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  1. F

    Seeking/Reviewing 1.5 Round Diamonds Under $13,000

    Hello, My partner and I are engagement ring shopping. We are both very new to the world of jewelry and diamonds, but have been trying to research as much as possible and this website has been incredibly helpful. Here are our criteria: Shape: Round Carat: 1.4 - 1.6 Clarity: VS2 + [I am a “mind...
  2. M

    Where can I get a schlumberger x band copy (if that's possible)?

    I would just really like to see a verified counterfeit (i.e. real materials, fake hallmarks), if they exist, to compare. I think the design is straightforward and ubiquitous and enduring enough for there to be fakes out there, but if there are then I would expect I'm not the first to come...
  3. distracts

    Oval Bow Tie Help

    Based on OP’s pics and videos, it looks like her diamond is very very close to 1 and 3 and a bit farther from 2 (which has something different going on with the faceting). Looking for an example of something like she already has isn’t really going to be useful one way or another. Unless you’re...
  4. younghonne

    Being Extra Cautious - Need a 2nd Opinion on Diamond Purchase

    @whitewave @MissGotRocks You got it - I'll update with photos. @foxinsox We're thinking of going with a local jeweler. We've gone there twice already. He shipped in 2 sets of diamonds to view. The fact that he was genuinely happy for us when we told him we found a diamond online (along with...
  5. T

    Earrings again, WF ACA vs AGS000

    Thank you all. Yeah, I kind of knew it too. I would have kicked myself for missing out on this near twin ACA. I pretty much know I will go with the ACA diamonds for the earrings. I will wait until next year to figure out what to do with the AGS 0. Perhaps consign it at my local jeweler an...
  6. G

    Help with these Diamonds

    Hi all, You guys were a big help with the first batch of diamonds I looked at - looking to make a final selection on one of the below. Looking to choose one of the following diamonds for an engagement ring with CAD prices (I converted to USD as well for easy review). I've gone in and all...
  7. the_mother_thing

    Would appreciate feedback on this diamond

    That’s really unfortunate your other jeweler won’t work with you on a return/upgrade; I wouldn’t give them another penny of my money, and would be sure to let others know with reviews on Google, Yelp, etc. Sorry you’re in that situation. I would recommend - if you’re serious about buying this...
  8. cj2be

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    Well I’m back. With horrible news. This diamond has not 1, but 2 chips on the girdle. One looked like just a feather, but after moving my finger I can slightly feel it. Then I found a way worse one the jeweler tried to hide near a prong. Words cannot describe how heartbroken and angry I feel. Do...
  9. the_mother_thing

    USAA / stolen ring update

    @mymindslost I’m sorry you feel attacked; that’s certainly not anyone’s intention here. We genuinely want to help; unfortunately in this case, it seems the only ‘help’ we can offer is to explain how jewelry insurance typically works so you realize 1) USAA really isn’t being shady and/or trying...
  10. lovedogs

    Help with these Diamonds

    The only one I like in terms of stats/numbers is the last one (1.34 SI, F). But the inclusion plot is a little scary. Can you get pics/video/any advanced images?
  11. whitewave

    USAA / stolen ring update

    Did you have a Gia very good cut? Did you have strong blue Fluor? We need to know what you had to compare this with.
  12. M

    USAA / stolen ring update

    USAA gave me a GIA to consider this afternoon: 1233321439 No idea if I can request more information on any of the diamonds they have me considering and they sent me just 1 to review. I don't know if I can have multiple options but I could try to ask them to do that. I am going to try and...
  13. nala

    Advice needed on cloudy diamond...

    No. You are assuming there is only one type of bad review. Yelp reviews contain pictures and anecdotes. Readers draw their own conclusions. If I saw op’s story, her pictures of ring, the price she paid and the fact that she tried to upgrade but was only shown EGL, I would run.
  14. SandyinAnaheim

    Oval Diamond Search

    @marymm perhaps you should look up the definition of shill or shilling before you come across as you have. Let me assist you: shill (shĭl)Slang n. 1. One who poses as a satisfied customer or an enthusiastic gambler to dupe bystanders into participating in aswindle. 2. One who publicly promotes...
  15. K

    Saphira Diamonds

    I'm new to this forum, but I have been reading around and found some really useful information so I thought I'd join and ask my questions here because I'm in desperate need for help! I've been quite disappointed with local jewelers where I live, so I have decided to consider buying my...
  16. headlight

    Help, second guessing all around

    Hi! First of all, don’t feel silly. And, yes, this is supposed to be fun but for some reason it is often highly stressful (as evidenced by all the similar posts here!). And, yes, you are a glutton for punishment lol! I’ve worked on more than 1 jewelry project at the same time and it consumed...
  17. M

    Inclusions extending to girdle- buy it or leave it?

    Thanks C4C, I`ll take a look at those!
  18. Crazie4Cuts

    Inclusions extending to girdle- buy it or leave it?

    Nope, I wouldn’t fly out to see the jeweler, too much pressure to buy since you flew all the way out there to see 1 stone! $17,500 is nothing to sneeze at, I would take my time. Have you reached out to PS preferred vendors such as ID Jewelry or August Vintage Inc? Check out the August Vintage...
  19. TreeScientist

    Advice needed on cloudy diamond...

    Again, how can you know what the consumer wants other than by showing them diamonds in person and letting them choose for themselves? There was no bait and switch here. The OP's fiancé saw this diamond in person and selected it. As I pointed out in my original post, there are plenty of people in...
  20. M

    Cape Cod travel itinerary help

    :wavey:Hi, @kgizo -- I've been going to the Cape (S. Chatham) every year for the past 30+ years; September is a fabulous time to be there! Even with a week-long visit, think you'll be hard-pressed to "do justice" to the Cape, so my suggestion would be that you pick either the Vineyard or...
  21. lovedogs

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    holy f*cking s*it. I have no words. Report them to the BBB, start screaming this from the rooftops. DO NOT let them "make it right". You already tried that and it completely screwed you over. You need a full refund and you need it now. The jeweler is fraudulent, plain and simple. I'm all for...
  22. kmoro

    Exchanging diamond dilemma

    Oh for gosh sake ... why on earth would you feel stupid? Anyone could fall for that! I feel so bad for you ... I hope it gets straightened out soon! On a side note @headlight ... I just caught that you said something about table size having an influence on how big a diamond looks ... I don’t...
  23. JPie

    How much are you paying for your designs?

    I’ve worked with David Klass on my last two custom pieces and he quoted me one price that includes the CAD plus revisions. I don’t know how many rounds he’ll do before charging more as I’ve only had to do two for each piece. Cost really depends on materials and complexity so I’d suggest getting...
  24. M

    Need to vent..

    Yes, I hate to say this, but it is a problem -- from a legal standpoint -- that you made the decision based on those general specifications. In fact, I would counsel you to not post negative reviews, etc., for you have no grounded basis for saying you were defrauded or even led astray -- and...
  25. lydial

    Steven Kirsch cluster!

    Hi everyone! I was asked by @mrs-b to post on SMTB about my new, beautiful Steven Kirsch hand crafted floral cluster. I am also starting a SMTB about my new CBI 3 stone, that I also bought while going through the process of creating this cluster. Both are with “K” color center stones! To...
  26. E

    Concern about buying online

    It is a very common solitaire custom design they recommended for the Tiffany look (much reccomended here on PS). There was no CAD image. There was a description of the customization in my order statement. It’s actually 5 weeks and 2 days now if they get it in time from date order placed and...
  27. K

    [Review] USA Certed Diamonds

    After dealing with many vendors for diamonds, I found USA Certed Diamonds on PriceScope. First off, the website has a "vintage" look, which was definitely discouraging. But a few things changed my mind: the diamond listings were constantly updated, the many positive reviews found on PriceScope...
  28. chunkyfacetlover

    GoldenBird moissanite

    Moving here for those that are interested in ordering from Surat, India. Looking forward to seeing your thread about Golden Bird Jewels. There are a few others Indian sellers that are good too. I'll place them in order of most reviews, pictures and videos: 1. Vijay from Golden Bird (Etsy and...
  29. TheGarnetGirl

    My Rosey Blue-Green Gem Silica Ring

    Hello All! :dance: As some of you may remember I was recently-ish given a 14mm cushion shaped blue-green gem silica from my beau for Mothers Day. It was his first purchase for me alone that was perfect for me in all ways and I was gobsmacked as the poor guy cannot tell solid 14k from gold...
  30. Emeraldcutlover

    Clueless dude here, need help finding a diamond ring!

    Hi. Good for you for reaching out!! It’s such an intimidating and expensive process and one that you want to be so special! I consigned w Jewels by Grace and people offer less than the listed price all day long (I sold my ring for less than listing). So it doesn’t hurt to tell her your all in...