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  1. lauuraob

    J SI2 1.29ct - Opinions please! :-)

    ...your thoughts on this stone from Blue Nile. It has been confirmed as completely Eye Clean with no haziness either! I am happy enough to go with a J as it will be set in yellow gold - especially if the cut is beautiful! Thanks so much to all of your contributions to this website. The amount of...
  2. D

    J color oval too yellow?

    Hi! Can anyone please help me with this J colored oval? The online sales agent advised me through the chat feature to stick with an H or higher for ovals set in white metal, but this J looks not too yellow to me. If anyone has an thoughts or advice about this diamond, I’d love to hear and would...
  3. C

    Rose Gold Setting for H/I/J Stones?

    Quick question.. For larger round brilliant stones that are in the H-J Color, can't you get away with the lower color using a colored ring setting? I am thinking putting H-J color stones in platinum/white gold, would show the color more?
  4. ShiningShimmeringSplendid

    Help! Link for J/K color 1ct thread???

    Did anyone happen to bookmark the link for the thread about examples of k colored diamonds? I know there was the thread but I can't find it anymore... Any assistance will be appreciated!!!
  5. A

    J kleinhaus and sons NYC

    Anyone heard of them or used them before? My boyfriend and I are starting to look for rings and this was the jeweller recommended to him by a friend. I have read on this forum and also told him we should go look at id jewelers, diamonds by lauren and good old gold but he really wants to look at...
  6. L

    Opinions on this 3.02 ct Antique Cushion J SI2 AGS Please <3 first post on this forum, so please bear with me... We're currently looking for an antique cushion cut through our close family friend who is a jeweler. It's been pretty difficult to find a good stone, and I was recently shown the one below. I'm in love with the stone with my only...
  7. O

    J and H colour sidestones for 3 stone ring?

    ...see that the company I purchased the small diamond from has a diamond in the right size, but it’s an H colour and the one I’m trying to match is a J (with strong fluorescence). Would the colour difference be too much? We’re talking small diamonds around 0.4 carat. The centre stone in the...
  8. Lykame

    Fourth time lucky! 2.075 J VS2 CBI diamond in a custom platinum Durham Rose setting.

    So this has been a crazy journey for me. Introducing my new ring: :love::love::love: :kiss2: I figured I'd show some pictures first and then here is the long story for anyone who is interested in listening to my ramblings. It's a bit of a bumpy ride, but I promise there is a happy...
  9. Txborn79

    Help with J colored diamond

    ...for the best bang for my buck. I have approximately 7k to spend on the diamond and have realized that I’m not color sensitive so it seems like a J color would be the best value to get a little bigger. I’ve been looking at ACA’s from WF and am wondering if that’s what I should go with. Are...
  10. TweetyBird23

    Comparison: Round .5 AGS G vs 1 ct GIA J marquise

    For anyone who might find this comparison helpful in terms of shape, carat and color, I'm just going to leave this here. A Cut Above .5 AGS G VS2 (needs to be cleaned) 1.07 ct very good cut GIA J VVS1 marquise (no fluorescence) The marquise isn't mine.
  11. E

    My 2.44ct J SI1 HPD/CBI NY Classic solitaire story! inquiries with the original diamond retailer and provided us with an invaluable education along the way. We felt as though we had a subject matter diamond expert at our disposal who was advocating for US absent any push for a sale. She had gained our trust. So, we shipped my ring...
  12. S

    2.5ct I SI1 MRB vs 2.76ct J VS2 Transitional

    ...that bill: 2.5 I SI1 8.72x8.74x5.31 Table: 58% Depth: 60.8% Crown angle: 33.5 Pavilion angle: 40.8 Med Blue Fluorescence GIA XXX HCA: 1.0 One major inclusion which is a white feather under the table. I have seen videos and stone is 100% eye clean and feather does not reach the surface...
  13. S

    J-color cushion cut on rose-gold halo

    Sharing the new engagement ring first right here---don't worry, she doesn't read the forum! I dropped to J-color, found a hearts-and-arrows like-cut on James Allen that was priced WAY less than similar stone from BGD and am AMAZED with the result! I had returned my first try on a ring due to...
  14. lydial

    How much more would you pay for a J over a K?

    To go up in color from a K to J. Super ideal stone, > 2.5 carat < 0.1 ct increase but may increase spread 0.1-0.2 mm Will stay in the approximate clarity area (VS1 to VS2). Would you pay 10% or more over the K? I purchased a 2.66 ct K VS1 from CBI/HPD, waiting for me setting, and they posted a...
  15. clcat120

    J VS1 asscher and E, G, J comparison

    Dear all, Since I acquired this lovely three stone ring featuring a 3.62ct J squared emerald center stone (8.89x8.83x5.52 -- bigger than a lot of 4ct asscher out there) and two 0.5ct F/G color trillions, I have decided to make some videos of this ring in different lighting environments. I have...
  16. Gussie

    Serendipity- WF 3.443 J SI1 ACA meets EW Margot

    Since I joined ps, a single ring has stood out as my Holy Grail. I have lusted after @yssie's Erika Winters' Margot for what seems like forever. I started exploring the possibility of resetting or upgrading my stone less than a month ago. I got lots of really helpful advice in HO about the pros...
  17. S

    Option 1 Vs Option 2 (J vs H)- Help with selection

    ...on...which one would you choose? Option 2 is ~$1,000 more expensive Planning to go with setting in platinum. Option 1 - SIGNATURE 1.760 J VS2 HEARTS AND ARROWS ROUND Table % - 55.8 Depth % - 61.5 Crown Angle - 34.5 Pav Angle - 40.7 Measurements - 7.75 X 7.77 X 4.77 Cut -...
  18. Rad_Fan

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    J. Lo's EC again
  19. kal2021

    Any Brian Gavin Blue, J color diamond owners out there?

    I am considering one (2+ carats, VS1) and would like to know how the J color is affected by a strong blue flouresence, specifically with a BGD Blue. I can appreciate that BGD Blues should be exquisite since they are of optimal cut, but I have never considered a J color diamond until now and I'm...
  20. R

    Help finding diamond for Tacori 2620

    This one looks awesome, but is J color. Any concerns with a J in a platinum halo?
  21. tyty333

    Rose Gold Setting for H/I/J Stones?

    My 2 J colored stones are in white metal.
  22. diamondnewbieny

    1.9ct J color pls help pick one I found a setting that I really like on bluenile, so I am purchasing a diamond to go with it. I found two from their site that is both J color with strong fluorescence. One is 1.9ct vs2 $11400 the other is 1.86 vs1 $9900. Inserted details of both diamond and the setting I will be...
  23. KiloSierra

    4.09 AVC J/VS1 + platinum solitaire is here!

    After so many stone decisions and design changes, Jonathan brought to life this amazingly special ring for us. Center stone stats: AVC 4.09 J VS1 Setting: custom designed Stevie Grace with a brushed finish, double prongs and super fine milgrain. Named after our youngest baby girl. It’s a...
  24. chamois

    Any red flags on this 1.89ct J si1 ACA
  25. MissyBeaucoup

    Looking for a very special amethyst - need your guidance

    You might try D & J Rare Gems. They are based in Colorado.
  26. I

    Show me your WF J ACAs!!

    Hello everyone, I’m debating about getting a J or an I for a solitaire to pair with their Diamonds for an Eternity band using Tiffany as an inspiration. I’m looking to get a stone that is less than 1.5, as I already have a 1.5 H SI in a 3 stone ring that I have worn on my left finger and will...
  27. Rad_Fan

    Updated Celebrity Rings!!!

    J. Lo's
  28. Luce

    Real life perspective

    Amusing myself at the DMV with my 2.05ct, J, SI1. Nice lighting here!
  29. MakingTheGrade

    Poll:Brown or Yellow Tint in J/K/L stones?

    I recently inquired about a lower colored diamond that had a report that noted "faint brown" after the color grade. So not a fancy colored diamond, but a warmer diamond that instead of the typical faint yellow visible, had faint brown. The sales associate basically told me that due to the...
  30. Wewechew

    J/K Solitiare with E/F wedding band??

    Anyone have a J or lower paired with a colorless wedding band?