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  1. M

    Engagement ring - Please help with diamond

    Hello everyone. I want to buy an engagement ring for my girlfriend from blue nile. I chose a diamond which - in my view - would generally be recommended in this forum. Just wanted to make sure that you agree :-)...
  2. R

    1.73 Clean Origin solitaire upgrade (pic heavy) with vendor review

    Specs: 1.73 ideal cut Ex/Ex/Ex I/SI1 and completely eye clean HCA score 1.2 I was so ambivalent about this diamond. Should I go bigger? Do I need more mind clean than SI1? Why is it so blue in the sunlight when it has no fluorescence? Should it sparkle more for being ideal cut? Then I did a...
  3. R

    New - Help Review This Diamond

    This is my first time buying a diamond online from Blue Nile. I've done a lot of research and good light performance is important to me. I would like your input on this one diamond. The bank wire price is $20, 871.17 for a 1.72 carat round diamond. Can you please let me know what you think or...
  4. TheGarnetGirl

    My Rosey Blue-Green Gem Silica Ring

    Hello All! :dance: As some of you may remember I was recently-ish given a 14mm cushion shaped blue-green gem silica from my beau for Mothers Day. It was his first purchase for me alone that was perfect for me in all ways and I was gobsmacked as the poor guy cannot tell solid 14k from gold...
  5. B

    Diamond Solitaire Pendant (Pics)

    Diamond Solitaire Pendant (Pics) A Bit of Background I”ve been meaning to find a stone for a diamond pendant. This project ought to have been completed around the time i got my branded OEC studs (2.60tcw H color vs-vvs) back in the winter of 2015 to spring of 2016. It was a bit of an ordeal...
  6. chanieish

    Please help me review these new Oval diamonds (video). Diamond I wanted sold.

    Hi PS! Sorry for the barrage of oval diamond postings. I had my eye set on a 2.4 H/SI1 oval diamond for $18500, but that was sold before I could purchase it. I have scoured multiple sites for a replacement and found these two H ovals on Blue Nile with pretty nice videos. One is a 2.4ct H/VS1...
  7. J


    Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. I ran it through the HCA and it came in at 0.7. Blue nile provided the image which in my opinion isn't the best. This is my first diamond purchase so have done thorough research but just lack in experience in reviewing the ideal...
  8. Texas Leaguer

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    Fair enough David. Apology accepted. I never demand that anyone agrees with me, so we can certainly agree to disagree. I should not have to clarify this for you since we have had this discussion many times before, but here is my basic position on the topic at this point in time: Blue...
  9. lovedogs

    Thinking of buying this diamond, opinions, please!!!!

    Yay!! No problem :) let us know what you decide and please share pics!
  10. Rockdiamond

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    Hi Bryan, Why did that thread go on for so many pages? The reason is that there is NO consensus that Micheal's work is accurate- and I was not the only one stating this. When he was pressed, he simply changed the subject. This is NOT a scientific peer-reviewed study. Below was a post from the...
  11. N

    NaturalGemsAtelier on Etsy - prices too good to be true?

    I stumbled upon a natural diamonds Etsy vendor with really good unrealistic prices. <$1k for an intricate 18k gold ring with a 0.25 carat DEF VS excellent cut center stone, claims to come with a GIA report. Went through the reviews and the only negatives ones I have seen are people complaining...
  12. P

    Thinking of buying this diamond, opinions, please!!!!

    I hope I am writing my responses to you in the right place!!! I'm new here and not sure how everything works. Thank you again so much for your help. My husband and I are reviewing the diamonds you found for me on Blue Nile, and will probably move forward with one tomorrow. I am SO grateful...
  13. Texas Leaguer

    Should we discourage or recommend FL stones?

    One reason that "there is no consensus" is that some folks stubbornly hang on to old notions despite modern evidence that calls those beliefs into question. For page after page of debate! And despite Garry's desire to 'rest his case' he only offered up an opinion based upon an assumption. And...
  14. sledge

    Why is Brand information on some Diamond Certificates but not others?

    As a consumer, I think you raise an interesting point @Todd Gray. As I mentioned earlier, my wife's BGD stone not only has the AGS number but the actual BGD Blue logo inscribed on the girdle. It also has this same logo on the AGS certificate. When I initially purchased, I don't think...
  15. diamondhoarder

    Opinions needed on unusual step cut cushion ASET please

    Hi all I keep being drawn to unusual fancy cut diamonds and I found this one, which I'm halfway through buying: I almost ruled it out because of the amount of black showing up when the diamond is face-on, but then I saw the ASET and was thinking that with all that red and so little leakage...
  16. tyty333

    Advice on this diamond

    Strong blue fluorescence shouldnt be an issue. Have the gemologist review it to make sure it doesnt go oily/milky (which is rare). It would be nice to see an aset of this stone but BN does not provide asets. Definitely lots of inclusions that may be eye-visible. Ask BN if the stone is...
  17. SparkleC

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Hello Fellow Lovers of Beautiful Things: I'm a long, LONG, time lurker making my first post. I've learned so much from this amazing group of folks, who so generously share their wisdom and feedback. Thank you so much!! I'm finally coming out of the shadows to ask for your guidance. In the not...
  18. RosieR

    Pls help me pick a birthday stone

    Thanks for taking the time with this @OoohShiny the stone is with Michelle at Parris jewels she reached out to me via Instagram and has great online reviews (@parrisjewels sorry I’m on my phone and struggling to post the link without the app opening on my phone) it’s currently the 3rd photo on...
  19. whitewave

    USAA / stolen ring update

    Did you have a Gia very good cut? Did you have strong blue Fluor? We need to know what you had to compare this with.
  20. minousbijoux

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Well done, Marymm, great answers!
  21. marymm

    Seeking Advice: First Time Buying a Loose Stone or Created a Ring

    Do you have to buy the stone and setting together? NO. Is it insulting to a jewelry to bring them a stone purchased elsewhere and ask them to design a setting for your stone? NO. Is it appropriate to ask to see the stone in person? YES. For colored gemstones in particular, you must see the...
  22. TreeScientist

    Help with Brian Gavin pendant decision

    I've had similar thoughts about the marketing of the Blue line. It's brilliant really. The way they word the copy on their website makes it seem like the Blue line is the ONLY safe way to buy a fluorescent diamond that doesn't exhibit haziness or transparency issues. That's obviously not true (a...
  23. muesli

    Best place to buy MMD online?

    Exactly a lab grown is a diamond, you can't compare it to a moissanite (have nothing against those) as they're two different stones. When it comes to value (mined diamond), I do believe you have way better resale value in the States than I have in my country, where they are very cheap on the...
  24. Rose-gold-or-bust

    Stay away from Brilliant Earth

    Are you considering a purchase at Brilliant Earth? Read this! I decided to upgrade my engagement ring and wedding band and I found a diamond I liked at BE so I called & put it on hold. There was a fee to place a diamond on hold which is something that Blue Nile, James Allen and High...
  25. P

    Advice on this diamond

    Thanks for your advice and recommendation! Yes I have limited budget and would like to get a 1 carat or close to 1 carat with exellent cut and reasonable other parameters. Just got an Email from BL: '' The diamond is "eye clean" per the vault manager that inspected it for me. The diamond is not...
  26. R

    Review of the Opulence Oval by August Vintage – Thank you Jonathan

    Custom Designed Band Opulence Oval - 1.018cts – G SI1 – 7.08 x 5.13 x 4.03mm Insta Video: I had to come back here to tell my story. I was wrought with indecision and so many choices – thanks to August Vintage I ended up a...
  27. A

    Buying online from Australia

    Hey SJ! Whilst your putting the feelers out, may I recommend shooting Australian Diamond Network an email, and ask for Wade (who I believe is actually based in Brisbane, although the store is based in Melbourne). I had an excellent experience with him having a pendant (and then some custom...
  28. M

    Diamond cut help please!

    Thanks for your reply and all the useful information. I'm learning new things constantly at this forum! I'm glad to hear that you don't think the bright dots in diamond 1 is not an issue. Unfortunately I don't have the opportunity to compare the diamonds side by side, as that would have been...