but I've been sent a video from the workshop and I'm desperate to share it. I also have lots to say about my journey up until now, for anyone...
  9. sledge

    Does low clarity badly affect trade-in and resale value?

    In my opinion, clarity is tied to diamond size. Getting a 2 carat E, SI2 is much different than getting a 0.5 carat E, SI2. Generally speaking, I prefer to see clarity (and color) get better in larger sizes as there is more surface area to view and compare but this isn't a hard & fast rule for...
  10. ksinger

    Unexpected medical adventure

    Man, I am just the constant harbinger of downer news for you. :( And I'm sorry to have to be that. But here is the reality. No matter where you are, the pool of doctors who know sh*t from shinola when it comes to MS, is thiiiiiiis big. The number of neurologists who specialize in MS is very...
  11. sledge

    DK/BGD Custom Setting...The Home Stretch

    So just a quick overall update before I dive into specific comments: I've emailed DK and asked them what they specifically recommend for strength/durability to build the rings. I expressed some people believe platinum is a great choice; however, the tone of his last email left me thinking...
  12. rockysalamander

    Help choosing a virtual diamond!

    While you answer the other questions, here's how I would respond to your choices. Please don't be discouraged by my responses. I'm leaving some narrative so you can see why I said what I did. I also don't suggest EGL or IGI for the diamond novice. If you look at those, assume the clarity is 1-2...
  13. Rockdiamond

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Bryan, Bryan, Bryan. NONE of this is "established science". We have no reasonable way to prove you are right or wrong. A few posts above DRL wrote this: If you believe no whitening occurs, tell your clients that. Clearly, there are many who do see it- regardless of what a journal article says...
  14. Dee*Jay

    Healthy Living Thread

    Happy Friday kids! Curby, thanks for the gravy tip! As for the power being out, stuff like that only happens when the men are gone, ha ha. The RV dealer is a genuine pill Once this is all over can you leave them a bad review or something? Yesterday was busy! I went up to see the cowhide...
  15. pregcurious

    Trusted Vendors Sticky?

    Thanks for the review. You saved me money.
  16. missy

    Now I really did it :((

    KaeKae, Yes absolutely! We will meet you there. Looking forward to it.:appl:And I am glad your in laws decided to stay in OG. It's such a lovely town. YAY for finding so many more of your jewels! That is fantastic! Marcy, yay for your thigh feeling better! I am sorry about your headache and I...
  17. A

    Pre-designed vs slight custom setting (also, tanzanite!)

    This is the route I'm leaning on, but did not know about the warranty voiding if done by an unauthorized Vatche jeweller. Unfortunately, from everything I've read, there are NONE of those in Canada. This would mean I would have to ship back the ring to WF for resizing or any kind of minor fixes...
  18. L

    2.48 E SI1, SBF - Please give me your opinion!

    I've been looking for a 8.5mm plus, "White" (H or higher), SI2-I1 stone for a while. My budget has creeped up and up, as I've found so many of the sub $20k stones were compromised by cut or -really- visible inclusions. I am sensitive to color but not that sensitive to some well placed...
  19. missy

    Earth Day: The Climate Wars' Damage to Science

    This article is from almost 2 years ago but still an interesting read and I am sharing it here on Earth day for those of you who are interested.
  20. Dee*Jay

    Trumpet 1-27-17

    With Matata's blessing I will begin the Trumpet festivities today! I'll give a link and also insert the text in case anyone can't get to the article due to lack of subscription or other issues. Please forgive any funky formatting as things don't always import perfectly. Let's start with a...
  21. M

    Where to Sell Diamonds?

    Hi, I have two medium price diamonds to sell so I can earn some money, actually large amount. My problem is that in the country where I am from, there are almost none legitimate companies willing to buy diamonds from individual persons. I still managed to find one, visited them personally and...
  22. kenny

    RIP: The Republican Party

    Here's the text of the original article. A Republican intellectual explains why the Republican Party is going to die Updated by Zack Beauchamp on July 25, 2016, 8:50 a.m. ET @zackbeauchamp [email protected] TWEET SHARE (137K) + (Alex Wong/Getty Images) CLEVELAND — Avik Roy is a Republican’s...
  23. JaneSmith

    Abortion Ban Victory in OK

    How U.S Policy Continues To Threaten Women's Reproductive Rights Globally. "This week, government officials, advocates, policymakers, corporate leaders, journalists, and others are in Copenhagen for Women Deliver, a major international conference focused on the health, rights, and well-being of...
  24. Lovinggems

    Trusted Vendors Sticky?

    My second experience with Jac at thePearlHouse Etsy wasn't so good. Originally I felt comfortable enough to purchase because of some beautiful examples consistently posted by other forum members. I had my share of jewelry purchase problems before so I am more careful nowadays, but I was always...
  25. ame

    CVB LAD Communication?

    Ok, I am probably going to be a strong and very unpopular opinion, and go a bit against the grain here, but what the hell else is new. Brace thineselves. I agree that they're kind of between a rock and a hard place. It's not fair that they get such blowback for defending themselves and providing...
  26. C

    USA Certed Diamonds Review - Hard to Beat Awesome

    I just wanted to firstly say thank you very much to pricescope, as well as Lorelei in particular. Both the site and Lorelei have been quick, responsive and very patient in answering all my questions and I cant say enough good things. Now on to my testimonial for USA Certed Diamonds...
  27. J

    Looking for help with an engagement ring

    I decided that it's time to ask her to marry me and I am hoping to find a good deal on a ring that is worth the money I pay for it. I have done a bit of research on this process, but I like to be very thorough with big purchases and I tend to rely on customer reviews, expert tips, etc. I live...
  28. Rhino

    Looking for help with an engagement ring

    Hey Johnny, Thanks for your post and welcome to the forum. That's because what you're being offered in the DD are generally what many refer to as "bluff" stones. They are likely either ... brown have surface breaching inclusions have graining issues that impact transparency fluorescence...
  29. partgypsy

    Clever slogan from the WarOnWomen

    In 2011, state legislatures across the United States introduced over 1100 provisions related to women's health and reproductive rights,[44][47] and in the first quarter of 2012 an additional 944 provisions were introduced in state legislatures, half of which would restrict access to abortion...
  30. msop04

    Beauty Products You Are Loving...

    Yikes!! That sucks... I don't know if you've found another self tanner, but there are three that I've found to be amazing. :love: My favorite is Tanceuticals ( If you are pretty fair and just want to get a little glow OR if you don't want a big difference with...