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  1. MK Malone

    Review of B2C Jewels

    I bought 5 diamonds online looking for the right one. During this time, I discovered PriceScope and the HCA tool and the PS diamond search option. Needless to say, the last 2 diamonds were from B2C Jewels. I worked with Shane. What a difference true customer service makes. He was so patient, so...
  2. R

    Review of Martin Sheffield of USA Certed Diamonds from a young first-time buyer

    I've never bought a diamond before and was having a difficult time finding one with my desired specs in my price range. After many weeks of self-guided research and learning, I finally just decided to call Martin and talk to him. It was the easiest phone call with a stranger I've had in a very...
  3. K

    Jeweler here or in NY?

    Hi, I've been posting about an eternity band and I'm confused of whether to work with a jeweler here in LA (Icing on the Ring) or Mark Turnkowski in NY. Anyone can help me with their thoughts? I'll give some pros and cons: -working with jeweler in LA, I get to see the diamonds live and setting...
  4. kholt6

    Harro Gem Review 2019 & Recommendations

    I got engaged last year and am now the proud owner of the most beautiful 2.60 carat oval diamond engagement ring; as I travel a lot for work I knew I wanted a replica of my ring made up to travel with. My local jeweler recommended I look in to moissanites as a possibility and after reading some...
  5. D

    Three-stone Flower Engagement Ring [August Vintage Review]

    I posted this review on his website, but my fiancee and I just want to share how great the engagement ring we got from Jonathan was. Plus, review websites don't let me post the end result. He's already known here as Rhino, and his website is So, we wanted a...
  6. SparklenHue123

    Maytal Hannah Review - Oval re-make

    Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment to share my experience with Maytal Hannah. I have posted in PS before about my search for my perfect oval diamond and also my dream design ring. It took me a year + to find the stone and design the ring. I was assured by our family jeweler that they...
  7. J

    Fake Review Worst Experience Ever with B2C Jewels

    "Fake Review: PriceScope Administrators take false accusations against vendors very seriously. We can confirm that spam accounts were used to create false reviews. I have personally been to the B2C offices in New York and they are in a standard jewelry district building, with excellent...
  8. Cyren

    Jeweler in NYC for maintenance

    Looking for a jeweler in NYC for routine maintenance, prong checking and sizing, etc. My engagement ring needs to be sized, his and my wedding rings need to be sized as well. We bought my engagement ring from ID Jewlery, and for reasons I will elaborate on in my Show Me The Bling post/review...
  9. iwantadiamond

    John Paradiso Jewelers

    Hello everyone, I’m wondering if anybody here has heard of John Paradiso Jewelers? They are located in the Bowery section of NYC. I’ve heard he has very good quality diamonds but I’m wondering about his prices. I’ve read some good reviews, but just wondering if he caters to more expensive...
  10. K

    High Performance Diamonds Review - 0.84 ct

    Hello Everyone, I'm about 15 months late in writing this review but my wife and I were out and about last week and were admiring how great her engagement ring and wedding band look and it finally compelled me to do something I hate doing, which is posting to an internet forum. The fact that...
  11. Lykame

    My 2 carat CBI diamond, set in a custom setting made by Durham Rose Jewellers, UK.

    I want to start this post with gratitude, so much gratitude. I'm not even in possession of my ring yet, because I'm going to pick it up next Wednesday, but I've been sent a video from the workshop and I'm desperate to share it. I also have lots to say about my journey up until now, for anyone...
  12. distracts

    Apparently they don't like us....

    I also think the jewelry industry as a whole doesn’t have to deal with many consumer reviews... try finding out information about most jewelers or reviews by googling. You can find maybe a handful of vague reviews, no pictures of custom work, etc. Most jewelers I talk to irl don’t keep any...
  13. F

    Seeking/Reviewing 1.5 Round Diamonds Under $13,000

    Hello, My partner and I are engagement ring shopping. We are both very new to the world of jewelry and diamonds, but have been trying to research as much as possible and this website has been incredibly helpful. Here are our criteria: Shape: Round Carat: 1.4 - 1.6 Clarity: VS2 + [I am a “mind...
  14. Mrs.W 514

    10 mm OEC moissanite and review of a new shop!

    I’m so excited to share my new ring! I took a chance on a brand new Etsy shop based in Surat, India and it was a great choice! Antique Diamond Jewels did a wonderful job and Mayur was wonderful to work with. The prices are very reasonable. First the details! 10 mm OEC moissanite in a 10k...
  15. Paxonator

    Confused about how BGD repairs worn down claws.

    Thanks, the end result was a fixed ring that looks fantastic. I may search around for a local jeweler next time.
  16. kgizo

    Help with Victorian (?) mourning pendant

    I think a silk cord would work. Perhaps search etsy for one with good reviews and message the vendor and let them know the weight of the pendant to confirm it will work. Or, maybe you can have a jeweler add black onyx beads to a yellow gold chain, like below, if the recipient might like that.
  17. J

    Deborah The Jewelry Appraiser Inc Review

    I came to see Deborah after my fiancé had gone to her to appraise my ring before I got engaged. He couldn’t stop telling me how amazing she was, and that I just had to see for myself. My mom got an upgrade, (lol) and my parents were going to go to her for the appraisal. So me, my fiancé, and my...
  18. LisaRN

    Your Latest Jewelry Purchases/Things You're Considering....

    I bought a Spessie from Sukrita at Aureliagems and her jeweler is creating a Stuller inspired setting that I liked. I have never worked with her before but she seems very confident in her jeweler and PS members have given her great reviews. So I am excited about it. I have a bit of angst over...
  19. KKJohnson

    Oval Bow Tie Help

    Here are some very nice diamonds that can help give a reference to what you should be looking for in any ovals you review with your jeweler, if you decide to change it out with another
  20. stracci2000

    Do You Post Negative Reviews?

    Yes, I have posted negative reviews. One was on Yelp when a local jeweler was rude and dismissive to me. My other reviews have been on travel sites, and I will comment on restaurants, hotels or attractions, if I think they were good. I once stayed in a really awful hotel in Amarillo, with a...
  21. peacechick

    Moissanite OEC ring from Golden Bird Jewels

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a picture of my new three-stone OEC moissanite in bezel set 10kt yellow gold. So I got this ring from Golden Bird Jewellery on Etsy (they also have an eBay store). Had not seen any mention of them here but I saw a photo of their OEC posted by a customer in her...
  22. lovedogs

    Help! A jeweler damaged my Montana sapphire

    Oh HELL NO! I'd be calling a lawyer asap. This "jeweler" owes you money, period. In fact, I'd argue that he owes you for an entire new also be contacting the BBB, and writing SCATHING reviews to warn everyone else to stay away from this fraud!
  23. CSpan

    Jeweler set my diamond too high?

    I see exactly what you are saying about the prongs having an external rounded appearance. The Tiffany band has just the slightest angle so it looks squared off. For a stone that big it has to be perfect. I wonder if the head was pre-cast, something they ordered in the right size maybe? It...
  24. LLJsmom

    Any antique cuts or old european sellers in Sf bay area?

    Next time we do a GTG in SF we need to meet up. Lang Antique will have some beautiful examples, as well as 66 Mint. Eric Trabert in SF has old cuts but you need to ask. And they are a bit over priced. However his selection of Jewelers that he carries is very nice. I think he still does carry...
  25. Jujeh

    Diamondrensu Moissanite

    I would say the quality is very good. I would post a picture but it's one of my most frequently worn rings. I haven't posted any pictures of my jewelry to pricescope because I wouldn't want anyone to figure out who I am and then know what jewelry I have, etc. Hope you understand. However, you...
  26. Z

    Stay away from Brilliant Earth

    What an awful experience! I fell in love with a setting from them but my fiancé didn’t want to buy online so we found a local custom jeweler who replicated it via 3D printer from the BE stock photo. I did end up buying my band from them (I went in person to the Denver store when I happened to be...
  27. K

    USA Certed Diamonds Review

    I'd like to concur with all of the great reviews that led me to Martin Sheffield of USA Certed Diamonds. My own experience was awesome. I purchased a diamond from Martin last year and could not be happier. Martin is a true professional and helped me get the perfect diamond for a great price...
  28. OoohShiny

    Please advise on this IGI-Antwerp graded LG diamond

    Hi Elsa, Apologies - busy weekend here! Without the ASETscope image for the actual stone (or a scan of the diamond, as per the discussions in another thread today) it is hard to accurately assess it - and videos/pictures are notoriously difficult to review because the conditions are always so...
  29. the_mother_thing

    Gemological Institute of Europe

    @Hobby Jeweler Welcome to PS! :wavey: Not sure if you noticed, but this thread is 2 years old. Also, most of us consumer-types enjoy the participation of trade members here; however, you should know that by being in ‘the business’, forum rules require that you review/agree to certain rules for...
  30. MK Malone

    my 2 ct rock search

    @iNeedArock Please heed the warnings you are getting here. Without a lab report, you literally do not know what you are getting. Lab grown, treated, enhanced, horrible inclusions. You just don’t know. And zero refund policy?