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  1. Lorelei

    WHITEFLASH Returns - dispute, please help!

    Exactly and great point Maggie. It's the nature of the internet, whereas before, many would go to the ' family jeweller' when looking for an engagement ring, they'd consult someone who'd served the family for many years perhaps. Providing jewellery for life from Christening gifts, other...
  2. K

    Pear shaped diamond

    That's great advice and I'll definitely take it on board. It's such a tough situation when you are already pushing your budget, there's obviously going to have to be sacrifices here and there, I just don't want the durability of the diamond exposed. Based on your high level review, can you see...
  3. sledge

    Help with a new ring, not US based

    Thanks @OoohShiny. Definitely got the cynical part covered. Working on being more wise. ;)2 I don't know squat about IDJ. Could be the best guys ever. I will say I've had a friend buy from Wink with good results. Also, having read some of his posts here, he genuinely seems focused on the...
  4. DiamondBaby

    Help with a new ring, not US based

    Thanks @sledge the main view of most here is to do with trust, and even buying sight unseen, their reputation precedes most of the main dealers on here. There just isn't this equivilent here. Still no closer to making the decision though!
  5. Snowdrop13

    Help with a new ring, not US based

    Exactly this! @DiamondBaby did you know there is a CBI dealer in Dublin? They are called Precious, I think, have a look at the CBI website for their address and phone number. I’d go there and look at the stones in person.
  6. junebug17

    Now I really did it :((

    Hi Nirdis! Missy, no need to thank me, I really enjoyed chatting with you about bling yesterday! FWIW, I think you’re making the right call. I do like that the diamond is an I, I wouldn’t mind a higher colored diamond myself. :kiss2:But I’m a size ho, and Bea is, and looks, bigger haha! I...
  7. Gadabout44

    Apologies for being the common engagement ring seeker, I could use some guidance.

    Hi Bron, thank you for being detailed with the term "eye clean". Definitely helpful knowledge that I can use with the search. I am not certain if online websites would list their diamonds as Eye Clean. I visited JamesAllen a few times and BlueNile, I do not think I've seen them list their...
  8. Texas Leaguer

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Re: Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revis I can't comment on the Secrets as I have not read that yet. But I recently read Richard Wise's book The French Blue about the journeys of John Baptiste Tavernier in the 17th centrury and ultimately his purchase of the diamond that...
  9. michaelgem

    Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revisited

    Re: Article: Over Grading of Blue Fluorescent Diamonds Revis With an advanced degree in electronic communications, you might think that I would be more skilled in communicating diamond grading and other gemological concepts to the consumer. But that form of communication is a very different...
  10. K

    Some setting guidance - help me stop pestering the jeweller!

    Hi All, After bugging the jeweller so much he told me to settle down :oops: :lol: I thought it might be wise to come on and ask questions here instead! I have a diamond set aside that I'm not 100% sure on as I don't actually know what I'm doing - I only have theoretical knowledge based on...
  11. gregchang35

    #JOTW Asscher tension- coming my way, soon :-) :-)

    Hi there Klacka, Thank you for your comments. I can be contacted through the following listing on loupe troop below. However, i will answer some of the questions that you have raised and also give you my review on this ring setting after 4years...
  12. Mailin

    My Upsetting Brilliantly Engaged Experience

    MY BRILLIANTLY ENGAGED EXPERIENCE THE GEM Cut • Cushion Type • Montana Sapphire Color • Blue/Green Size • 2.17ct Info • I was in the market for a center stone, ideally an oval green/blue sapphire and wasn’t very open to other shapes. Ended up finding a Cushion Montana Sapphire from Gemfix and...
  13. mrs-b

    Huge Mixup!!! David K Jewelers vs. David Klass. Help!!!!

    Hallo :) You've probably already realized that the addresses of these two jewelers are both in S. Hill St in LA - different sides of the same road - one at 550 and one at 607, less than 300 ft apart. So it's entirely possible that this has happened before. My first port of call would be to...
  14. D

    overly cautious jeweler?

    So I went to the jewelers yesterday to see the CADs. I think he was expecting me to be super impressed, but honestly, it just looks like every other generic cathedral solitaire with surprise stones that litters the internet. Not entirely his fault, as I have asked for a cathedral solitaire with...
  15. C

    Found my Alexandrite

    Hi, Sorry you are disappointed. 'Meh' gems (by which I mean gems to which your reaction is 'meh') very rarely if ever grow on you so your instinct to return them is right. I think Marlow has it, to see more saturated colours (go down to 'Elements of Quality here to see difference between tone...
  16. M

    overly cautious jeweler?

    I think it's pretty amazing that a guy -- who quoted you an exceedingly reasonable $640 -- is not charging you an additional design fee to work up one or more designs reflecting a number of the "bunch more ideas" you brought to him *after* he had produced CADs based on the initial understanding...
  17. D

    overly cautious jeweler?

    He said that if I wanted any major changes to the design, aside from the minor things that's agreed to that just involve making slight changes to the current one, not reworking it, it would be an extra charge. Which I was totally unaware of until he said so yesterday, I thought that the...
  18. TC1987

    Quality check - Am I on the right track?

    It's AGS 000 cut grade and that's a good indicator of cut. We usually say you can skip the HCA evaluation on an AGS 000 nowadays because AGS 000 has stricter standards than GIA 3Excellent. Looking at only AGS 000 is another shortcut, but those stones are not usually discounted. I like the...
  19. the_mother_thing

    Losing hope with OEC search. Will modern RBC do?

    I agree you should hold out for the stone you want versus "settling" for something else if you can wait. You don't want to look at your ring everyday with any regrets. I stumbled across these couple rings by an etsy seller. I don't have any experience with the seller, but maybe you can inquire...
  20. Roger Dery

    Roundtable ?

    Hi to those interested in Gemstone Roundtable events.... Ginger and I have performed over 630 events spanning 11 years in North America. We have a fairly good grasp as to how they should run, and have produced a manual for retail jewelers to use as they work their way into a new way of...
  21. Luxe Wholesale Diamonds

    Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Adde

    Re: Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Add Wow. Where do I start. First of all, this is a real customer that recently posted his story about his ring that was flown by me to Mexico. I didn’t ask him to bump this thread to be honest, nor did I ask them to post a review here. I...
  22. kenny

    Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Adde

    Re: Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Add 1. Get a trade banner, like you agreed to when you read the terms and conditions when you registered. 2. Do not reveal people's real names. That also is in the terms you agreed to.
  23. Mikla

    Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Adde

    Re: Refund Problems with D3luxe/Luxe and the owner Yosef Add If your story was true, you would have posted your version of events from the beginning. No one cuts a diamond within hours of receiving payment; it requires time and planning. Yet you continually changed business entities, were...
  24. S

    Prequalify this GIA G/VS2 "Old Mine Brilliant"... Keeper?

    Re: Prequalify this GIA G/VS2 "Old Mine Brilliant"... Keeper Thanks SB / RD She wants the ring on the finger ASAP. It's funny as I mentioned this very thing, we can wait for something nice to pop up - but she would rather buy now, worry later haha. I suppose the wise thing to do is go back...
  25. EvangelineG

    Custom Tapered Baguette Setting Help

    I have been looking for a setting for my .99c AVR. I’ve been looking at settings pretty obsessively for weeks and weeks, and actually getting more confused about what I wanted as time went on, and kind of burnt out and crabby about the whole thing. We decided to go to one last local place on the...
  26. C

    First time diamond buyer looking for e-ring advice!

    Hello all! :wavey: I'm looking to get an engagement ring for my girlfriend of almost 3 years now, and to say the least I am completely overwhelmed by the plethora of information available out there! I have never bought a diamond before so please bear with me! I have spent the last month...
  27. C

    ABC Does Some Undercover Diamond Shopping

    That was an interesting segment. As pointed out by some others I can see where they sought out the most likely places to give them the experiences they wanted but that doesn't take away from the fact that this does happen and that those who are wise enough and informed enough to avoid...
  28. L

    Jeweler chipped my diamond.. Need advice

    The store is "cooperating" with you because they know that you hold all the leverage at this time. What they are doing is avoiding giving you a full refund and taking advantage of the opportunity to fool you again. I agree with the posters that said that this jeweler was hoping you wouldn't...
  29. the_mother_thing

    Alexandrite Selection & Windows

    Well, it did indeed arrive, safely, well packaged, with noted documentation from seller, etc. He (David @ Multicolour) gets an AAA+++ for packaging the item to ensure it's safe arrival. I literally was on pins & needles all morning, constantly refreshing the FedEx shipping status window to see...
  30. Akvileja

    BGD graduated DBTY necklace

    Thank you for your info on how you did your custom project! I am in Sweden and I doubt Swedish customs are any easier to deal with... So far I have bought from BGD and their signature stones. I felt quite comfortable doing that, given the great reviews they get here. I have also ordered from WF...