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  • Pricescope Upgrade/Maintenance Is Complete.

    We still have a few things to iron out. If you see any bugs, issues or have any concerns, let us know here in this discussion.

  1. CJ2008

    clumping cat litter

    Zoe - I had never heard of that litter. I'm intrigued! Tell me more about your experience with it, if you have a moment. I've always used Fresh Step but I am always, always looking for something better. Tried Yesterday's News and hated it...and a few others and always ended going back to Fresh...
  2. Bliss

    Calling all the Pregnant PS''ers

    I am super lame/exhausted from third tri fatigue so I'm only going to respond to the posts on this page! Hope that's OK! :wavey: But thinking of you all and always sending prayers and thoughts your way! :appl: :wavey: :appl: SKIPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look SO beautiful! Wow, I have always...
  3. Harleigh

    Harleigh''s Wedding Update...only 13 days to go!

    Hi Ladies, I saw the summer bride check-in, and realized I haven''t given an update in a long time, and this is going to take awhile, so I thought I''d start an update of my own stuff. So, only 13 days to go for me, and we leave for Maui in 8. Sorry I haven''t been able to post much here on...