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  1. peacechick

    MellowYellow's odds and ends

    You’re like my SIL who is an an amazing baker and who makes excellent coffee although she doesn’t drink it at all. It’s definitely a certain talent with measurement, timing and execution. Multiple intelligences are fascinating. I think it’s a good thing to be easy going when it comes to...
  2. PierreBear

    Now I really did it :((

    Hello! I was at a work training/conference event yesterday. Part of it was a snooze but there was a “motivational speaker” that had a very different approach to presenting. It was a nice break from all the other technical mumbo jumbo that was more relevant to the industry. He walked the...
  3. R

    IGI Certification

    ----------------- Say a seller has a diamond which GIA graded G/I1. Say that dealer then submits to EGL or IGI who susequently gives that stone an F/SI2. ------------------ this is a little naive of you. are you doubting igi's objectivity? i don't, however i have always doubted gia's...