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  1. marcy

    My Birthday Present - Raspberry Sapphire RHR

    Thank you Alex T. I will try to get some close up shots (I have a few but they are blurry). Thank you Missy. I dug out a raspberry shirt to wear to work today. Thank you Sandyin Anaheim. We tried the sapphire with WG, RG and YG - it looked bad with RG and popped more in YG. It’s funny how...
  2. Fly Girl

    Build Pearl Necklace Over Time For Daughter

    As I have gotten more into pearls during the past few years, I have grown to appreciate how immensely complicated it is to produce a nice looking piece of pearl jewelry. Your pearl necklace, if it is not matched at the time, will be a mismatch of sizes, shapes, luster and quality. It will be...
  3. Demon

    Need new bench in Denver - mine is closing.

    I've used and been happy with Visions In Gold in Wheat Ridge. (Not sure what part of town you're in) He's quoted me a rather high price for a stone recut, but he reset my little yellow diamond for a very reasonable price - just a new head. What jeweler's closing? Oh, also Rocky Mountain Gems (I...
  4. lin_ny

    #JOTW Got me a fiancé! My OEC in an 18k Rose Gold Bezel by ERD

    Well, it happened! :appl: Just over a week ago, during a rainy and blustery weekend getaway to the majestic Canadian Rockies, the most amazing man asked me to marry him! As he put it, our relationship was truly fostered in the mountains. It's where we spent our first weekends away as a...
  5. A

    Engaged! Blue Nile 6 prong round

    Hey everyone, I was proposed to on Friday night, we are thrilled! I received a .80 GIA triple excellent H VS1 round from Blue Nile. It has a 59 table 60 deep 33 crown and 40.8 pav. angles. No fluorescence. Its beautiful and super sparkly. Its set in a Blue Nile 6 Prong Yellow Gold setting. Its...
  6. CathB

    #JOTW Got me a fiancé! My OEC in an 18k Rose Gold Bezel by ERD

    I'm tearing up, and I'm at work! Darn you lyn_ny and your beautiful story! :love: :appl: A HUGE congratulations on your engagement, what a beautiful couple you two make. I can't get over your story, thank you very much for sharing, made me very soppy and sentimental. :twirl: Oh, and what a...
  7. brazen_irish_hussy

    Calling Coloradoans

    The cabin my father built when he moved to CO is currently safe. It is south of the evac zone. It in the next mountain south, so it is at risk. If it gets close there is very little they can do. Global warming allows the pine beetles to thrive. They have killed a lot of trees in that area...
  8. Barrett

    So who bought the silver topaz from Barry

    so you are telling me that it's okay to call any stone that has been used in the "trade" by a certain unaccepted trade name like(see below)... the newest trade name and fake is's what the meta folks are using for plain ordinary quartz...because of the name folks are being duped...
  9. FrekeChild

    Pics: Honeymoon hiking in New Mexico!

    No kidding Zoe! I remember moving from NM to NY (state) for school and everyone kept talking about the "mountains". They aren''t mountains! They''re hills covered in green stuff! Now granted, we''re at the tail end of the Rocky Mountains, but still...I''ll add a pic from a year and a half ago...
  10. denverappraiser

    Can you tell which mine your diamond came from on its papers?

    Now we’re to the crux of the matter. It’s not necessary that this apply to every stone that a manufacturer produces and you’re correct that it’s a decidedly specialized market. It involves trusting not only the mining company and the cutter but the certification agency and the retailer as...
  11. Leanne

    Newbie needs advice about resizing platinum rings

    I had a platinum anniversary band sized from a 6 to a 5 for $35. The questions I asked were- will you use platinum to solder & NOT white gold & what if I''m not happy. The price was so reasonable that I was worried they''d use cruddy solder. I had it done 2 years ago & it looks great & polishes...