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  1. E

    Please help with Emerald engagement ring process

    Hello PriceScope Community, First, I would like to compliment everyone on what a polite, friendly, and well-informed space this is. I have been lurking for the past year reading as much about Emeralds as possible in an attempt to educate myself on this topic before I started to commit to this...
  2. Justin_Cutter

    Taking the plunge - my first PS project - blue sapphire!

    As TL said the Fast Track option is a great one! I recently was in a situation that if the stone proved to be unheated and untreated I wanted to go with a full prestige report from AGL. If it was heated or treated then I only wanted the FastTrack GemBrief. AGL was kind enough to proceed with...
  3. L

    The Diamond Game, Shedding Its Mystery

    On a chilly February afternoon, about 45 diamond merchants and manufacturers gathered in the nondescript cafe at the Diamond Dealers Club, on the 10th floor of a building at 47th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. Down the hall, at tables along the windows, dealers from around the world...