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  1. D

    Three-stone Flower Engagement Ring [August Vintage Review]

    I posted this review on his website, but my fiancee and I just want to share how great the engagement ring we got from Jonathan was. Plus, review websites don't let me post the end result. He's already known here as Rhino, and his website is So, we wanted a...
  2. R

    Review of the Opulence Oval by August Vintage – Thank you Jonathan

    Custom Designed Band Opulence Oval - 1.018cts – G SI1 – 7.08 x 5.13 x 4.03mm Insta Video: I had to come back here to tell my story. I was wrought with indecision and so many choices – thanks to August Vintage I ended up a...
  3. couchpotato

    losing faith - need an honest diamond dealer/jeweler in LA

    Re: losing faith - need an honest diamond dealer/jeweler in @madelise Did your appraiser in culver city determine the value of the diamond is equal to, lower, or higher than your purchased price from GOG? Did anyone else have the diamond independently appraised with a value equal to, lower...
  4. madelise

    losing faith - need an honest diamond dealer/jeweler in LA

    Re: losing faith - need an honest diamond dealer/jeweler in Roughly about my purchase price, and just slightly higher so that I wouldn't have to get it reappraised for the next 5 years for insurance purposes. What does that matter? I hope you're not blind sighted by that BS people feed of...
  5. SandyinAnaheim

    Diamonds and Vendors

    I agree with what you have noticed. My experience with B&Ms was very similar to yours. It's hard to make generalizations that encompass all situations, but my observation was that B&Ms capitalize on impulse buying and many people's fear of buying a diamond sight unseen over the internet. Many...
  6. Dancing Fire

    GOG Prices vs. Alternatives

    well worth the drive...wish i was that close to GOG... :wink2:
  7. E

    GOG Prices vs. Alternatives

    Hello, Started my research a couple of weeks ago and came across this forum which has been very, very helpful. I have read many positive reviews about Jonathan at Good Old Gold on Long Island. I live in Eastern Pennsylvania and could drive out to NY. From what I have read many people...
  8. diamondseeker2006

    Princess cut e-ring damaged during setting. Now what?

    Thankfully I would say that Jonathan provides more diamond education than any other vendor here between what is on his website and on YouTube.
  9. vintagelover229

    $50k budget/1.5-2.0 ct - any recommendations?

    JA is a good online vendor but you won't get the designer settings-the same videos/service/etc as you would get with GOG. With your budget I would stick with GOG since it is so close to you. Call them up and tell Jonathan your budget and make a day of it. Go in and view a range of...
  10. diamondseeker2006

    is PS biased? a real advocay site? who started it and how?

    Re: is PS biased? a real advocay site? who started it and ho I have been active on this site for 5 years, and I can honestly say that I don't have the slightest idea of who owns it or how much money they make from the advertisers. What I can tell you is that there are many people like me who...
  11. Elegant

    Advice please - custom ring

    Thanks so much! Hi decodelighted, Yeah, after I wrote that reply I thought about it and thought you hadn''t either...thanks! I was confused...for a little bit. Thank you so much for finding these - I studied up and read them all page after page and I think I am now well-versed in this baguette...
  12. D

    insurance for ACA

    The letter from GemSheild states: "It is that time of year and the insurance coverage for your jewelry is due to expire 7/27/2008. It is recommended that you take our jewelry into WHITEFLASH (TOUCHSTONE) for an annual check-up and updated valuation, if needed. ... If the update value is the same...
  13. sera

    Is this diamond good value? Is buying without seeing safe?

    My FI bought mine online without either of us seeing it (both of us were skeptical when I first found PS). We came to feel quite confident in buying it because of all the rave reviews on Good Old Gold (as well as other vendors like Whiteflash, ERD, etc). I called up Jonathan from GOG for...
  14. TravelingGal

    Review of online diamond buying experience – Winfield’s, GOG, WF, ERD

    First of all, a heartfelt thanks to all pricescopers. Reading your posts is not only informative, but fun! Below is a review of my diamond buying experience. Perhaps not the most exciting toilet reading material, but possibly helpful for the many who are about to take the plunge and think...
  15. Q

    Morrell Flame-GOG stone-Atlas appraisal Pt. 1 THE QUEST

    As you can see by the subject line, the story ends with the purchase of a diamond from GOG and a Mark Morrell Flame setting. It begins with me knowing absolutely nothing about diamonds, platinum quality, Pricescope or anything else to do with the diamond industry. I do know one thing: that I...
  16. aljdewey

    The terms ''Ideal'' and ''AGS Ideal''

    Again, if Mr. Thompson''s apprentice has spelled it out for his clients and they walk into their decisions knowing the facts beforehand I don''t see Mr. Thompson''s apprentice being misleading or misrepresentative when all he is trying to do is help his clients with an estimate based on his...
  17. A


    I started my diamond education about 2 months ago and lurked on a few forums finally deciding pricescope had the best members and best collective knowledge. I spent a lot of time here and quickly learned that cut was the most important of the "C''s" when it comes to the performance of a...
  18. T

    SI1 issue - help !

    Hi, Just wanted to thank everyone for their help! Got the diamond from GOG - it looks fantastic! I have not been able to find the inclusion, even with a 10x loupe it takes a couple seconds because of all the sparkles! I can''t find it at all without magnification at this point (but I am...
  19. Garry H (Cut Nut)

    Amazon and other reviews of

    Thanks Dudes All Customer Reviews Average Customer Review: Write an online review and share your thoughts with other customers. Pricescope "rocks", November 29, 2004 Reviewer: Jonathan A. Kiefer "wonka27" (Allentown, PA) - See all my reviews Seriously...if you want to...
  20. valeria101

    Encouraging appraisers to do the tango, like only they know how to do...

    Second that. An "appariser" that reviews a few stones on behalf of a customer is a seller. What is different from here from the position of a retailer selecting diamonds from a list once a customer asks for specific goods ? Actually, if you go to the "Local Jewelers (beta)" link above, you may...
  21. D

    Another Satisfied GOG Customer

    This is my first time posting but I have been on this site for months just reading. I recently purchased a ring from GOG and I have to say that they helped to make a nerve racking experience a little easier. With never spending this much money without having to include tax/tags and title into...
  22. R

    What is possible in grading with computers?

    Mr. Medoes... Your question is very good. I'll attempt to address it. There are a lot of different categories that computers can do, but they are limited. Let's start with ray tracing. Serg from Russia has developed Diamond Calc. There is in the works, or at least partially completed a 3D...
  23. L

    Just got my diamond!!!! Full review here

    This morning, a beautiful diamond arrived at my office. After four months of searching, my diamond hunt is over. What words do you use to describe one of the worlds most beautiful diamonds? It's fantastic. Go to the mall and ask to see one of their best stones under their high powered...
  24. chris-uk04

    For your review

    I looked through, but I didn’t save the review. I’m disappointed that it got removed. I noticed it a week ago or so as I wanted to see how it had gotten rated. I thought it was a fair review and I wonder if somehow the author can remove comments? I notice some of the political books have very...
  25. L

    My Diamond Buying Experiences - A must read for budding fiances and beginners - LONG!

    Here is my diamond buying story. This posting is aimed mainly at the guys trying to figure out what, where and how to buy a diamond for their significant other. I am not going to try and change anybody's mind on what is better, I want to make this as close to what I personally went through and...
  26. B

    Diamon Evaluations - Pull the trigger or keep on searchin''?

    Hey All, As always, I'm most gracious to everyone commenting here for the time you all take out of your day to help me find the diamond of Colleen's dreams! If anything, your posts have given me some confidence in my selections and bolstered the direction I was going with in terms of...
  27. S

    My Excellent Experience with GOG and Mark Morrell

    SCROLL DOWN FOR PHOTOS OF MY RING After two months of long nights on the forums, I finally have my girl's ring in hand. I'd like to thank everyone for being so helpful/patient with my questions--you were all a huge help. The process began with the goal of creating a modern interpretation of my...
  28. D

    Another GoodOldGold Experience

    Well, here is my GoodOldGold story for everyone. First, I started the process reading on the internet about rings, diamonds, etc. I checked out BlueNile, Mondera, and other online sites and knowing what I know now, I think you can buy a diamond over the internet but you do need to make sure you...
  29. Boston

    I''m Engaged! The (super-long) diamond buying experience

    Sorry if this is off-topic, but many new people should find this interesting. It wasn''t easy, but I''m very is my bride-to-be. Summary After perusing way too many websites, I finally purchased a beautiful diamond (1.12 carat, G color, VS2 clarity, Hearts and Arrows ideal cut and...