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  1. PerSweden

    Inside a rubin

    I rigged a usb scope and immersed a stone. Quite revealing. old blood, native cut. No fancy pics. Bought in Idar-Oberstein in 1981. 1.55 ct 4th pic is in uw but with some incadascent light. The stone in complete uw uv light is pinkish neon red. Got the original receipt, guess the price:)
  2. Octo2005

    Researching a business

    I was hoping that the very knowledgable PS'rs can help point my to the best was to research a business? Is there a way to find assets, debts and things like that? @MollyMalone, I seem to recall seeing you mention a website in an old thread, but can't find it. Thanks for your help everyone
  3. T

    I'm such a chicken

    I've been looking for years and I haven't seen it in person but I'm seriously considering this Stuller in 1x white gold. I have 2 questions...1) my diamond is 7.2 mm but the setting comes in 7.0 and 7.4. I hate air lines. Which mm should I go and why? 2) what type of wedding band (not...
  4. H

    Can anyone recommend a custom cutter for a unique shape?

    I have my heart set on an elongated hexagon diamond, and finding the right stone has been a challenge. Thinking I will need to start looking into custom. Bigger sites like Whiteflash can't accommodate shapes like this. Any recommendations? Thank you!
  5. kenny

    It's been a year and a half ...

    I got a one-month ban for breaking PS rules by posting disrespectful things to our theist members. I apologize from my heart to those I've hurt and insulted. In the future I intend to conduct myself with greater respect for our religious members when participating in permitted discussions on...
  6. Q

    Is this a good diamond?

    I am after a 1.5ct rock with a budget of around 8k USD. I currently have my eye on this one But i am a bit concerned about intended natural. is this a thing that i should avoid? Can people with exp here pls provide some comments on the...
  7. J

    This is a scam...right?

    Hi, I was browsing this morning and noticed this site has lots of beautiful looking jewelry for very low prices. This is a scam, right? Does anybody know what the deal is? Thanks!!
  8. A

    Need help buying a diamond:))

    Hi everybody! I am new to this forum and would greatly appreciate your help. I am looking into purchasing a round diamond. The color should not be below H and the size not less than 1.2ct. My budget for the diamond only is around 9k. I found this “gem” :) and obtained the GIA report. Does it...
  9. O

    Price of a emerald

    Hi, i hot this Emerald and here's the specs : 9,43 CTS Emerald vivid green, natural whitout any treatment. The Cut is very good. Obviously the color is not a intense green so i think it might effect the value. From colombia. 13.1 x 11.5 x 5.9 mm. Clarity : SI 1. I want to know a average price...
  10. O

    Price of a emerald

    Hi, i hot this Emerald and here's the specs : 9,43 CTS Emerald vivid green natural Emerald whitout any treatment. The Cut is very good. Obviously the color is not a intense green so i think it might effect the value. From colombia. 13.1 x 11.5 x 5.9 mm. Clarity : SI 1. I want to know a average...
  11. Bron357

    Patience is a virtue.......

    Many years ago, 2012 to be precise, at a Celebrity event there was a woman wearing THE necklace of my dreams. A totally over the top multi sparkler number. I saw the photos online / in magazines and went into overdrive. Despite my best sleuthing attempts I was unable to find out who the designer...
  12. Wink

    DeBeers has a vision for a new diamond market

    I found this article by Rob Bates of JCK Magazine to be well worth reading. While I think the information is very interesting, I am somewhat amazed to see DeBeers figuring this out now when many of us in the trade have...
  13. pwsg07

    Please recommend a cutter

    Hello, I am looking for a cutter that will facet mixed cut in North America. My favorite shape is cushion. I always want one for my stones to be cut in this style. But the American cutters I have talked to prefer the brilliant cut on the pavilion. I understand that some of my roughs may...
  14. Marriedbuteloped

    Question about selling a setting

    I have a question: I changed my princess cut setting and would like to sell the old one. It is a 18k two tone Art Carved 4 prong setting. I believe rounded prongs. Can this setting be used for a round diamond or should it only be set with princess cut diamonds? I don't want to make any false...
  15. C

    Is this a good diamond?

  16. CSpan

    Opinions on a few CS

    There are some stones up for sale that I am debating between, do I need any? No, but when does that stop me? They all will be gone (at their current prices) fairly soon. Looking for observations on the quality and then the likelihood of setting in a RHR. Sorry I'm in my phone, have like 5...
  17. Lessics

    How to source a diamond from a wholesaler

    Hello everybody, I found a very interesting diamond on an american wholesalers website ( I will have too purchase eithout seeing as I'm overseas). I can't find the diamond elsewhere. Unfortunatley my preferred vendor for the setting wants to sell only her diamonds (she is not willing to source...
  18. R

    Is this a real opal?

    Hello, guys! I recently got this ring with an opal stone and i want know if it's real. Also, in direct light the stone has a red-purple hue. Does anyone know? any information is helpful. Thank you!
  19. A

    Is this a good diamond?

    Looking at this diamond.. what do you think?
  20. diagem

    Questions about a recent influx of antique diamonds - a discussion.

    Some good questions about the influx of antique diamond cut availabilities in recent years in this post I thought this subject deserves its own title... Answers intertwine with a few...
  21. AprilBaby

    Do you have a famous relative?

    My paternal great grandmothers 1st cousin was Field Marshall Erwin Rommel. George Washington’s grandfather was also a grandfather of my husband. He is also a direct descendant of President Andrew Jackson.
  22. C

    Need opinions/help on choosing a diamond

    Hi all! I’ve been lurking in these boards for quite awhile during my diamond search. I just purchased two marquise diamonds online and I’m having a tough time deciding which one to keep. The first one is a 1.11 carat excellent cut SI1 K faint light brown, 10.37 x 5.6 x 3.37 The 2nd one is a...
  23. Kaycee2018

    Help me pick a setting

    Happy Friday, PSers. I am in the process of creating a RHR with a 6.4mm +/- center diamond and have narrowed it down to these options. I am leaning toward 121999 since I generally prefer thinner bands, but I'm not in love with the diamonds down the sides of the band. My jeweler is able to...
  24. G

    Need a little help identifying a stone

    I found two of these actually, I was about to toss them out but I decided to shine a sw uv light on them and some other test and I'm not sure what to make of these stones, can anyone help me identify these gemstones? Specific gravity is 3.5, scratches glass easily, glows bright green under sw...
  25. karylicious

    Sizing a diamond ring

    Hey guys, I found the ring that I love but they have it in size 6.5. My ring size is 5.25. It’s a split shank. Is it safe to have the ring resized to my finger size? Is it dangerous for the diamonds to be loose in the future? Thanks
  26. moneymeister

    So I walked into a pawnshop and found a 1.26

    It was so beautiful and eye-clean. Plenty of fire. They would give it to me for 1500 out the door. Loupe found a nasty feather or two reaching the table. Ugh. It's so pretty...and cheap...; 6.8mm...and that feather. Would you be tempted too?
  27. T

    Looking for a pink diamond

    I've been looking for a pink diamond but due to there rarity finding just the right stone is exceedingly difficult. So far I've looked on Leibish and blue Nile but haven't found the right one. Very visible inclusions, feathers, needles, crystal in the a face is probably not for me. I'm more okay...
  28. P

    Need help picking out a diamond

    Hello, I've been checking out diamonds for a few weeks now. I came across these two diamonds which were in my budget for my engagement ring. My gf wants a Tulip setting. But I have a dilemma here, I can't seem to choose if I want to go with the higher carat or the better cut. 1.2 Carat Round...
  29. T

    Need a second opinion on these stones

    I'm buying a pair of 0.60-0.65 stones for my fiance to use as a set of stud earrings. I've attached (crappy cell phone) pics below. To the left is a pair of 0.64/0.65 E SI1. To the right is a pair of 0.60/0.61 I SI1. They are NOT super ideal - and at this size and for earrings I don't really...
  30. PerSweden

    A ruby, guess the price in 1981.

    A relieving beauty...1.55 ct bought in 1981 from a well reputed dealer in Idar Obenstein. Receipt says "Siamese" but has a very intense red in lwuv indicating Burmese. Got original receipt. Guess the price ;)